Sunday, December 30, 2012

the world after university

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Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps!

so updates! I am now NO MORE A STUDENT.. life has moved on and I am now working as the new Program Executive for Enactus Malaysia Foundation (formally known as SIFE Malaysia).. I just completed my first month on the job, and have successfully used my salary for life related responsibilities.. LOL.. I know I know, it's not that big a deal to be talking about a job, but hey, this is my first real job where I'm paid in full, so I'm excited to spill the details on my blog! LOL.. ^_^

Enactus Malaysia, where I work at

so my first day on the job was a relaxed one, except when I nearly had a heart attack when the LRT suddenly decided to have a nervous breakdown! I had to wait for nearly half an hour before it started working normally again.. pheww!~ on arrival to the office, I was greeted by a familiar face, a fellow Enactus, Dalveender who is also working there.. he gave a tour of the office and I just sat quietly at my desk reading the Enactus Handbook until I was briefed by my boss, Datin Norela and my direct boss, Prof Baha..

so it takes about 50 minutes for me to travel to Kelana Jaya from Taman Melati everyday so it takes almost 2 hours to travel to and from work, so I would make sure I have a seat when I board a train.. my books keep me sane during the trip as I have bought so many books from the previous Bookfest and Big Bad Wolf Booksale.. like seriously, I've spent over RM 300 at both the book sales and I better find a time to appreciate all the knowledge, right? so what better way to do that than by reading while on my 100 minute train ride.. yippie!~ ^_^

some of my books purchased at Bookfest

so basically what I do at work is help plan and organize training, programs, or events for Enactus teams, Faculty Advisors and stakeholders.. I also take care of all the teams and update them and answer questions should they have any.. it's pretty cool, but sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing, but I guess that's quite normal right?.. LOL.. which is why it's great to be working with awesome people in the Program Team which consist of the Program Manager, Prof. Baharudin and the Special Program & Events Senior Executive, Kamarol.. there's only 8 people at the office, including my awesome boss, Datin Norela.. she guides me a lot and I'm glad to be working there.. :)

so yeah, anyway, the work is great, the pay is great, the people there is great, the boss is great and I'm content right now.. I will always do my best in my job and get everything done just as requested.. hey, don't go around biting the hand that feeds you, am I right? okay, I have no idea what I'm crapping now.. (=__=;;

on another note, this is my last post for the year 2012 and I want to wish all of you out there a Happy New Year and happy holidays.. well, not really holidays, I have to go to work tomorrow.. then there's the one day holiday on Tuesday so yeah..

p/s : don't be naughty on New Years Eve, life is too short for regrets.. :)


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