Tuesday, September 28, 2010

aku cuma nak bagitau


Aku tengah stress..

tolong gembirakan aku, boleh?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

fat chick skinny chick HOT chick

Mood : gaining weight

Assalamualaikum, hey ho awesome peeps, HI!.. how's your weekends?.. I hope it's going great.. since it is Saturday, I have been indoors today, doing assignments, revisions, finding journals for classes, etc. and was at the verge of exploding when I decided to take a break and chill in front of the TV.. ahhhh, better.. (^^,)

so I tuned in to DIVA Universal, or previously known as Hallmark, Astro channel 702, seeing fat people jumping around getting fit in Biggest Loser Asia season 2.. I mean, they are really HUGE!.. super fat, I tell you.. most of them let themselves go due to the hectics of their life, the indulgence of fat filled fast foods, and the little concern for health and fitness..
when I see them, full of fat and unfit, I reflected on myself.. I'm not really the true example of fat, but I was once chubby.. my heaviest weight was 64kg.. yes, I was once 64kg, laugh it out.. (-__-;; it's nothing to be proud of, but I just want to make a point that I was once fat, I mean chubby.. whatever.. anywayyyyyy.... I always made it a promise to NEVER let myself go to the extend to having 2 super ugly layers on myself.. you know, apart from my lady layer.. =P
so the chick in the picture above is obviously not me, what evs.. but rest assured, this will NEVER be me, InsyaAllah.. I currently weight 55kg, way along the line of normal and ideal weight for my height, 164cm.. so I'm good.. but I still want to weight my high school weight 50kg.. so I want to loose the excess 5kg.. anyone want em?.. =P

so let's walk down memory lane, and look at fat pictures of me.. wheeee!~~ these are from 64 - 58kg.. knock yourselves out with my chubbiness.. hehehe..
MEALCON - January 2010 (63kg)
Ulu Legong Homestay Project, Event Management class - April 2010 (62kg)
KFC Family hangout - June 2010 (59kg)
Gua Kelam Expedition - August 2010 (58kg)

then I started getting smaller and smaller, alhamdulillah.. I don't really have much secret to my weight loss, just taking care of what you put inside your body and do some exercise at least 3 times a week, at least.. this is to keep you fit.. there's no reason of you being skinny if you're not fit, right?.. huffing and puffing just from climbing the stairs?.. oh no no, that can't happen..
so I currently weight 56kg, errrr, I added another kg from Raya celebrations, haven't shake it out of my fatty systems yet, lol!~ so for that, I shall be exercising every evening, to shake off the 5 + 1kg that I still carry.. and it's not really fun to do this stuff alone, coz I need morale support.. so you guys out there, who think they need to loose some excess baggage around the tummy or thighs, let's all get fit by EXERCISING!.. wohooooo!~~

activities to slim down yourself can be simple easy doable things like lifting mineral bottles to act as dumbells, jumping jacks, crunches, anything to get your heart rate up and get the sweat out from your body.. you don't even have to go out under the sun if you don't want to.. hohoho.. so what are you waiting for?.. get off your butts and start exercising!.. let's get FIT TOGETHER!.. wohoooooo!~~ ~\(^o^)/~

p/s :- okay, have to finish my assignments, tests, projects, journal summaries, etc now.. student life is fun but tiring ftw.. (-__-;;

Thursday, September 23, 2010

dare to challenge yourself (the chili way)

Mood : awake

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps!.. what's up?.. last month I helped in shooting this video for a competition, it's called 1Malaysia Innovative Tournament, or 1MIT for short..
it wasn't for UUM per say, but the whole student poly-tech/university population in Malaysia, regardless of nationality, provided they are studying in Malaysia.. shooting the video was fun, but I didn't fully comprehend the whole concept of 1MIT yet, until Mr Azim Pawanchik, the Principal Consultant of Alpha Catalyst Consulting gave his talk in the Creativity and Innovation seminar later that night..
he showed some awesome innovative ways that can be implemented in daily life and how creative students are.. this competition really offers some awesome prizes, including from big names such as AirAsiaX, Porsche, Microsoft Malaysia, Nomad Adventures and many more.. so what do the participants have to do?.. hehehe.. for that, you shall have to watch this video.. try to spot me in it, okay?.. (^^,)

so there you have it, the challenge that we have to shoot for the 1MIT2010.. so, errr, how was I?.. I look pretty cute, right?.. lol, perasan lah kau najmie!~ =P anyway, I was sick along the line of the given 2 weeks, but I did manage to form a super quick team and do a shooting for a video. I admit, we could have done better, but hey, at least we tried, right?.. (^^,) so check out my teams chili video..

