Tuesday, December 17, 2013

babies.. babies everywhere..

Mood : Happy

Assalamulaikum w.b.t.

Have you ever held a baby in your arms? The head is so tiny, just the size of your big old palms, the fingers big enough to wrap around your thumb.. The miracle of life is seen when a baby sees the world for the first time.. No no, don't jump to conclusions, I'm not yet a mother.. hehe.. Remember my wedding in February this year? eah, it was a double wedding, me and my sister said our "I do's" to the love of our lives and tied the knot during that time.. and now, 10 months later, I have a new niece! wheeee!~ ^_^

Shes's so freaking cute I could eat her up! hahaha.. She sleeps a lot tho so I don't really play with her that much (sounds like I'm talking about a cat.. o_0) but she still does small sounds and stuff when I kiss and poke her..  I went to see her few days ago since it's a holiday for Selangor coz it's the Sultan's birthday and I bothered her till she woke up and cry! I consider that an accomplishment, thank you very much! hahaha.. no lah, she woke up crying coz she pooped and was hungry.. I photoed her a lot! She's bald now tho, her mum and dad shaved off her hair and the next day she had a fever coz she was in shock of her baldness... okay, no she wasn't shocked she couldn't care less but she did have a fever.. Poor mum and dad, worried sick coz she was sick.. get it? hua3, my puns suck.. 

when will I get my bundle of joy, you ask? hmm, I don't know, I don't have an answer to that.. guess we'll all have to just wait and see.. ;)

Congrats Intan and Fendi! and welcome to the world Zahra! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

and she said, "OMG Najmie you're so fat now!"

Mood : Determined

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

A question; how strong a slap across the face would it be for you if a friend who you haven't met for 1 year plus come up to you and said you looked fat? It'd make you feel horrible, wouldn't it? Just thinking about it now makes me cringe in disgust and full of hatred.. oh but don't get me wrong, I'm not angry at my friend who said that to my face, I'm mad at myself.. hmmm.. I bet you're wondering why right now, am I right? A friend just called you fat and you're not mad at her? really?! :)

Come on, think about it..  

Was she the one forcing you to eat nasi goreng ayam special at 11 PM?
Was she the one who made you eat the whole bowl of ice cream in 1 night?
Was she the one who forced you to skip breakfast and eat a lot during lunch and dinner?
Was she the one that spent hundreds of ringgit on fast food and junk food?
Was she the one who made you eat 6 slices of pizza in 1 sitting?

The answer is all NO.. And don't you DARE LIE..

The only person who made me fat, who made me gain 10KG in 8 months is no one else but ME..  I allowed myself to be fat, I made all the excuses..

It's okay, just 1 more piece of cake..
It's okay, it's not like I'm going to eat rice every night, just tonight..
It's okay, it's just ice cream, it's not gonna make me fat..
It's okay, I'm still young, I can exercise all the fat off..
It's okay, I'm not that fat, I'm just curvy..
It's okay, I'm not fat, I have big bones like my dad..
It's okay, if someone loves me he'll accept me for who I am..
It's okay, it's normal for girls to feel tired after 5 minutes of jogging coz we're fragile and delicate..
It's okay, if I ever get fat, I'll just eat diet pills..

They are all just excuses, nothing else.. They will not make me love my reflection in the mirror every morning when I get out of bed.. They will not make me love myself when I run out of breathe climbing stairs to the 5th floor everyday (I live in an apartment with no elevator).. They will not ease the pain in my knees from walking or standing too long.. They won't make me healthy, they won't make me feel beautiful about myself..

And you know what? I have not always been fat.. In fact I was somewhat like an athlete back in my student days.. I loved jogging, I loved sweating, I loved being in the outdoors, I loved being active.. But that's now how I have been this whole year.. I'm not always fat.. 

Let me show you what I mean...

January to July, 2011
Weight : 55 - 56 KG

December 2011
Weight : 57 KG

April 2012
Weight : 58 KG

May 2012 - Engagement Day
Weight : 58 - 59 KG

July 2012
Weight : 60 KG

February 2013 - Akad Nikah
Weight : 61 KG

June 2013
Weight : 65 KG

August 2013
Weight : 67 KG

Photos from 2011 and 2012 makes me want to cry! TTT^TTT
What went wrong? Why? What the hell happened?!

