Tuesday, February 23, 2010

kera-atif itu sahabat kau

Mood : busy

asyik-asyik sibuk ja kan aku nih?..
hurm, tulah, aktif sangat dalam banyak aktiviti kat Universiti nih, jadi macam aku la..
semua nak buat..

study pun nak..
naik kuda pun nak..
SIFE UUM pun nak..
CEDI pun nak..
berniaga pun nak..
dapat duit mesti la nak..

dan yang terbaru,

jadi pengacara majlis pun nak..

awat la hang pulun sangat najmie?..
sebab nak timba pengalaman la, Peah..

tapi kalau gagal dalam pelajaran macam mana pulak?..
insyaAllah tak, kena la pandai bahagi masa kan, Peah..

tapi kalau ada orang tak puas hati kat hang macam mana?..
itu masalah depa la, aku tak kacau pun depa Peah..

ada apa-apa pesanan tak kat kawan-kawan hang?..
jangan putus asa, terus maju ke hadapan..

kawan aku kata, aku seorang yang kera-atif..
kreatif la maksud dia, saja nak eja kera sebab kan UUM dalam hutan, banyak binatang 'kesukaan' nih..
aku kata, tak lah, mana ada kretif sangat, biasa-biasa ja..
pastu dia kata..

abes gambar kat bawah nih apa?..

orang lain pegi kilang batik, canting corak batik..
hang pulak canting muka..
kera-atif la tuh!

saja selingan ja..
post tentang lawatan aku ke Kelantan ada dalam draft, belum siap dikarangkan..
sibuk weih!!
mid term tests dengan assignments menimbun-nimbun, kau nak tolong buat ka?..
tambah pulak ada mamat yang cuci umah sebelah tu pegi potong wayar telefon kat umah aku dan lepas rasa bersalah dia pegi ikat wayar tu kat pagar umah aku, telefon dan internet dua-dua tak boleh pakai..
haram tak bagitau pun, pegi siasat sendiri baru jumpa punca internet down..
ciss, bedebah kau!
now the only source of entertainment kat rumah hanyalah TV dan makanan..
oh, aku dah bertambah berat badan sekarang..

hari Sabtu sampai Isnin nih aku pegi Langkawi..
tido kat City Bayview Hotel..
aku jadi MC untuk program ISE-SODA..
ada kaitan dengan keusahawanan di negara Asean..
means it's an international event..
aku di tawarkan jadi MC untuk program tu, so pray for me..
ini salah satu langkah yang aku ambil untuk membina pengalaman..

well, I'm off..
ada mid term test subjek Event Management. pukul 11 jap lagi..
woh, syoknya!

okies, semoga berjaya semua!!
bintang bersinar~~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

speed of light

Mood : yummy

hello people of Earth and beyond, I am now BACK from Kelantan!!
I had a great time there, between hanging out at UMK and visiting some places around Kelantan..
places I stopped by were Nordin Batik showroom and batik making factory, Pantai Cahaya Bulan, KB Mall and Wakaf Che Yeh..

I spent a lot of money at Wakaf Che Yeh..
the stuff there were considerably cheap..
there's even original Adidas jerseys sold for RM 10..
rejected coz the logo was last years design so Adidas is selling them cheap..
and my friend bought two for her brothers..
the jerseys were damn nice man!

anyway, I am now becoming an small scale entrepreneur, selling bits and stuff..
currently I'm selling "keropok sira mas madu" cap menara..
in Kooperasi UUM, the keropok sells for RM 1.70..
I sell RM 1.30 per packet of +-80gms..
wanna test the market..
if the demand in UUM is high, I'll consider being the distributor for this product..
so if people in UUM or places close by want to order, contact me ok?..
and I also will be restarting my pre-loved wardrobe selling business via online and also door to door in UUM..
it focuses more on women wear tho like blouse, t-shirts and skirts..
I'll upload the items in the near future so be on the look out for those ya..

and another business currently in mind is selling unique bracelets and bangles from Langkawi..
a sample is the one on around my wrist in the picture below..
the price is RM 16 per bracelet but I'll try to see if I can lower the price, but minus shipping cost..
I'll try to diversify it and buy lots of kinds and designs..
if anyone want to order from me, inform me ya..
I'll be going to Langkawi to buy the items at the end of this month..
so hurry ya!