and for the record, I know I look fatttttt in the horse riding pictures, so no need to point that out to me.. okay?.. okay.. (-__-;; anyway, I've seen some awesome videos from other teams as well, and what I can say is, it's a pretty stiff competition.. even though mine might not actually be the best video, but it's a submission.. so I'm pretty much cool with that.. hehehe.. oh oh, go [HERE] please.. thanks a million!.. (^^,)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

life update

Mood : hype!

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps!.. I just want to update you guys about my life, but I'm currently swamped with mid term tests, assignments, and SIFE stuff.. I'll try to update later tonight or maybe tomorrow.. and I'll even tell you guys why I'm super hyped and happy!.. wheeee!~~ (^^,)
I love my family! =D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

my fun filled RAYA! ~\(^o^)/~

Mood : overexcited yet sleepy at the same time

Assalamualaikum awesome peeps, and hello fellow Earthlings!.. lol.. it's now the 8th day of Eid Mubarak, and I have given you peeps NO UPDATE whatsoever on my whereabouts.. how evil is that, right?.. so here I am, burning the midnight oil to update meh blog.. and since I'm sharing on Aidilfitri memories, your eyes shall burn with my camwhoring, fun loving, mouth watering PICTURES!.. muahahahahahaha!~~ evil laugh cough cough..

1st Day of Raya

this day was celebrated among family members.. this year we are greatful to have the WHOLE family under 1 roof, including my sisters husband, abg hafiz.. so that's a total of 7 people being loud on the 1st day of raya.. wohooo!~.. wait, or was it just me?.. hurmmmm...
anyway, at 8.15am on this day, we flooded the UUM mosque for the Raya prayers and soon after feasted on the mouthwatering foods prepared by the mosque.. take that people, eating during daylight again!.. lol!~ but yeah, pictures aren't here coz I'm so lazy to transfer them from my mums camera.. I took a picture with an Idonesian singer who also happens to be a PhD student in UUM.. forgot his name tho.. I'm not even suppose to tell you guys about him cause he's keeping a low profile.. but since I already typed it and is lazy to press the backspace button so, oh well.. moving on~~


after prayers, we returned home and dolled up for the family photoshoot.. but first and foremost, we ask forgiveness from the people we did wrong to, especially our parents, well, in my case, my mum..
I'm sorry for all the wrong things, the mistakes, the heartaches, the tears, the worries, the fears, the pain that I have done to you in the course of my 22 years of living on Earth.. I'll do my best to be a good daughter, now and in the future.. please forgive my wrong doings ya mum?.. and thank you for the duit raya!.. hehehe.. =P I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH MUMMY! (^^,)

and the overflow of picture starts here!.. wohooo!~.. photoshooting time!! XDD this first picture is kidnapped from my lil sisters facebook.. no worries, she marked her work and I'm not changing it..
oh btw, most of the pictures are taken from my bro-in-laws Nikon D90, so they are extra awesome pics!.. and some were taken by my sisters on my Nicky.. he's extra well nowadays coz he has new expensive batteries that costs me RM105 in him now.. hoho.. so, enjoy them piccies!.. =D
Girl power!!.. oh, and don't ask about the colour of our baju raya.. we didn't plan it to be like this, it was a coincidence that 2 wore black, 2 wore turquoise green and 2 wore purple.. really, we didn't plan it, believe me.. (-__-;;
candid shots from abg Hafiz, my bro-in-law.. happy family we are.. hehehe..
I don't know why I don't smile much in this pic, so don't ask me.. (-__-;;
but I love this one!
and this siblings shot!.. I love it I love it! =D
look, daughter and mother.. mummy looks young, doesn't she?.. =)

after the photoshoot, we went to my cousins house in Jitra for beraya.. on the way, we stopped by the petrol station where we saw a dude sweeping trash in his baju raya.. so sad, working on this day.. but I guess some people have to work, if not, the world won't function.. you win some you lose some, right?..
but I'm sure he's well paid for his services on this particular day.. hehe..