Easy, I made excuses.. for everything.. for putting food in my mouth.. for not exercising.. everything.. I'm not healthy right now.. I'm tired.. walking is sometimes tiring.. I don't have the energy to do anything, just sit at home and watch TV.. no energy, no vision.. and you know what? I'm tired of being tired.. after I got back from Mexico in October and gained an additional 2.5 KG making me 69.5 KG and ruining my skin, I made up my mind, I have to change! My goodness, that is the heaviest I could take and I finally said, enough is enough! It's time to change and improve my health.. I'm fat and I'm not even pregnant so imagine how big and heavy I'll be when I actually am pregnant! Change now, Najmie!

And now, Alhamdulillah, in 1 and a half months, I have lost 3.5 KG, improved my skin condition, feeling more energetic, don't get tired easily and lost some of my tummy fat.. My body fat percentage dropped from 31.4% to 28.8%, and my body age dropped to 39 from 41 years old.. Alhamdulillah.. it's still a work in progress, but my goal is to be at least 60 KG on my first anniversary with my husband this coming February.. I am determined to make it happen and I will keep doing what I'm doing to make sure I achieve it, Insya Allah.. :)

November 2013 - I'm the one on the far right

But wait, what am I doing? Am I taking some slimming pills? Am I stopping myself from eating all the food I love like rice, potatoes, chicken and ice cream? Am I starving myself? Am I putting slimming cream on my body? What am I doing?!

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, that's the key.. You are what you eat.. so now, I'm a full time consumer and part time distributor of Herbalife.. I changed my breakfast and dinner with Formula 1 shakes and eat lunch as usual (rice, chicken and veggies) and do a bit of exercise while watching TV (hehe).. The shake is delicious and comes in 5 different flavours and my favourites are strawberry and french vanilla.. yumm! It tastes like ice cream smoothie and makes me so feel so full that lasts for 4 hours.. I don't starve myself, I don't put dangerous drugs into my body and I certainly don't stop myself from eating fabulous and delicious food from time to time.. Who knew changing what you eat can improve your life tremendously? 

Are you like me too? Are you tired of being tired? Are you interested to join me in the quest to loose weight and improve your overall health? It's never too late to start.. If not now, when? 

Loose weight now, ask me how! ^_^
Drop me an email at knajmie@gmail.com and I be your wellness coach and you my weight loss buddy!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

eh, don't you guys fight?

Mood : bliss

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and hello! How are yo on this fine Saturday evening? me? I'm good, Alhamdulillah.. :)

it's been about 8 months since I changed my status from single to being married, and the most questions I get are; 
1) "What's the difference before and after marriage?"
2) "you guys always look so happy together, don't you guys ever fight?"
3) " OMG Najmie you're so fat now, what is your husband feeding you?!"

so today I'm kinda feeling like in the mood to answer the 2nd question; don't you guys ever fight? and the answer is......... Yes, we do fight sometimes.. I mean, it really is a no brainer.. if you can get into quarrels with your parents and siblings - you own flesh and blood - what's stopping you from having an argument or two with you husband or wife? I mean, up till nikah, he/she was living separately from you, practically a stranger.. you don't know what his/her bad habits are, sleeping pattern, whether he/she is actually a slob or bad tempered and God knows what else.. imagine the shock or surprise when you move in to live together for the first time.. I mean, speaking from experience, it really is something else..

I finally understand why some marriages don't work out.. when you were dating, would you show your bad side to your girlfriend/boyfriend? were you truly yourself during the getting to know period of your relationship? sometimes, it is a big shock to people when they move in together and found out that all the things the guy/girl have been saying about himself/herself was not entirely true.. then they have arguments, sometimes so big that it ends their marriage.. so yeah..

hubby and me..

