Monday, May 31, 2010

My Sweetheart Smells Like Fresh

Mood : hype!

Assalamualaikum, hey ho awesome peeps!.. watcha doing?.. I just came home from work, switched on my Facebook account, and my eyes noticed an update.. from the most anticipated thing for a whole week, Project Alpha!.. wohoooo!! Instant Cash Blogging is back babyyy!!~~ okay fine, actually it's always been there, I was the one who was always busy.. hehehe.. anyway, since I recently just got myself a Mr B, this weeks entry is really somewhat related.. haha..

now my entry for the instant cash blogging.. my sweetheart smells like fresh.. now why do I say this?.. Adidas Action 3 has products for both men and women, which I'm pretty much sure you guys know, has 6 different varieties to choose from for the mens line which are intensive, control, sensitive, fresh, pure and pro-level..

now, I'm actually using the control for women, but for my Mr B, I'm pretty much certain he suits it best if he uses the Adidas Action 3 Fresh deodorant.. this deodorant has 24hours perspiration, has new Dry Max system technology for extra wetness absorption (which is needed since he's playing rugby), and a cooling fragrance that will leave him feeling fresh, hence the name!.. hahaha.. it really suits him since he's always on the move and active, so this deodorant will keep him feeling fresh where ever he is, what ever he's doing.. wah wah, wanginya!!! (^^,) hey, if I smell nice, my Mr B should smell nice too, right?.. it's not fair if I'm the only one who smells fresh all the time, he should too.. besides, sharing is caring, kan?..

so there you have it awesome peeps.. if you want your special someone to smell nice and fresh, pick out your scent from the nearest store that offers these awesome deodorants.. hey, if you love em, don't let them stink! =D

now on to see some awesome episodes from Project Alpha Season 2! wheee!~~

Episode 40

Episode 41

Episode 42

oh, here's another video I want you to watch, my audition video to be one of the guest bloggers for Project Alpha season 3.. check me out, dancing weirdly to Wondergirls Nobody!

and vote for me if you think I deserve to be one of the featured guest blogger for Project Alpha season 3 by going to this link and clicking the 'Like' button!.. thanks a million awesome peeps! (^^,)

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

what colour is your heart?

Mood : sleepy

Assalamualaikum, good early morning dear blog readers.. I have been out for the whole day of yesterday, which was on Sunday.. my sisters and I went out to Jitra around 10.30am, and we came back home around 5pm.. initial planning was to meet my primary school friend, but I was a tad busy, so was unable to meet her.. activities in Jitra included movies, clothes shopping without purchasing (also called window shopping but I wasn't shopping for windows so.. yeah..), and stuffing faces with food.. also includes a trip to see a small little girl at a cousins house.. oh btw, Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time was so so freaking AWESOME!! did not regret 1 second of it.. go see it! (^^,)

at 5.30pm, we went out again for a video shoot for a music video, a just for fun one.. we danced around like crazy people while laughing and hitting each other.. not lying.. (-__-;; really tiring I tell you.. our dresses we drenched in sweat by the time we finished.. it's kind of like an exercise, but in pretty clothes and make up.. yeah, that's it.. insyaallah, there will be photos.. better yet, videos.. hohoho.. have to wait for it to be edited by my director/editor, Feshnie.. we are still going out for another video shoot tomorrow, from another location.. preparing brain and body to sweat and dance around weirdly again.. (-__-;;

so back to the point of this entry.. well, I've decided to open up my heart to someone.. it's been a while.. I'm not going to say who, but some might be able to figure out who the guy is.. hehehe.. I think it's about time I gave us a chance, we've been friends for so long, right?.. it might work, it might not, but the point is, we have to try.. and whatever happens, we'll always be friends.. kan?.. but don't make me regret it, or I'll bite your arms off.. okay?.. okay.. hehehe.. (^^,)

dear Mr B, thanks for loving me, you're the best.. =')

so, the question remains..
what colour is your heart?..

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Mood : full

Assalamualaikum and good evening awesome peeps!.. guess what?.. I went to Pizzahut yesterday with my family, minus my eldest sister, Kak Ijah, since she's having fun in Beijing with her husband, lucky her.. anyway, her loss for not being able to join her family for the awesome day out together! hohoho..

being the sister who's actually making a lil money from my part time job, I decided I HAD to treat them to the latest sensational pizza from Pizzahut, the Fish King Pizza! wohooo!! being someone who's watching my diet, I really don't want to eat something tooooo fattening, so Fish King pizza is a very nice choice, since there's more protein instead of carbohydrates.. hey, can't blame me for wanting something nutritious yet yummy to eat, right?.. so let's get ready to go! (^^,)

while waiting for everyone to finish dolling up and looking their best, I cam whored a little, you know, for memory purposes.. hehe.. plus, I was so excited, I can't really contain it..