anyway, once we got to my cousins house, I got some more duit raya too, plus stuffing my face with delicious foods.. wheeee!~~ then comes the cutesy pie QA that I mentioned in the previous post..
not forgetting the photoshoot with my cousins family!.. wheee!~~
okay, be serious guys, no goofing around..
okay, now free style!.. wohooo!~

after filling ourselves with foods, we made our way to friends houses.. and we actually went to the hospital in Alor Setar, to see a student of my mums who got into an accident a few days before raya.. a pity for him and his family, really.. but since I don't know him, I ended up going around cam-whoring.. lol!~.. insensitive much?.. =P
I forgot to mark this picture.. oh well, don't steal it, okeh?.. ask for permission if you want to use my pictures.. wheee!~ then on the way out of the hospital, we found this awesome wall that felt photoshoot worthy that I made my bro-in-law to whip out his D90 and snap this awesome picture of me and my sisters, but of course, focusing on me.. lol!~
it's pretty, ain't it?.. say it's pretty!.. hmphhh!~ =P

well, I think that's all for now.. I'll update on my reunion later.. oh oh oh, there are more pictures from my raya.. you ca go to this link to check em out.. make sure you have a bucket next to you, in case you throw up from the cuteness of meh piccies.. wheeee!~~ =DD

and to end, meh super duper close up!
now your brain is imprinted with my face and you shall not forget me!.. and when you see me, you shall give me money and presents and lots of love!.. buahahahahaha!! this is not extortion, it's hypnosis!.. wheee!~~ later awesome peeps! (^^,)

Friday, September 17, 2010

QA, the Raya Innocence..

Mood : Happy

Assalamualaikum and happy holidays awesome peeps!.. if you guys are on holidays, that is.. lol.. I'm drafting my Aidilfitri memories, but I think it might be some time till I actually upload that picture loaded post.. hohoho.. but here is a short awesome update.. for those who have not previously met my niece, I would like to introduce to you, QURATUL AIN, the face of innocence for raya this year!

ain't she the cutest?.. I bet you all went 'aaawwwwwwww!!..' when you saw this picture.. well guess what?.. you're gonna keep saying the word, coz this post if going to be full of her.. hehehe.. meet her mother, Mazita, my cousin.. she's a single mother raising QA (short for her full name).. QA is just a bundle of joy for everyone!..

QA is really brilliant.. she'll be turning 2 years old this December but she's super smart!.. she can talk now, well, along some of the gibberish she once in a while utter that nobody actually understands, except for maybe her mother.. oh well, they're related by actual blood so, yeah.. my sister Wahida taught her some cool tricks (cehh, she's not a dog) like 'high 5', shaking hands, and doing some super cute stuff too.. omg, you guys really should meet her and be dazzled by her personality.. she's super fun, like me!.. erkk, ok ok, stop throwing up.. (-__-;;

she's also super active, and you need to keep up with her pace.. she likes to play with everyone, the kind that gets along with new people.. she rarely cries and really love to smile.. you can straight away become her friend.. really, I'm not kidding!.. I've meet a lot of little kids, and most of them don't like to talk and socialize with new people.. but she's not one of them.. that's what makes her so freaking adorable!.. well, beside the fact that she has a really cute aunt *coughmecough* LOL!~
sadly she's not feeling well, down with the fever on the second day of raya until now.. she's been crying and is inseparable with her mother.. she won't sleep anywhere except her mothers lap.. she'd cry whenever someone tries to play with her, making her anti-social too.. so sad to see her like that.. wish I could help make her better, but, hey, I'm not god.. all I can do is pray for her health and smile back.. and I would also want to ask for your help to pray for her speedy recovery.. I want the old QA back, the smiling QA.. so please be a dear, pray for her heath ya..
thanks a million guys.. (^^,)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

update at 1.18am..