I remember my first argument with my husband.. it was seriously over a small and simple thing, 3 weeks in after our nikah.. thinking about it now is even making me smile and laugh a little.. haha.. :)  we got back from IKEA, we bought a kitchen rack and some small household items.. you see, my style of work is, get everything done first and then you can rest for as long as you want.. but for my husband, he is the exact opposite.. he wants to rest first once we got back home, and then later work on getting the rack together..  so the story was, I was tired but excited to start working on the assembly project.. I started cleaning and making space in the kitchen right after we walked through the front door, expecting my husband to share my enthusiasm.. so what was he doing? resting on the beanbag chair watching a video on his laptop.. I thought, okay, maybe let him rest for a few minutes and later call him to help.. I called him and started trying to persuade him to come to the kitchen.. he told me he was tired and we could just do it tomorrow.. being the stubborn me, I pushed on, begging and giving reason to why we should do it NOW and not later.. 

The thing with my husband, he's hard headed like his wife is too.. he said no and that just got me to shut up at that time.. and in my head, I was thinking, what was so wrong to do it now? why not do it now and get the task out of the way so we both can enjoy the day tomorrow?.. I could not comprehend the WHY NOT NOW question.. I gave it a few more minutes and asked the same questions again.. he asked me, do you think I have the energy to do that now? do you think it's easy to set up the thing? do you think I am in the mood to do that right now? why can't you understand me and what I want?  why must you be so stubborn? why can't you just let it go? I said we'll do it tomorrow and that's the end of that! 

and that, my friends, is our first ever fight.. haha.. lawak kan? 

I broke down in tears that night, questioning myself, "am I a bad wife? why can't I ever do anything right? does he hate me now? I bet he's regretting that he ever married me.."

The fight didn't last long tho.. 5 minutes after I started crying, he came and held me.. he told me his style of work, that all he wanted to do was rest first and tackle the kitchen rack later.. he said it's not that he didn't want to do it there and then, he just was not in the mood to do it and he hoped I understand.. I cried and cried and told him about my style of work.. he smiled and said; "opposites do attract.."

we kissed and made up.. to make me happy, we started working on the rack that night with puffy eyes.. yes, we both cried like babies coz we though we don't like each other anymore.. turns out it was just a small fight.. hahaha.. but from that I realized that everyone has their own way of doing things and it is up to me to find out what it is.. especially when that someone is my husband.. they key to solving any dispute is by direct communication.. talk about it, tell each other what you feel.. insyaAllah everything will work out.. don't keep it bottled up, you're the only one who's going to suffer..

we do have arguments and fights every now and then but nothing to change our love for each other, Alhamdulillah.. I am still in the process of understanding my husband and I sometimes annoy him to the end of the earth, but he always comes back.. he told me once, "there is no way you're gonna get away from me, you are my wife till Jannah and I won't accept anything less.. I'll do my best to make you happy.. "


Saturday, June 22, 2013

cik atau puan atau cikpuan?

kringgg! *bunyi telefon bimbit*

aku          : Hello, assalamualaikum..
orang A  : W'salam.. boleh saya bercakap dengan cik Khairun Najmi?
aku          : Ya, saya bercakap.
orang A  : oh cik.. cik atau puan ya?
aku         : errr, puan.. *deng, jantan sangat eh suara aku?*
orang A : oh, puan.. *aku boleh dengar senyuman dia* saya XXX dari Universiti YYY, ingin bertanya tentang EMNE 2013.. bla bla bla~ (ini semua tentang kerja, anda anda tak perlu tahu)

ingin di highlightkan di sini, iya, diriku sudah menjadi Puan.. sudah selamat 4 bulan bergelar isteri (alhamdulillah) namun aku masih lagi kekok dengan panggilan PUAN itu, atau Madam dalam bahasa omputih.. bukan taknak sedar diri, tapi rasa pelik.. hahahaha.. muka macam budak2, perangai tak payah cakap la, memang macam budak2 pun sampai suami sendiri panggil isteri dia teletubbies.. -__-'' jadi perasaan kekok dengan gelaran Puan itu mungkin akan terus ada dalam diri, selagi diri belum bergelar ibu, mungkin? hahaha.. aku ingat lagi masa aku bagi talk di TOT UniKL bulan lepas, student yang jadi MC tu aku kenal, sebab aku handle training leadership dia masa di Port Dickson dulu (note, aku keja sebagai Program Executive jadi memang akan handle banyak program dan bergaul dengan ramai orang yang muda macam aku.. eh, muda sket dari aku, sket ja.. heh..) pastu student tu tanya aku dalam bahasa omputih, "should I call you Madam Najmi or Kak Najmi?" terus aku jadi defensive, "uish, jangan nak mengada panggil Madam, panggil kak najmi sudahhhhh... pelik nau nak panggil Madam Madam nih.. hohoho.."

