Thursday, December 25, 2008

results are out!!!~~

Mood : Pure

well, the results are out..
like i predicted, i failed to fill my mothers' expectations..
my results dropped..

my GPA from 4.00 to 3.72..
my CGPA from 3.86 to 3.83..

i feel so horrible..
i so want to cry... (T_T)
i failed my mother...

well, on the bright side, even though my results dropped, i still get AKK..
this had always be my target and goal every semester..
maybe i might get AKM..
and i am always greatful and thankful with what i have..
alhamdulillah, thank you ALLAH..

now i am quite positive that i would be able to further my studies overseas..
insya-ALLAH, my dream will come true..
pray for my success..
thank you...
shining star~~~

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the long wait~~ (T__T)

Mood : worried

I'm just so worried right now.. (T__T)
not because of my sickness..
but because of my final exams result..
I'm worried..
this is because my friend, Hasnul told me that he already knows his result..
but i don't know mine yet..
this is so worrisome.. (T__T)

what if i fail?..
what if i did worse then before?..
what if i let down my mum's hope?..
really worried now..

well, i have another bad thing happening..
there's a puppy here on top of the hill I'm living..
there were some Indians who worked around here..
they gave the puppy some food and now the puppy is dying..
they must have poisoned the puppy!!
it's so cruel!!
the puppy is outside my house and i can hear it yelping in pain..
it can't move anymore, just laying there..
and it just started raining!!
owh, the poor puppy!!!
the Indians were so cruel.. they could have just bring the puppy elsewhere..
i just looked out the window, the puppy's not moving anymore..
i think its dead now.. (T__T)
i'm sorry puppy..
rest in peace... (T__T)
please mourn for the death of the puppy..
shining star~~~

Monday, December 22, 2008

the long awaited VIDEO~~~~

Mood : Anticipating

well, the long awaited video has finally arrived...
jeng jeng jeng!!!!!
Kamisan and Habshah's daughters singing and dancing to Marry U of Super Junior!!!
and the crowd roars with cheers and applause!!!!
just messing with you...

here's the video, i uploaded in on Youtube and embedded it here..
enjoy it..
and don't forget to comment!!! (^^,)v

shining star~~~

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Mood : resting

it's been a while since i uploaded anything..
been quite busy lately...
and sick...

well, to tell you the happy news..
my sister's wedding had already passed.. YAY!!!! (^^,)
the long hours of work for my sisters and my mom and family members had paid off..
it was a blast!!! lots of people came, despite the fact t
hat we live on top of a hill..
thank you everyone who was able to make it!!!

us siblings with new bro..

my family..

there was even a three storey @ level cake..
and best of all.................

we even got to perform the Marry U performance for her and her new hubby..
but not during the reception, a bit later, around 5.30 p.m..
it was fun and they loved it..
i'll upload it later in Youtube and
put it in my blog..
don't laugh at my sisters and i k...
the one thing that didn't happen was us singing live using the instrumental..
we just danced and lip sing to the original song, Marry U by Super Junior...
but it all worked out in the end and everyone's happy..

now to tell you the bad news...
i had been diagnosed with shingles by my cousin and went on a wild chase for cures from different places..
the reason was it is said that the shingles (kayap) is quite dangerous and may lead to death..
i went to the clinic but the doctor said it wasn't shingles, it was so
mething called charlie brown..
but she gave me 3 sick days.. (^^,)
after that, i went and try the traditional way of curing shingles, through leaves and such..
i even had to drink some blended leaves.. yuck!!!
however, my condition did not get any better..
i was not allowed to do any work to prevent myself from swea
ting as it would make the shingles worse.. so i was practically useless during the wedding preparation..
even my siblings and my mum said i was useless..
mianhae!!!! (>_<)
the bad part was i could not eat any chicken, meat, eggs, yeast, margarine or anything that was made from the said food..
i could only eat fish!!!
nothing fried either.. just stim or baked..
it was torturous!!! but the good part was i lost 3 kg since i got this problem..
here's a picture..
i have to warn you, it's hideous..
the location is classified..