Align Center

it's HOT in here~~

ok, this is just a quick update..
a more detailed one will be posted soon..
sorry, but I'm kinda busy at the moment..
now I have to go to ko-k..

later awesome peeps!!
shining star~~

Sunday, February 14, 2010

going places again

Mood : full

hey awesome peeps..
I ate at 2 kenduri's today, plus KFC chicken and cheesy wedges..
so full you know?..
before I continue, a quick shout out..
Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends in SIFE UUM and from other awesome places..
may you have a prosperous new year and have loads of ang pau..
bring me back some of your reds and oranges..

so moving on..
I'm updating my blog due to a couple of reasons..
1 - I haven't updated for almost a week now and it's about time there's a new post..
2 - I won't be online for 4 days, starting tomorrow..

the reason is because I'll be going to Universiti Malaysia Kelantan from 15th till 18th February for Karnival Usahawan (KARNIAWAN)..
I'll be representing UUM in a competition called Projek Keusahawanan Siswa Terbaik..
I have to present the Usahawan Siswa, which is Ray Beh from SIFE UUM..
he has his own business, Sogo Studio..
check out his website by clicking [HERE]..

I'm kinda anxious yet nervous..
I'm not fully prepared, have just rehearsed a few times so I don't know how it will turn out..
I don't think I'd win but I don't think I'd be that bad..
*fingers crossed*
oh, the competition will be presented by two people, me and another guy named Ilyas..
we'll do our very best!
I'll be making my way to Kelantan tomorrow morning at 8am, probably arriving at 2 or 3pm..
I hope our accommodation would be somewhere cool and not hot..
but the chances are slim, since UMK is situated quite near to Pantai Cahaya Bulan, means hot air from the sea and beach..
brace yourself for hotness, Najmie..

I'd obviously miss my horses, Martina and Pablo..
I won't be riding in the near future coz I finished my 8 sessions..
if I want to continue, I have to pay some more money, which I currently don't have..
sad isn't it?..
well, at least I can still go and see my babes..

so I'll be seeing you guys later, in 4 days time..
don't miss me a little, miss me a lot ok?..

love you guys!!
shining star~~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

two is better than one, but MORE is merrier!! (^^,)

Mood : =)

I'm pretty much sure you guys noticed my lack of blog updating this past month, right?..
I can't blame you, coz I have been neglecting my blog..
it's not that I don't have things to blog about, it's coz I don't have the time to blog about it..
I'm rarely online nowadays, just for a few minutes or an hour or two, but that's all..
and I'll still be busy this coming week, during mid semester break and also a week after that..
I'll tell ya later..
now I wanna share some photos of the MEALCON 2010 committee dinner at EDC Hotel on 4th February 2010..
but before that,
a quick intro to what Malaysia Entrepreneurship and Leadership Convention or MEALCON was all about..

on 29th and 30th January 2010,
SIFE UUM has officially executed a mega project that involved 150 UUM students and other students from visiting universities such as UTP, USM, UTHM, UMT, UMP, UNIMAP, UPNM, and a few others..
the 2 day convention featured distinctive speakers such as

1. Yeoh Chen Chow from Jobstreet.com
2. Rene Tan Vien Gen from Leaderonomics
3. Roslan Bakri Zakaria from MDEC
4. Azim Pawanchik from Alpha Catalyst Consultant
5. Borhan Sidek from SME Corp
6. Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim from Johor Corporation
7. Tuan Haji Jamalluddin from KFC Holdings
8. Azman Noor Merican from MDEC

the program also was privileged to have Yg Berhormat Dato' Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir, Deputy Minister of Ministry of International Trade Industry, as the honoured guest and officiator of MEALCON 2010..
success of the program was certain, even if there were a few glitches along the way..
the MEALCON team did our very best, before, during and after the event to ensure an unforgettable experience for its participants..
and for all our hard work, SIFE UUM has rewarded its MEALCON committee members to a dinner at EDC Hotel..


free style!!~~

making our way to dinner..

picture time!