tapi sebenarnya, bagus budak2 nih.. diaorang dapat didikan yang betul.. macam mana kenal rapat pun kita dengan orang yang lebih tua atau berkedudukan, perkara pertama kita kena buat dalam majlis formal adalah dengan membahasakan diri kita dan dia dengan formal sebagai tanda hormat.. selagi orang tu tak cakap, "eh apa ber-encik2 nih, panggil Hisham ja.." kita tak boleh assume yang dia boleh terus terima panggilan informal.. contohnya, aku selalu jugak la deal dengan Faculty Advisors Enactus teams dan memang akan straight away panggil dia Miss, Madam, Sir atau Dr. bila bercakap dengan FA.. nak dijadikan cerita, aku sembang dengan FA dari Asia Pacific University, aku panggil dia Madam Nadiah.. sembang punya sembang, aku sentiasa bahasakan diri dia Madam.. tuptup dia kata, "eh, jangan bermadam2 sangat la, panggil I Nadiah je.." oh, species sama dengan aku rupanya.. hahaha.. tapi selagi dia tak cakap macam tu, aku akan terus panggil dia Madam.. so pengajarannya di sini, ingat, selagi tidak mendapat kebenaran orang tersebut, teruskan dengan panggilan formal itu.. kalau rasa kekok sangat nak panggil dia secara formal, terus tanya dia, "is it okay if I call you John or do you prefer me to call you YB Brad Pitt?" okeh, habis pelajaran kita pada hari ini.. hahaha

salah satu perkara menarik adalah apabila pegi bagi talk dan ada orang cam aku sebab dia baca blog aku nih, kiranya dia blog reader lah.. pergh, itu memang terbaik! hahaha.. kepada blog reader tersebut, I owe you a "before & after" blog post.. will do it soon, insyaAllah.. ;)

ini aktiviti fevret aku, superman fall kegemaranku.. haha

semoga perkahwinan & percintaan kami suami isteri kekal hingga akhirat.. aminnn.. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

even crazy is fun sometimes

Mood : busy

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome people! :)

my weekends are rarely empty.. if it's not travelling for family weddings or events, it'd be attending or running programs and events for the company.. last week I was in Port Dickson, helping with the Dynamic Leadership Workshop conducted by my office.. a week before that I was in Johor for my sis-in-law's convocation ceremony, a week before that I was...... well, travelling to somewhere too.. hahaha.. and this weekend, I'm going to be in Genting Highlands.. no, I'm not going there to have fun, I'm going there for work.. that's the beauty of my job, working while travelling.. hahaha.. I don't really get to go out all the time tho, just sometimes.. plus I can file for replacement leave when I work on weekends.. ain't that great? hehehe.. alhamdulillah, I have a job that I love, surrounded with awesome boss and collogues, and I get to travel and meet people.. I am blessed, alhamdulillah.. so I guess the job that you do really affects you, huh? :)

and I'm hungry right now..
this meal costs only RM2.00.. rice + fried tempe + sambal terung
bought at a cafe in my office complex in Kelana Square
and it tastes delicious! ^_^

Thursday, March 28, 2013

teguran pedas dari budak kecil

kejadian di surau shopping mall One Utama..

ada seorang wanita Muslim masuk untuk menunaikan solat maghrib.. dia berpakaian seksi, baju ketat lengen pendek dan tidak bertudung.. masuk ja dalam surau, dia meletakkan beg dan mengambil wudhu'.. ada seorang ibu yang juga masuk untuk menunaikan solat membawa anaknya, umur dalam lingkungan 5 - 6 tahun.. anak kecil itu memandang wanita seksi itu tanpa jemu, dari dia memakai telekung hingga dia selesai solat dan lipat kain telekung tersebut untuk di simpan dalam begnya.. sedang wanita seksi itu memakai make up di cermin surau, anak kecil yang memerhatikan wanita itu sejak tadi, berpaling dan bertanya kepada ibunya.