and just today, i went to the clinics again to get more medicine and the doctor said i did not have shingles..
she said i have skin disease, dermatitis..
so i got some antibiotics, steroids, and a cream for my skin..
also got another 3 days of medical leave so i'm in recovery until 24th December..
sweet!!!... (^^,)
i wonder what other people would diagnose me with..
oh, the horror!!!!

well, i guess that's all for now..
will update later and include the video of our performance..
look forward to it k..
don't forget to follow my blog..
shining star~~~

Monday, December 15, 2008

in love~~~

Mood : shy

based on the title of this blog, I'm sure some of you must have your own interpretations on who I'm in love with..
well, sorry to disappoint you, it's not someone close to me..

i've been watching this video on youtube and i kindda like this guy..
but he's my little brother.. cute though.. (^^,)
i'll show the video to you guys.. here it is..

he's the first from the camera, singing the red ocean part..
his name is Onew from the group Shinee..
they're quite good..
this song doesn't belong to them but belongs to DBSK, sort of like their big brother.. (^^,)
this is their original song that i also happen to like..

this song is called Love Like Oxygen.. nice huh..

well, that's all i guess..
talk to you guys later..
by the way, i didn't go shopping on Saturday.. just stayed at home watching Dhoom 2 on TV..
Hitrik Roshan and asywaria rai acted in the movie.. thrilling..
nice actually.. it's been a while since i saw a Hindustan movie.. love their dancing..

bye!!!! (^^,)
shining star~~~

Saturday, December 13, 2008


mood : cool

today is the 10th day of work here at Perfect Instinct Sdn. Bhd...
today is a Saturday, my half day..

i'm feeling cool, yet devastated..
i don't know what to do after work is over..
i can't go back home coz my family's not there, just my sister n her hubby..
i can't go there... (o.O)

I've been thinking...

wheeee~~~~~~~~ (^^,)

after work, i could head into town and do a little shopping for some clothes..
that would be nice..

now i can't wait for this day to be over!!!
shining star~~~~

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Mood : Excited!!

attention to everyone who is reading this blog..
i have recently upload a video of me and my family in youtube..

this is the link:-

or just watch it here..

feel free to watch it and rate n comment on youtube..
thanks a lot!!..

my username is knajmie and the title of the video is 'me learning korean'
i think i was able to post a second video but not sure yet..
watch it ok?.. thanks!!! (^^,)v
shining star~~~


Mood : Blurred~~

i'm sitting in the office, not doing anything in particular..
then suddenly, work came flowing in like the wind... wwoossh~~~
now i'm swimming in work again..
had to do a telemarketing script today..
gotta call people tomorrow so i have to have a script right?..
now i got a new job, i have to make the company's handout..
busting my brain now..

and guess what, i didn't even have time to go for my lunch break..
i think my tummy's going to report to the 'food for tummy' union soon..
mianhae tummy, so busy right now..

time to go swim~~~~
blurred shining star~~

another day~~~

Mood : depressed

well, last night was the first night i spent at the room above the office with my co-worker, kak majidah..

it's depressing!!!!! (T___T)

i had to sleep at 10.30 just because i was bored and had nothing better to do...
i miss the late night internet surfing~~~

mummy, i wanna go home!!!!
depressed shining star~~

Monday, December 8, 2008


Mood : Fishiness~~

today is Hari Raya AidilAdha..

i woke up and took my sunat raya bath, took my ablution and got dressed and put make-up on.. can't go without them..
afterwards, my mum, sis n i went to the UUM mosque to 'takbir' and pray coz of the raya..
there was a small buffet for attending Muslims who went to perform the raya prayers.. long story short, we got free food!!!

neways, after we ate, we headed back home and rested our tummy while watching TV..
we left for Jitra around 11 am and reached there half an hour later..
stuffed ourselves some more with ketupat and raya cookies..

but the highlight of the visit to Jitra was the dance rehearsal for my sisters and me..
remember i told you guys that my sisters and i would be performing the Super Junior song, Marry U for our sister's wedding reception?.. well, that's what we rehearsed for today..

started from the top, we sang together and swapped parts to fit with each others voices.. the UN-artistic ones.. hehehehe..
after that, we added in a little choreography, and voila!!
it was okay..
we even added an intro to the song using Wonder Girls chorus part for the song, Nobody..
i think the outcome for this performance would be fantastic..
can't wait!!!
~shining star~

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine!!