Mood : sleepy, duh..

Assalamualaikum earthlings, how are you guys?.. for the non-Muslim readers of this blog, I'd like to wish you Happy Holidays!.. for the Muslim readers of My Great Life, I'l like to wish you guys, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN.. here's your e-card, since I'm too cheap to buy and snail mail you one.. lol!~ =P

hey hey hey, guess what?.. I've been doing some selling this Ramadan, helping out my cousin sell some of her kerepek raya, raya snacks.. 1kilogram for RM15, quite cheap since if you go to Tesco, they charge you RM18.. besides, the snacks I sold were from villagers in Ipoh, means they're handmade, not machine made.. think of all the love put into making them kerepeks.. lol!~ here's a picture of meh kerepeks..

most are muruku based, but there's an ubi based kerepek too.. and they all taste yummeh for the tummeh!.. I've been helping my cousin selling 'em since Sunday around 11.30am to 2.30pm.. I didn't expect to be paid or given any percentage at first, but my cousin gave me anyway, so hey, rezeki jangan ditolak!.. =P my last day of kerepek selling was today at 1.40pm, UUMs Varsity Mall.. I sold all the kerepeks that my cousin gave to me, around 40 packets.. my profit for the selling isn't that much, but alhamdulillah, it warms my tummeh to get em too.. I got around RM200, so that's an advance raya money for meh.. hohoho..

see mah happy face?.. (^^,)v

I've spent around RM70 already, going around buying stuff.. I have to save at least RM100, want to buy myself a new phone in the near future, Nokia C6.. it's wicked awesome siot!.. hohoho..
oh well, I'm off.. but before I go, enjoy this picture of me trying too hard to look cute.. goodnight awesome peeps!.. peace out!~

Saturday, September 4, 2010

mak melayu + ayah cina = anak india.. 1Malaysia!

Mood : guling-guling~

Assalamualaikum ya pendatang dari bumi, apa khabar?.. sihat kah anda sambil membaca surat khabar?.. sihat?.. bagus2.. apa yang best kat surat khabar tu?.. tak tahu sebab eksyen ja lebih pegang surat khabar?.. patut lah.. (-__-;;

pergh, gila lama aku tak taip belog dalam bahasa ibunda tercinta.. tapi memandangkan kita baru ja menyambut 31 Ogos beberapa hari yang lepas, jadi semangat patriotik agak membuak2, walaupun sambutan hari kemerdekaan ke 53 agak hambar tahun nih.. al-maklum lah, Ramadan kan, kena lah menghormati bulan yang mulia ini.. tak boleh nak pesta2 macam tahun2 dahulu.. tapi tak pa, asalkan hati masih cintakan tanah air dan bangsa, kita sudah MERDEKA!.. yeahhh!~~

tapi yang tak best nya merdeka tahun ini adalah.. isu-isu racism yang semakin meningkat sekarang.. dulu tahun 2008 panas satu Malaysia tentang video youtube dari Namewee yang nyanyikan lagu Negarakuku yang dikatakan menghina kerajaan Malaysia dan orang melayu.. sampai tiba2 semua orang cina benci kat melayu dan orang melayu benci kat cina.. bertekak sana sini, bergaduh sampai tumbuk2.. tengok, sampai macam tu sekali..

aku pun buka tengok lagu Negarakuku yang Namewee buat tu, aku baca translation dia, dan aku cuba paham la.. daripada pemahaman aku, lagu tu bukan menghina negara or melayu pun, cuma menyatakan salah silap yang dilakukan ja.. contohnya, pegawai kerajaan yang buat kerja lambat dan customer service yang tak bagus.. alaa, bukan terjadi kat cina ja, kat aku pun penah jadi.. aku pun ada jugak complain, tapi tak didengari sangat sebab aku tak buat video youtube yang kontroversi macam Namewee.. tapi yang tak syoknya, benda tu sepatutnya tak terjadi kat pejabat kerajaan in the first place.. tapi bila si Namewee buat video tu, terus pegawai kerajaan tersedak dan terbatuk2, marah sangat.. dah nak buat camana, dia tulis lagu tu berdasarkan pengalaman dia.. kononnya macam Eminem la, rap pasal kehidupan dia.. hohoho.. so pandai2 lah pegawai2 itu mengubah service mereka ya..