Anak : ibu, kenapa akak tu tak pakai tudung? bukan orang Islam kena pakai tudung untuk tutup aurat ka? (wanita seksi itu mendengar soalan anak itu tetapi tak menghiraukannya)
Ibu  : *senyum* cuba tanya akak tu tengok
Anak : akakkkkkk, kenapa akak tak pakai tudung?
Wanita seksi : sebab itu pilihan akak.. walau akak tak pakai tudung, tapi akak sembahyang.. Tuhan Maha Mengetahui, Dia tahu akak orang baik.. (jawab sambil tahan marah)
Anak : oooo.. kenapa akak pakai telekung masa akak solat?
Wanita seksi : sebab wajib tutup aurat masa solat, klau tak, solat tak sah..
Anak : oooo.. kenapa akak solat?
Wanita seksi : hmph, sebab solat tu kan wajib.. kalau tak buat, dosa! masuk neraka nanti.. *sambil jawab sambil pakai eye liner*
Anak : *terdiam seketika* tapi kak, menutup aurat tu pun wajib.. kalau tak buat, berdosa, masuk neraka jugak.. kenapa akak kumpul pahala dengan solat tapi lepas tu tambah dosa dengan tak tutup aurat? *muka budak nih, penuh keinginan untuk tahu.. soalan yang ikhlas dari hati*

ketika itu, semua mata dalam surau tertumpu pada wanita seksi tersebut, menunggu jawapan daripada dia.. wanita itu pula kaku di depan cermin, terdiam membatu.. dia kemas2 barang make up dan bersedia untuk keluar dari surau.. anak itu pandang dengan penuh tanda tanya.. kenapa akak tak nak jawab soalan saya?

sebelum melangkah keluar, wanita seksi itu memandang ke arah anak kecil itu, sambil tersenyum.. dengan nada perlahan, "adik, terima kasih.." :)

**** kadang-kadang teguran dari orang lain adalah teguran dari Allah.. jangan terlalu cepat untuk tak menghiraukannya.. kita tak tahu mati kita bila, takut nanti tak sempat nak bertaubat.. sekadar perkongsian bersama..

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

antara aurat & pilihan hati

Suami  : tudung dah kemas?
Isteri     : *belek2 depan cermin* dah..
Suami  : dah pakai handsock? jangan sampai nampak tangan kalau lengan baju terselak nanti..
Isteri     : dah pakai, sayang
Suami  : stokin? kaki juga aurat.. dosa awak adalah dosa saya.. dah pakai stokin belum?
Isteri     : *tengok kaki* dah pakai dah..
Suami  : Alhamdulillah, comelnya isteri saya.. *kucup dahi isteri*  :) 

Assalamualaikum ya ahli syurga! *insyaAllah*

seronok bila ada suami yang tolong jaga dan ingatkan isteri tentang aurat.. sesungguhnya auratku ini adalah hak untuk suamiku sahaja.. secara jujurnya, aku time single dan hingusan dulu, tak kisah sangat tentang menutup aurat dengan sempurna.. handsock dan stokin langsung tak suka pakai, panas dan rimas lah!.. kena marah banyak kali dengan Umi dan kak Ijah pun, kadang-kadang masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri.. betul, tak tipu.. Umi banyak kali tegur, jangan pakai baju tapi singkat dan menampakkan bentuk bontot, jangan pakai cardigan atau sweater yang menampakkan bentuk lengan, tu bukan menutup aurat, tu membalut aurat saja.. tapi aku degil, hati keras, iman tak kuat, langsung tak endahkan nasihat-nasihat Umi yang lebih lama hidup di dunia nih.. Umi selalu nasihatkan anak-anak dia, ingat Allah yang selalu tengok gerak geri kita, ingat dan kesian kat abah dalam kubur kena pukul disebabkan dosa-dosa kami.. mula-mula masa dengar, nangis la dan taubat kejap.. tapi lama-lama buat balik sebab dah menjadi kebiasaan kan.. alah bisa tegal biasa.. hahaha *okay tak lawak* 