but for now, let the pictures do the talking.. (^^,)
all pretty to go to Pizzahut!..
my dress of choice..
sadly, I will be letting this dress go..
anyone want to buy this item?.. (^^,)

where are we going?..
what are we eating?..
Fish King Pizza!..
omg, so excited I have to jump!..
whoops, Intan got in the picture too late.. hehe..

more cam whoring moments, for memory purposes.. =P
can I be a model now?..
*hit self on head* stop day dreaming please, Najmie.. (-__-;;

we're on our way!..

let's go to the nearest outlet, which is in Jitra, for our mouth-watering cuisine..
how long till we get there?..
oh, about 45minutes to 1 hour..
wow, so far awayyyyyy..
no problem, nothing is impossible when you have the fish craving from Pizzahut!.. =D

the place from where our journey to Pizzahut began, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah..
the distance from here to Jitra is *punching in numbers on calculator* 33 kilometers..
jauh jauh, tapi tak sabar!.. (>.<)

I can't wait, are we there yet? =DDD

Jitra is straight ahead!.. wheee!~~

faces of people who can't wait to eat Fish King pizza..

are we there yet?..
close enough, we're almost there, 11 kilometers more!

okay, we're finally here!!
let's all ambush Pizzahut!!
eh wait, take a pretty picture first..

Pizzahut outlet in Pekan Jitra, Kedah..

okay now we can go ambush the place..
can't wait to taste this awesome pizza!
but first, let's pretend to eat this pizza that this guy is holding!
nom nom nom~

when we got in the restaurant, no one was there to show us the table, so we showed ourselves..
my eye quickly saw the Fish King Pizza on the flippy thingy on the table, and grabbed it..
omg, drool!!

now let's order!
I'd like to take Fish King Pizza set 2, plus 1 lasagna and 2 ice cream sundae please!
nyum nyum!
I'm sorry miss, we're all out of crabsticks.. do you still want to order the Fish King Pizza?..
awwww.. ='( it's okay, we'll take it..
so sad, it's not going to be the complete taste, but nevermind, as long as I get to eat it..

so what's on the Fish King Set 2 that we ordered?..
see below to find out what..
only for RM49.00, very reasonable price!

a few minutes later, we got the soup and garlic bread plus the pitcher of Pepsi..
but the utmost important item for lunch is still not in view, so sad..
so we stuff our faces anyway, while waiting..

OMG, it's finally here!!
before eating, must take picture with the waitress, miss Fatin..
such a nice and polite girl, making our visit to Pizzahut a memorable experience..

now must camewhore with mouthwatering fish king pizza!!

is your saliva dropping on the floor yet?

whoops, let's recite our prayers first, jangan gelojoh okay?..
now let's dig in!!

please have a piece of this heaven, courtesy of me..

now, what is inside this delicious fish king pizza?..
8 fish fingers made from specially imported Alaskan Pollack, crabsticks(but was sadly not included in my pizza), Mozzarella cheese, roasted capsicums, yellow onions and juicy pineapples, and covered in cool lime mayo sauce that makes it all the more refreshing in your tummy..
yummy in my tummy, I like!

my first bite of this awesomely delicious piece of heaven is beyond words..
the taste, the smell, the savory splendor, everything is soooooooooooooo good!
the pizza was so tender, so moist that it melts in your mouth..
good til the last bite..
awwww, it's the last of the pizza..
finished so soon.. huhu..
my final say of Fish King Pizza?..
just 1 word...

it's a definite thumbs up from me..

I spent quite a lot there, but the memories are sure worth it..
so what are you waiting for, get your butt to the nearest outlet near you!
cause I will definitely come again for another piece of heaven in the near future..

Friday, May 28, 2010

AisumiStyle Giveaway Contest

Mood : sleepy

I knew about this blog shop from a friend of mine, which is Aisumi STYLE and it's pretty awesome! this blog shop offers some really great items for sale, for a reasonable price too.. so do check the blog shop out.. but if you're feeling a bit lazy to click the link (haiya,you're gonna get a fat ass if you keep this up), you can check out some of my favourite items from the shop..

this fantastic looking dress only costs RM 35.. you can wear it as it is or put on an inner and a pair of jeans and walk out the door.. it's a real steal, so steal it!.. take it away from Aisumi Chan by buying it from her for only RM35!..