MEALCON certificate..


with venus and jin nee..

ever lasting memories, cherished forever..

we had laughs and took a tonne of pictures, but all in all, what really mattered was the memories we had together throughout the whole event..
and even though I was the only Malay there wearing tudung, I didn't feel out of place..
I love all these wonderful people, and had lots of memories with them..
I learned a lot through this event, and made friends with other races..
and frankly speaking, they are just people, like you and me..
there's no reason to feel scared or inferior to them..
yes, there were things I didn't understand about their culture, but I asked..
communication barrier?..
not really..
everyone speaks Bahasa, or even English..
and some are broken compared to others..
but guess what, we learned to improve ourselves, together..
we are no more diverse according to races..
there are

No Malays,

NO Chinese,

NO Indians..


shining star~~

p/s :- patriotik tak?.. =)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

standing out

Mood : hungry

just a quick update..

this is Mei Ling, and she's holding my Nicky..
for more MEALCON 2010 pictures,

tonight there will be MEALCON committee members dinner at EDC Hotel..
so probably there will be more pictures later..
plus I'm going for a HIMPUN program starting tomorrow, something about 1Malaysia and stuff, at Pendang Lake Resort and won't be back till Sunday..
will be exempted from ko-k and classes till I get back..
I'm so gonna miss my horses..
I had fun yesterday, riding Pablo in the morning and Martina in the evening..
now my body is sore all over, but it was definitely worth it..

alright, that is all..
see you awesome peeps later!
don't be naughty okay?
shining star~~

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

if u read this, u'll grow wings

Mood : sleepy

hi ya awesome people, miss me?..
miahahaha, prasan sengsorang..
it's been like, a week since I updated..
been busy, with MEALCON, with other studying stuff and what not..
I so wanted to update, believe me, I did..
but sadly, I wasn't able to..
so you guys were free from reading weird stuff from me..

but here I am!!
talking- eh, typing- here, and you reading it..
padan muka!
ok, stop talking crap now..
I wanna share with you on what happened with SIFE UUM's project that was finally executed last week, MEALCON 2010..
I held the position of secretary so I did the paperwork and other related secretarial stuff..
however, on the event, I was entrusted to become one of the MC (master of ceremony)..
one of, my partner in crime was Mr Aevin Raaj..

we became MC's, talked crap, laughed at our own jokes, and I nearly died from laughter..
so much fun..

just so you know, MEALCON stands for Malaysia Entrepreneurship and Leadership Convention organized by SIFE UUM with the support of CEDI on 29, 30th January 2010..
A total number of 11 universities participated in this event..
It was officiated by Dato' Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir
(the deputy minister of trade and international industry)..

you can obviously see me there, right?..

We invited 8 distinguished speakers which are:-
1. Yeoh Chen Chow
2. Rene Tan Vien Gen
3. Roslan Bakri Zakaria
4. Azim Pawanchik
5. Borhan Sidek
6. Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim
7. Tuan Haji Jamalluddin
8. Azman Noor Merican

erm, I actually wanted to type lots of things but I'm oh so sleepy..
so just enjoy some pics instead..

1st rehearsal..

2nd rehearsal, other day..
1 Malaysia maa..

event day..
I'm too tall.. (-__-;;

dinner with participants from visiting universities..

night safari in UUM..
one guy asked, "are there any tigers?"

2nd day of MEALCON..

Azim Pawachik's workshop..
guess what we were doing?..

ok, I'm too sleepy..
maybe I'll update later..
not now, later~~
oh oh oh oh..
Thank you for everyone who joined in this event!!
the sponsors, CEDI, SIFE UUM, lecturers, committee members, uum students and visiting students..
you guys are awesome!!
shining star~~


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