dulu sibuk mahukan perhatian daripada lelaki, mahu lelaki paling dan tengok kecantikan diri *tangan di dada mata ke atas* dan mahukan pandangan kagum dari kaum wanita yang lain.. okay fine, bukan pandangan kagum, menyampah ada lah, minah prasan ja aku nih.. hahaha.. masa tu,baju semua ketat dan ikut bentuk tubuh badan, tudung yang jarang dan tak tutup dada dengan sempurna, stokin tak pakai, lengan baju disenteng sesuka hati bila hari panas.. budget dalam otak, asalkan pakai tudung, aku dah tutup aurat! dulu aku bangga pakai baju ketat-ketat sebab nampak kurus.. tak kisah, langsung tak kisah kalau Allah murka dengan aku, yang penting masa tu, aku selesa, aku bergaya, aku cantik!.. tapi bukan di mata Allah Maha Esa.. bila pikir pikir balik, rasa macam nak nangis ja.. tak sangka aku jahil macam tu dulu.. banyak betul dosa-dosa yang aku kumpul dulu, kesian abah dalam kubur.. ya lah, kan dosa seorang anak ditanggung oleh bapanya selagi belum berkahwin..disebabkan aku, abah diseksa dalam kubur.. ya Allah, ampunilah dosa hambaMu ini, janganlah seksa abah lagi.. TTT^TTT

aku tak cakap aku nih terbaik, aku memangnya bukan yang terbaik kerana aku masih mencuba mencari keredhaan Allah.. aku masih dalam proses untuk belajar menutup aurat dengan sempurna, dan aku bersyukur sebab dapat suami yang membimbing aku ke arah yang benar.. tak tak, aku bukan nak riak atau bangga *eh bukan maksud dia sama ka?* tapi sekadar sesuatu yang ingin dikongsikan dengan semua, kaum Hawa terutamanya, bahawa dosa anda tidak menutup aurat dengan sempurna, ditanggung oleh ayah/bapa/daddy/abah/babah atau apa2 panggilan untuk your father lah.. itu sebelum anda berkahwin.. lepas dah akad nikah dan disebut "sah" oleh saksi-saksi, maka dosa auratmu ditanggung oleh suamimu.. tak sayangkah anda dengan suami anda? dia ada banyak lagi bebanan tanggungjawab lepas korang kahwin, tanggungjawab kamu dengan Allah pun nak bagi dekat dia jugak ka? eh ehhhh, jangan ingat kamu takkan masuk neraka klau dosa kamu ditanggung suami.. klau suami dah suruh pakai tudung dan tutup aurat dengan sempurna, namun kamu ingkar, nerakalah destinasi kamu nanti.. dan kamu juga kaum Adam, tidakkah kamu sayang akan anak/isteri/adik/kakak kamu? tanggungjawab mendidik/menegur/mengubah mereka  adalah di tangan kamu.. dosa kamu jugak kalau tak tegur.. 

kamu tahu? tahu kan? saya juga tahu.. jadi marilah kita sama-sama menasihati dan mengingati masing-masing tentang tuntutan agama untuk kita menutup aurat dengan sempurna.. buat kaum Hawa, jom buat wardrobe change; labuh, longgar, dan menutupi dada! biar nampak gemuk kerana berpakaian labuh dan longgar dari nampak kurus kerana berpakaian ketat seakan-akan berbogel.. tak ada guna bentuk body lawa kalau akhirnya kamu masuk ke neraka juga.. ingat ya, auratmu adalah untuk suamimu sahaja.. dan sejujur sejujurnya, itu adalah nikmat yang mutlak dan manis.. ^_^


Terima kasih sayang.. :) *senyum la sikit -__-'

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

similar but maybe not the same?

Mood : blessed

isn't it sweet, when you leave the house to go to work in the morning, you look at your partner and he is wearing a shirt in the same colour like what you're wearing? =') 

saya sayang suami saya.. ^_^

Friday, March 15, 2013

the price of trying to look good

Mood : Hopeful

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps! you know how a woman can be insecure, right? be it because of her looks, her weight or how she carries herself, a woman rarely leaves the house feeling fully confident.. looking at ourselves in the mirror, we tend to put ourselves down by saying our skin is too dark, there is too much fat on our tummy, there's too much blackheads and pimple scars on our face, and the list goes on.. all this will eventually affect our confidence level, and gradually result in us being self conscious.. not good right?