dan sekarang isu racism yang hebat diperkatakan adalah tentang pengetua sekolah menengah pulak, Puan Hjh Siti Inshah yang mengeluarkan komen berbaur racism semasa perhimpunan sokolah.. katanya, dia cakap cina dan india hanya penumpang di malaysia dan patut balik ke negara masing2.. sedih okeh?.. aku selalu ingat, kalau dah jadi pengetua tu, otak kena matang, subjek sejarah dapat A1.. tapi.... hurmm.. sedih2.. aku tak tahu kebenaran kes nih, tapi aku tahu kes nih sedang hangat diperkatakan.. dan kat Facebook tu penuh dengan komen-komen racism, almaklumlah FB aku 1Malaysia, kawan cina dan india pun ramai.. kadang2 diorang share link ke video atau gambar yang racism, yang membuat aku malu untuk mengaku bangsa melayu pun ada.. dan aku dah tak larat nak bela orang melayu yang berfikiran cetek lagi.. disebabkan kes pengetua nih jugak, sambutan bulan kemerdekaan dikatakan satu gurauan.. ya lah, cakap 1Malaysia, merdeka selama 53 tahun, tapi otak dan hati masih racism, apa kes?.. what kind of sick joke is this?..

haishh, penat bila sebut tentang masalah racism nih, sedangkan ia tak sepatutnya terjadi.. aku ada ramai ja kawan cina dan india.. kiteorang ada jugak tak setuju dengan pendapat masing2, tapi kami semua paham tentang konsep 1 Malaysia.. tiadanya bangsa Melayu, Cina atau India, cuma bangsa Malaysia.. 1 Malaysia.. sumpah senang gila nak paham, tapi nak melaksanakannya?.. perghh, susah gila.. sampai benda kecik macam video si Namewee pun leh jadi isu.. haishhh..

sedangkan kita, sebagai anak remaja sepatutnya fikirkan tentang masa depan negara, fikirkan cara-cara untuk memajukan negara kita, bukan untuk memecahbelahkan perpaduan.. itu tindakan bodoh kau tahu?.. kalau kau tak puas hati dengan politik negara, do something about it.. kalau kau rasa kau lebih baik dan boleh memimpin negara menggunakan cara kau, work for a spot in the politics.. and fyi, tak semua orang politik tu teruk okeh?.. anything is possible.. kalau kau sayangkan negara Malaysia, jaga lah negara, jangan jual kepada negara asing.. simple as that..

pesanan tuan belog nih.. kalau dah susah sangat nak hidup secara aman dalam negara bernama Malaysia, nak bekerjasama dengan bangsa lain, nak memahami bangsa lain, dah meluat sangat dengan Malaysia yang sangat diversify nih, PERGI PINDAH NEGARA LAIN!.. Malaysia tak perlukan negativiti dari kau, buat semak ja negara nih okeh?.. dan jangan kau gedik nak buat comment atau remark macam kononnya Malaysia nih lebih bagus kalau hanya ada Melayu atau Cina atau India, nanti aku ketuk kepala kau.. Malaysia lagi best macam sekarang, penuh warna warni dengan perbezaan budaya dan agama.. cuba berfikiran terbuka sikit okeh?.. dan jangan terpengaruh dengan propaganda dan gimik orang2 politik, Malaysia lebih seronok bila berbilang bangsa..

aku bangga menjadi anak Melayu, anak Malaysia..

pssttt, kau bangga tak menjadi anak Malaysia?..

selamat menyambut 53 tahun kemerdekaan!.. merdekakan hati dan fikiran anda dari racism!..


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