Mood : whee~~

Today is the last day of work for the first week..
and it's a half day too..
so happy.. (^,^)

but then again, i'm still sick... (>.<)
i've been singing Marry U all the way from home till i reached work..
still sound bad cuz of the cold and the running nose..
not good..

well, on the bright side, i'm gonna get a 3 day off of cuz of Hari Raya AidilAdha..
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday..
so cool!!..
starting next week i'll be living upstairs, above the company, with the other worker..
it's not bad, plus i don't have to pay rent..
and i can wake up late every day..
the joy!!! (^,^)
don't tell my mum ok?..

well, guess that's all the babble for now..
will update once i have other things to babble about..


shining star~~

Friday, December 5, 2008

suddenly busy~~~

Mood : Busy

hey hoo~~
still in the fifth day at my practical.. the clock shows 2.55 pm..
i didn't get a lot of work this morning but now, i'm practically swimming in work..

wait, can i actually swim?!! (o.0)!!
oh ya, i can.. learned how to swim last time during K.A.K.S. at Seri Malaysia Hotel Melaka..
but nearly drowned a few times..
great fun, miss all of my friends..
huhuhuhuh... (T_T)

well, got to get back to work now..
swim fishy swim!!! wheee~~~!!!


fifth day~~

Mood :- Happy (^,^)v

haloo small people!!!
i'm happy right now..
don't know why, just feeling happy..
maybe cuz i just received 100 free sms from Hotlink..
nice huh?.. hehehehe...

today is the fifth day of work at Perfect Instinct Sdn. Bhd..
a company that sell supplementary health product which is Propolis, a substance from a bee hive..
not much work right now.. that's why i'm updating my blog..

anyways, i'm still not feeling well, my nose is still running around..
having a cold... (>~<)
i've been trying to practice my part in Marry U song or the wedding reception but not going as well i thought it would..
i couldn't catch the high notes and my voice is scratchy..
wonder how i'll sound singing live..
oh, the horrible wonders!!! (o.0)

please3x, pray or me!!!
pray that i'll get better soon..
i've been taking the propolis but nothing is happening yet..

i'm still SICK!!!

Time to sleep...

Mood : sleepy.. (-.-) Zzz

it's nearly 1 o'clock now, should be heading to bed..
i have to work tomorrow, bet I'll be really sleepy..

well, the reason I'm posting this is because, some one i hate suddenly messaged me..
but i didn't reply..
don't want anything to do with that piece of s*** ever again..
he can f*** himself for all i care..

okay, guess that was all..
goodnight everyone, sweet dreams...

(-.-) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, December 4, 2008


today is my fourth day at work...
don't have much work to do today, no customers..
I've been online from the beginning of the day until now~~
epy.. (-.-) Zzz
well, might as well post something new huh..
hurm, what to talk about... ('.')??

i know.. I'll talk about my sisters wedding reception this upcoming
Saturday, 20 December 08
me n my other sisters who are not married yet are planning to sing a song dedicated to her..
we're gonna sing Ma
rry U by Super Junior..
I'm so excited!! (^,^)

however, there are some problems.. like our UN-artistic voices..
huhuhu~~.. wonder what we'll sound like singing live n with a mic..
the horrific wonders!!!! (o.O)!!!
well, hope my already wedded sis will like our dedication..

oh ya, i told my UN-wedded sisters to find a song for a solo performance..
don't know if we'll get to sing it or
not during the wedding..
my mum is quite against it, but who knows, we might get lucky and perform solo..

anyways, i already picked my solo song..
I'm gonna sing You Are My Everything sang by 98 Degrees but popular
ed by
my boyfriend,
Lee Dong Hae of Super Junior..
love this song..
i've been practising but don't sound too good cuz i have a cold right n
hope i can give the best performance during the reception...

pray for me!!! (^,~)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

hello!!~~ (^,^)v

well, hello there!!~~

this is my first post in my blog..
don't really know what to write yet..
I'm at my practical company, Perfect Instinct Sdn. Bhd.. cool name huh?.. sells propolis..
contact me if you're interested..

well, that's it for my first post..
will add later in the future..
bye guys!!!~~


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