well, it's the same for me.. when I was younger (ie before and during my Diploma days) my skin was fair and flawless up the extend my friends were asking me what I was using, eating, putting on my face to make it so nice.. honestly, it wasn't anything special, just washing my face 3 - 4 times a day with facial cleanser.. good genes I guess.. but this all changed when I entered my Degree level.. I started becoming allergic to eating chicken, nuts and seafood stuff like prawn and squid.. acne pops out like daisies after a rainy day on my face and I started feeling less and less confident when talking to people in close distance.. hey, I don't want to scare them off with my zits! make up can only do so much in covering up the scars and being a person who sweat bucket loads, make up is not my best choice..

my skin got a bit better over time but then there were now acne scars and my skin would sometimes be too dry or too oily, hard to predict.. I was not happy and confident at all.. my husband doesn't mind how I look, he loves me regardless of scars or pimples, but he knows I'm not confident with myself.. hence he encourages me to find solutions to fix this problem of mine.. so while surfing Facebook, I came across this product on one of those blogshops.. I read through all the testimonials, searched on Google, asked users and shop owners about it, and I finally was convinced.. it was interesting enough and cheap enough for me to give a try.. and so I did.. 

So I bought it for RM90.. the original price is RM 125, it was on promotion.. there's 60 chewable tablets that lasts for 2 months, I only have to eat 1 tablet per day after dinner before going to bed and make sure I drink plenty of water.. I've been eating it for a week now and I noticed that my skin has gotten fairer, skin less oily, scars starting to fade.. after morning of my third day, as I was getting ready for work, my husband looked at me and asked, "have you already wore your make up?" I said, "no, I'm about to get ready, I just washed my face." he paused for a while, "oh, you look different, good different.".. :) alhamdulillah, that was a good change.. but then a few days after that, my period came, hence my face started popping up pimples again.. sigh~ looks like I have to work harder on this, and probably find other supplements as well.. anyway, I haven't taken any photos yet tho, gonna wait till I've used it for a month.. if it's good as the photos of the other users above, I might continue it, insyaAllah.. 


Friday, March 8, 2013

how it all went down

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Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps! yeah, I know, if based on my previous post, my weekend was supposed to be awesome.. if you haven't read that post, go do that first, coz this is a follow up post.. hohoho.. okay, so you're done reading? so I can continue? you sure? okay? okay!

so my first event on Saturday would've been the Reach Out Youth Volunteer Gathering at Taylor's Uni Lakeside campus where I told you I'd be meeting with Chester See.. coz he was here in Malaysia, and I soooo very much adore his voice and his sense of humour.. yeah, I know, I'm married, but a girl can still have crushes that wouldn't lead to anything too.. hahaha.. don't get get me wrong, I am extremely happy to be married, never forget that.. so where was I? oh yeah, Chester at Taylor's.. so yeah, I never made it to the event.. my husband was not feeling well, he had a slight fever coz his body was quite warm.. he slept till about 10 and he apologized coz he was unable to bring me to the event.. I was quite sad but I'll live.. and hey, the internet (especially Google) is a powerful place! check out Chester performing a new song!

oh my hubby, lapar eh? hehehe.. our next stop was the Big Bad Wolf Booksale at Mines Convention Centre.. the place was craaaaaaazy packed with people! walking an aisle trying to find good books was so hard, and I tend to peek into other peoples boxes or carrying case, just to see if I can spot any interesting books.. but honestly, even though the prices are cheaper than before, the choices just suck, flat out sucks.. they focus a lot on fiction books and stuff, not that interesting.. I spent 1 RM 50 voucher, just to have a shot at the prizes they would give to students who use their BB1M voucher.. I didn't want to waste the vouchers on books that I might never read, so hubby and I left after an hour..