this item is really great, only RM40 and from stretchable fabric.. you wearing 'tudung'?.. no problem!.. wear a white inner with this gorgeous dress and a pair of black pants, and you're good to go, hanging out with your girls at the shopping mall or out for a date with Mr boyfriend! really nice to have.. (^^,)

and hey hey, if you got a Mr boyfriend, then you should check out the sweet couple tees from the blogshop.. here's some of my favourites!
aren't they just gorgeous?.. arghh, too bad I don't have a Mr, if not these would be awesome!.. the price is very reasonable, only RM40 for the pair of tees.. that's a steal right there, so cheap!.. people should order this for your Mr and you.. I know I would.. (^^,)

and if dresses and couple tees don't get you excited, check out the shoes!.. here's two of the shoes that I like..
gorgeous I tell you!.. but really, for me, the price is quite expensive, you know, being a student without income and all.. but if you like it, do buy!

now, why am I joining and promoting Aisumi STYLE? it's because I'm helping out a friend by joining her contest.. it's never wrong to help your friend to achieve success, and I'm honestly happy if she succeeds.. plus, I'm also joining this contest to make other people out there aware of great blog shops like hers..most people want great items for a cheaper price, so I'm recommending Aisumi STYLE.. plus, I also kinda want to win this ----->

smart, ain't it?.. I like it, and I know of a few styles that I can pull off with this gorgeous piece, especially for ladies who wears tudung.. hehehe.. if I win this jumper pants, I'll share with you guys okay?.. (^^,)

so hurry up, go to her blog and check out her awesomely attractive yet reasonable priced items up for grabs!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 2010 - the month of winning

Mood : blessed

Assalamualaikum fellow Earthians, good morning!.. OMG, hot guys to ogle at! hahaha.. anyway, yesterday after work, my mum, sisters and I went to the Sports Center here in UUM.. we had some sweat time at the gym, literally.. to tell you the truth, it was exhausting!.. I might look like I'm in good shape, but stamina wise, I've been beaten.. 3 minutes on the treadmill and I'm already panting for breath.. and I found out that I don't really have upper body strength, so from now on, I'll be working on that.. alhamdulillah, I have lost 5 kilograms so far, from just reducing my caloric intake and watching what I eat.. now I have to firm my body up, and develop my stamina, and get me some nice lean model-like tummy ftw! =D

now on to the reason for this post!.. I call May as the month of winning, cause I have won a lot during this month.. mostly from Nuffnang (thank you very much!) and Ruumz too! to be honest, I didn't really thought I had any chance of winning anything, but alhamdullillah, I won in some.. guess it was my luck, not forgetting my rezeki.. (^^,) so these are the prizes that I have won, in the month of May 2010!

From Nuffnang, hugs and kisses!

I was the first person to submit a video audition for Project Alpha season 3, which you can watch and vote by going to this link.. you can see me dancing to WonderGirls song, Nobody.. hey, no laughing, I know it looks weird.. (-__-;;
RM 20 credited to my NN account + a P1 bag which I have to go and collect from NN HQ in KL.. I haven't went there yet, and I really don't know when I'll be able to collect it.. KL leh, so far away from Kedah.. (-__-;;

I have also won RM 80 from Project Alpha Instant Cash Blogging for Week 6, Week 9(b), Week 10(a) and Week 10(b).. haven't been able to win the other weeks after that due to no internet connection at home..

I have also won invitations to movie screenings such as The Descent 2 and Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time.. but I was unable to go and watch both of the awesome screenings, pity me *sob sob sniff sniff*.. (T^T)

and the latest prize I won, which I just found out this morning when I checked my email, was from Project Alpha Ruumz Daily Contest.. turns out I was one of the lucky 5 winners for Day 14.. how cool is that?! =D

I won myself a gift pack courtesy of Adidas, P1 and Ruumz, which I have to collect from NN HQ in KL, again..
so now I have 2 unclaimed prizes waiting for me at NN HQ at Heritage House.. I don't even know when I'll be able to go down to KL to collect it, let alone finding the HQ at Heritage House.. I would probably get lost in the jungle that is KL.. and if I am unable to collect it, what will happen to my prizes?.. I want them! ='(
can someone go collect them for me and mail them to me via pos laju or something?.. pretty please?.. (T^T)

and my other prizes came from Powderuum at Ruumz!

I got myself a free Dermalogica Clean Start sample set and a complimentary face mapping and express facial worth RM48.. I have to collect this prize at the nearest AsterSpring outlet, which would be in Penang.. fuhhh, not that far, thank god! =)

and what a surprise I got when I received this email! I won myself 2x AsterSpring facial and body treatment service voucher worth RM125! OMG, that's so cool!! I've never been to a spa before, and I've had some great reviews about AsterSpring from some of my friends, so I'm really excited to go.. since I won 2 vouchers, I'll be bringing my mum with me, since we're both new to AsterSpring and self pampering at a spa.. so you'll see me very soon at an AsterSpring outlet in Penang.. whee!~~ now, how did I won these 2 vouchers?.. simply by taking this picture and uploading it on Powderuum..

