Tuesday, December 17, 2013

babies.. babies everywhere..

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Assalamulaikum w.b.t.

Have you ever held a baby in your arms? The head is so tiny, just the size of your big old palms, the fingers big enough to wrap around your thumb.. The miracle of life is seen when a baby sees the world for the first time.. No no, don't jump to conclusions, I'm not yet a mother.. hehe.. Remember my wedding in February this year? eah, it was a double wedding, me and my sister said our "I do's" to the love of our lives and tied the knot during that time.. and now, 10 months later, I have a new niece! wheeee!~ ^_^

Shes's so freaking cute I could eat her up! hahaha.. She sleeps a lot tho so I don't really play with her that much (sounds like I'm talking about a cat.. o_0) but she still does small sounds and stuff when I kiss and poke her..  I went to see her few days ago since it's a holiday for Selangor coz it's the Sultan's birthday and I bothered her till she woke up and cry! I consider that an accomplishment, thank you very much! hahaha.. no lah, she woke up crying coz she pooped and was hungry.. I photoed her a lot! She's bald now tho, her mum and dad shaved off her hair and the next day she had a fever coz she was in shock of her baldness... okay, no she wasn't shocked she couldn't care less but she did have a fever.. Poor mum and dad, worried sick coz she was sick.. get it? hua3, my puns suck.. 

when will I get my bundle of joy, you ask? hmm, I don't know, I don't have an answer to that.. guess we'll all have to just wait and see.. ;)

Congrats Intan and Fendi! and welcome to the world Zahra! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

and she said, "OMG Najmie you're so fat now!"

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

A question; how strong a slap across the face would it be for you if a friend who you haven't met for 1 year plus come up to you and said you looked fat? It'd make you feel horrible, wouldn't it? Just thinking about it now makes me cringe in disgust and full of hatred.. oh but don't get me wrong, I'm not angry at my friend who said that to my face, I'm mad at myself.. hmmm.. I bet you're wondering why right now, am I right? A friend just called you fat and you're not mad at her? really?! :)

Come on, think about it..  

Was she the one forcing you to eat nasi goreng ayam special at 11 PM?
Was she the one who made you eat the whole bowl of ice cream in 1 night?
Was she the one who forced you to skip breakfast and eat a lot during lunch and dinner?
Was she the one that spent hundreds of ringgit on fast food and junk food?
Was she the one who made you eat 6 slices of pizza in 1 sitting?

The answer is all NO.. And don't you DARE LIE..

The only person who made me fat, who made me gain 10KG in 8 months is no one else but ME..  I allowed myself to be fat, I made all the excuses..

It's okay, just 1 more piece of cake..
It's okay, it's not like I'm going to eat rice every night, just tonight..
It's okay, it's just ice cream, it's not gonna make me fat..
It's okay, I'm still young, I can exercise all the fat off..
It's okay, I'm not that fat, I'm just curvy..
It's okay, I'm not fat, I have big bones like my dad..
It's okay, if someone loves me he'll accept me for who I am..
It's okay, it's normal for girls to feel tired after 5 minutes of jogging coz we're fragile and delicate..
It's okay, if I ever get fat, I'll just eat diet pills..

They are all just excuses, nothing else.. They will not make me love my reflection in the mirror every morning when I get out of bed.. They will not make me love myself when I run out of breathe climbing stairs to the 5th floor everyday (I live in an apartment with no elevator).. They will not ease the pain in my knees from walking or standing too long.. They won't make me healthy, they won't make me feel beautiful about myself..

And you know what? I have not always been fat.. In fact I was somewhat like an athlete back in my student days.. I loved jogging, I loved sweating, I loved being in the outdoors, I loved being active.. But that's now how I have been this whole year.. I'm not always fat.. 

Let me show you what I mean...

January to July, 2011
Weight : 55 - 56 KG

December 2011
Weight : 57 KG

April 2012
Weight : 58 KG

May 2012 - Engagement Day
Weight : 58 - 59 KG

July 2012
Weight : 60 KG

February 2013 - Akad Nikah
Weight : 61 KG

June 2013
Weight : 65 KG

August 2013
Weight : 67 KG

Photos from 2011 and 2012 makes me want to cry! TTT^TTT
What went wrong? Why? What the hell happened?!

Easy, I made excuses.. for everything.. for putting food in my mouth.. for not exercising.. everything.. I'm not healthy right now.. I'm tired.. walking is sometimes tiring.. I don't have the energy to do anything, just sit at home and watch TV.. no energy, no vision.. and you know what? I'm tired of being tired.. after I got back from Mexico in October and gained an additional 2.5 KG making me 69.5 KG and ruining my skin, I made up my mind, I have to change! My goodness, that is the heaviest I could take and I finally said, enough is enough! It's time to change and improve my health.. I'm fat and I'm not even pregnant so imagine how big and heavy I'll be when I actually am pregnant! Change now, Najmie!

And now, Alhamdulillah, in 1 and a half months, I have lost 3.5 KG, improved my skin condition, feeling more energetic, don't get tired easily and lost some of my tummy fat.. My body fat percentage dropped from 31.4% to 28.8%, and my body age dropped to 39 from 41 years old.. Alhamdulillah.. it's still a work in progress, but my goal is to be at least 60 KG on my first anniversary with my husband this coming February.. I am determined to make it happen and I will keep doing what I'm doing to make sure I achieve it, Insya Allah.. :)

November 2013 - I'm the one on the far right

But wait, what am I doing? Am I taking some slimming pills? Am I stopping myself from eating all the food I love like rice, potatoes, chicken and ice cream? Am I starving myself? Am I putting slimming cream on my body? What am I doing?!

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, that's the key.. You are what you eat.. so now, I'm a full time consumer and part time distributor of Herbalife.. I changed my breakfast and dinner with Formula 1 shakes and eat lunch as usual (rice, chicken and veggies) and do a bit of exercise while watching TV (hehe).. The shake is delicious and comes in 5 different flavours and my favourites are strawberry and french vanilla.. yumm! It tastes like ice cream smoothie and makes me so feel so full that lasts for 4 hours.. I don't starve myself, I don't put dangerous drugs into my body and I certainly don't stop myself from eating fabulous and delicious food from time to time.. Who knew changing what you eat can improve your life tremendously? 

Are you like me too? Are you tired of being tired? Are you interested to join me in the quest to loose weight and improve your overall health? It's never too late to start.. If not now, when? 

Loose weight now, ask me how! ^_^
Drop me an email at knajmie@gmail.com and I be your wellness coach and you my weight loss buddy!


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