we made our way to Putrajaya for the Ekspo Buku Islam and reached around 6.40pm.. there were quite a lot of choices from different companies and a few caught me and my husbands attention, so we spent RM100 in form of BB1M voucher.. plus there were discounts everywhere, so it was exciting to spend money there.. we also bought CD's of zikir and salawat to be played in the car, you know, to increase our salawat count.. the crowd wasn't that good tho, I guessed it was due to Maghrib time.. I noticed a lot more people came after 7.30pm and the place started to be a bit crowded.. it was nice to see people, especially women, wearing proper clothing that covers their aurah.. :) yeah, not all of them, but it's a start to a great change, if they stay on path, insyaAllah..
ain't this pretty? the hall of the Islamic books is on the right 

so the start of Sunday was at 10am in the morning where I was supposed to attend the Grand Opening of Muslimah Clothing Boutique at Section 7, Shah Alam.. this was a private event, and I PAID for the ticket, and I was allowed to bring another person along.. I asked my sister to come with me, and she said yes.. so Intan was supposed to take the LRT to Sri Petaling and I'd pick her up there and make our way to Shah Alam.. lull and behold, she woke up late and her sis-in-law decided to send her to the train station.. it sounds like a good plan, but not when the driver doesn't even know where the station is! OMG it was a mess! I was freaking out like crazy while my husband tried to calm me down.. I was so stressed when Intan called saying they were lost and were gonna wait at The Store somewhere in Sri Petaling.. honestly speaking, I cried just from sheer frustration (it's that time of the month anyway, soooooo.. :D)

we made it almost in time, Wardina hasn't spoken yet.. pheww!~ after checking in, we took our places at the last row on the right, near the clothes.. actually, not near the clothes, next to them.. the place was already packed with women so there wasn't any choices left anyway.. I found a jar full of these signs so I just snapped some photos while the MC was rambling on about something..  
yes, I've gotten bigger and rounder after marriage, what's your point?

so the event layout was like the photos below.. for me everything was okay, but there were a few things that kinda went wrong that the organizers should have looked into before the event even started.. it's not that I  want to make them look bad, but this is kinda basic in any events.. so those who want to have events, take notes, don't do this..

1) the air-conditioning was not working.. people were sweating their armpits off, especially those far from the fans.. there were mothers who brought along their kids, 1 - 5 years old and they were crying because of the heat.. it was not cool man, not cool at all..
2) the "stage" was not placed on a higher platform.. those at the back (like me) were not able to see the guest speakers and it kinda bothered me.. I mean, I paid to see them, and I can't see them.. what does that say about the program to you?
3) the microphone was faulty.. throughout the whole event, from begin till the end, the mic would break up while the speaker or mc or whoever was talking on it.. I can't focus to everything they say or share, coz the mics were faulty.. is it really that hard to test the mics properly before the program started?
4) the seating arrangement was too close to each other and hard to move in and out of an aisle.. during the break, refreshments were provided which consists of marshmallow and fruits covered in chocolate, cupcakes, biscuits, lollipop, mee hoon goreng, etc.. the food were fine (sort of) but since the seating arrangements were too close to each other, it made it difficult for everyone to take the food then return back to their seats.. plus the seats were also near to the clothes, and I saw a kid hold the clothes with his dirty hands after he ate some marshmallow with chocolates.. I pity the owner of that jubah..

I met Wardina during the break, she's so cute! :) the queue to take pictures with her was so long and being a nice person, Wardina would talk to some of the people, hence making the others waiting to I took photos with her had to hold their breathes.. and it was so freaking hot, without the air conditioning and all.. but Intan sucks with cameras so my picture ended up being blur.. grrrrr!~ 

Wardina left after the break, and Fitri Aulia took over where she shared her ideas and fashion senses.. she also did a demo for shawl wearers.. it was nice and all, but honestly speaking, it was super duper hot in there.. Fitri Aulia was also sweating, you can see the sweat dripping down the sides of her face and she would wipe them away with the back of her hands while doing the demo.. 

in the afternoon around 2PM, the grand opening came to an end meaning the Tubung Labuh Carnival began.. I didn't take any photos coz it was too hot and I was unable to breath properly.. so many people, so little space to walk, still no air conditioning some more.. but I grabbed 2 blouses and a shawl that costs around RM140++ after 30% discount.. the clothes were of high quality, for that I applaud the boutique.. :)

the area at Shah Alam was filled with the boutiques and shops selling muslimah clothings, lots of choices to choose from and the place is filled with blog shops.. I saw RinaSalleh and SugarScarf at the area.. I also found out that HattaDolmat is also there.. hahaha.. so yeah, I'm planning of going there again once my pay is in later on.. hohoho..

till then, have an awesome weekend ahead everyone! ^_^


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