Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Mood : different

ok, I don't usually wear like me in the picture, you know..
me as an Anime character, Ghotic Lolita, but not exactly like the real character la....
this dress up was due to the Sife Annual General Meeting + Cartoony Night that I attended..
I feel so overdressed..
everyone was wearing jeans and t-shirts, one or two were wearing short skirts, but mostly it was pretty much jeans..
I was shy a bit in the beginning but then I couldn't care less..
anyway, here's some pictures from the event..

the VIP table..
see the line of people at the back eagerly waiting to get their food..

the Sife UUM board members..
so comel la everyone..

my new found friend, Amira Syakirah..
gila dowh dia nih, dah la tambah 4 kali..
she's younger than me tho, 19..

getting ready to snap the group photo..
I told you they were wearing casual..
getting to know other Sifers..
the girl next to me is Malay, As, I think..

Putri, As, Venus, me and the new Vice President of Sife UUM, Yi Chin..

me and one of the twins, So Yin..
comel kan dia?..

my mum said,if I didn't wear tudung, I'd look just like a Chinese girl in this picture..
hurmmm, jap, nak cuba bayangkan..

the board..
there was a Hindi dance after we had dinner..
so fun to watch..

Amira wat muka pelik..
my table mates who I just met last night..
I call it 'the 1 Malaysia table'..
coz there's Malay, Chinese and Indian at the table..
but Alvin didn't want to take pictures la..

I liked my picture so I cropped it..
hahahaha, sorry Mira..

Sifers, born or unborn, UNITED!!

having fun..
oh, the guy there, Dawnson, is the new President of Sife UUM..

with Putri..
I feel so fat next to her..

Ghotic Lolita camwhoring moments..

most of the girls, especially Venus and So Yin, loved my skirt..
I even danced with Venus where she kept twirling me around..
pening kot..
there was this Chinese guy, who asked whether I was an exchange student from Indonesia, coz I look foreign and my face looks a bit Indonesian-ish..
ada kah??

another Chinese girl looked at my attire and asked,

'Do you have a performance after this?'

lagi takleh blah..
wow, aku artis kah, siap ada performance..
ngeh3, tiket jual pon tak laku pa..

the event was from 6.30pm till 11.30pm..
penat dowh..
but when I got back, I wanted to take pictures some more..
yalah, bukan selalu aku pakai macam nih, nak gak begambar..
boleh kan?..
apa, kau tak bagi?..
lantaklah, blog aku, suka hati aku la kan..

I like my pose here, but sadly it's blurry..

ok, gedik sikit..
boleh jadi model tak?..

ok, tak payah cakap la, aku kena kuruskan diri dulu kan?..

deliberately taken like this, to show off my grey eyes..
maaf muka gedik, cubaan mengecilkan pipi yg kembong...

okay, I'm done..
I love you awesome people!!
shining star~~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures part 6 :- Nikon D90 again

Mood : old skool

more pics from Nikon D90..
bla bla bla..

najmie, bengong lah kau..
shh, diam!


at MarryBrown, Changlun..

gila-gila moments..
ya, aku ngaku, aku tak cantik pon..
terima seadanya ok?..

sisterly love..

photo shooting session in front of Canselori building, UUM..
kena marah dan didenda dengan sensei..

married love..

since my bro-in-law went back to KL and took his camera with him, I'm loveless again..
I'll miss you my dear Nikon D90..

ok, I'm done..
shining star~~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pictures part 5 :- Nikon D90 moments

Mood : partially cloudy

all the pictures in this entry are from my bro-in-laws Nikon D90..
credits for pictures goes to Abg Hafiz, Wahida, Aini and me..
don't know who's who but whatever..

D90 moments for before and during BBQ event..
no after pictures, tired and went to sleep after washing the dishes..

Miera, Afif and Auni who sent me home before the BBQ event..

have fun before working my butt off..
censored due to some issues.. hehe..

things done during the event..
the skinny guy is my mums Master student, Zul..

da scorpion king..
besar dowhh..

and yummy corn..

ngeh3, busted!!
mercun besa2 ja, tak extreme pon..

da food...
semua sedappp, kecuali daging coz liat..

up close expressions..
all taken by me..

before and after..
I ate like 4 pieces of chicken plus french fries and the absolutely delicious black pepper and brown sauce..
gila sedap siott, sampai menjilat pinggan....
camana nak kurus baiii?..

pictures from photo session in front of Canselori building will be uploaded later..
time to do my assignments..
adios awesome people!!
shining star~~


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