simple, isn't it?..

and another contest I won was from Diva Darling, which I had blogged about here, so just go there to read about what I won ya.. (pstt, it's a gorgeous dress! but I haven't officially got in touch with the admin yet.. hehe..)

so there you have it, my list of luck for May 2010.. I hope I get more luck in June, and July, and August, and the rest of the month in a year.. hahaha.. you might think that I'm just lucky for winning all this, but to tell you the truth, I don't really know my luck.. what I can tell you is, just give it a try.. if you come across a contest that you think you can complete and submit, just go for it.. you can never know your luck, just like me.. if you win, then congratulations!.. but if you don't, relax and chill!.. there's many more contest out there, and you can try your luck on those.. don't let 1 failure bring you down, okay sayangs?.. =)

and please please please, kamu jangan nakal, go to this site and vote for my audition video, if you think I have what it takes to become Darth Vader in the war against Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond!!.. whoops, wrong show! =P if you think I would make a great guest blogger for Project Alpha season 3, vote for my video!

thanks a million everyone!.. and stay in school! (^^,)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

it started with 3 people, now there's 5! where did the other 2 come from?

Mood : hungryyyyy

it started with 4 of us at home, me, mum, kak ijah and wahida.. then it became 3, kak ijah left for KL after she finished her Masters early this month.. but now there's 5, intan and aini came back from the dead!.. okay tipu, they came back from KL this morning.. intan kissed my forehead, twice.. guess she missed me, or wanted to bother me sleeping.. huuu~ sloppy..

the only person missing is kak ijah, so family not completed, yet.. no worries, she's having the time of her life in Beijing now with her husband, thanks to AirAsia for her 2 free return tickets that she won on NuiBeijing contest held early this year.. I wish I could go with them too but since I can't, I just asked them to bring me back a souvenir.. I asked for a hot Chinese guy from Beijing, you think they'll bring home the souvenir for me?.. =P

Happy Family Pose!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

contest results from Diva Darling is out! I won!

Mood : eye infection

Assalamualaikum, good evening awesome peeps!.. I went to the swimming pool with my mum after work to vent of some kilos and frustrations.. it was my mums first time in the swimming pool, and it was fun to watch her squirm and try to learn to swim.. hahaha, sorry mummy but I know you love it.. and guess what?.. next semester, I'll enroll myself in swimming class, just to really master the art of swimming.. I know I can swim now, but my breathing is off and is not in sync with my movements.. makes me tired really fast.. so I'm saving up RM90 for classes next semester.. hohoho.. plus RM 150 for horse riding classes.. can't wait! wheee!~~ (^^,)

now back to the title of meh post.. yes, I won a contest, the Best Red Contest from Diva Darling~.. the first prize is RM200 cash!.. that's a lot, am I right?.. so I submitted a photo of me with something red and include a caption.. here's my submission for the contest..

red............. ain't it?.. I photoshoped a little to make the red stand out more, you know, to make it a bit more outstanding.. hehehe.. =) so here's proof of my winning the contest at Diva Darling..

ahahaha, gotcha! okay fine, I lied, I didn't win the first prize for this contest.. I didn't win the RM200 cash, but I did win something else, something awesome..

wheee, I'm the runner up! and I get to choose one item from the May collection!.. it's so awesome coz Diva Darlings collection are all to die for!.. they're so gorgeous, all of them!.. but the prices are considered expensive for a student like me, therefore, having the opportunity to own one of the item from Diva Darling is so freaking awesome!! =DD actually I haven't been contacted by the owner yet, but I had the liberty to go through the May collection in my spare time.. hehehe.. so these are some of the items I'm interested in.. aren't they just gorgeous?.. =)

I seriously don't know which one to choose, they are all pretty in their own way.. really nice, me likey! but I also saw some freakishly awesome dresses which I instantly fell in love with, and is now having a really tough time in picking the best one.. really really hard coz they're both pretty awesome!

I really love both of these dresses, can't I have them both, pretty please Diva Darling?.. *sob sob* if I were to get the Executive 2 layers dress with pink bow tie neck which costs RM75(including shipment), I'll have to spend RM74 for the silk pleats executive dress, you know, the money that I don't have due to being an unemployed student sob sob.. but OMGG, I really really want both of these dresses so so much! I want em so baddddd~~ ='((

okay, enough of that.. even though I'm not sure of which to choose from the both of these dresses, I can't really go all weepy on you awesome people.. I really am thankful and grateful to Diva Darling for the item *which ever it is* and the opportunity to join in this contest.. I always check your latest items btw, just to ogle at the really pretty dresses and bags that I could never possess.. but hey, everyone's a dreamer, am I right?.. (^^,)



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