Friday, October 23, 2015

4 Selendang Pilihan Wanita Moden

Trend hijab semakin mendapat perhatian ramai penggemar fesyen dan sejak akhir-akhir ini kita dapat lihat sendiri selebriti-selebriti terkenal tanah air juga turut mula mengenakan hijab. Nama-nama seperti Neelofa, Erra Fazira, Ziana Zain dan Rozita Che Wan merupakan diantara nama-nama besar industri seni tempatan yang sudah mengenakan hijab dan sering menjadi ikutan para peminat. Bukan sahaja trend pakaian mereka menjadi ikutan ramai, cara pemakaian tudung mereka juga dijadikan inspirasi. Kebanyakkan daripada selebriti-selebriti ini lebih senang bergaya dengan pemakaian koleksi selendang terkini yang amat unik dan kreatif. Dan jika anda juga turut meminati pemakaian selendang daripada jenis tudung yang lain, berikut merupakan 4 selendang pilihan wanita moden masa kini yang boleh anda temui di pasaran;

Instant Shawl
Mula digayakan oleh selebriti cantik Neelofa, kini rekaan instant shawl boleh anda temui dalam pelbagai pilihan menarik dengan harga yang cukup berpatutan.Memang sangat senang nak pakai dan tak payah habiskan banyak masa depan cermin. Sesuai untuk mereka yang on-the-go kan, stylish & easy to wear.

Selendang Hoodie
Satu lagi jenis selendang yang juga digemari oleh ramai selebriti. Rekaan selendang jenis ini amat mudah dipakai dan memberikan penampilan yang cukup ringkas kepada si pemakai. Nampak stylish juga kalau dikenakan oleh orang biasa macam kita, boleh la fefeeling artis sikit.. ^_^

Selendang Satin
Untuk jenis selendang satin pula, ia diperbuat daripada fabrik satin dan ia menjadikan si pemakai tampak elegan. Selendang jenis ini sesuai untuk dipakai ke majlis-majlis yang istimewa. Baru la menyerlah gituuuu..

Selendang Pashmina

Dan selendang ke empat yang menjadi pilihan ramai wanita adalah selendang jenis pashmina. Fabrik untuk selendang ini lebih berat tetapi mudah untuk dibentuk. Juga sangat selesa dipakai sebab material yang lembut untuk kulit.

menarik kan? yang mana satu pilihan anda? ^_^

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm a student again!

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps!

Who knew after almost 3 years working for Enactus Malaysia, I am now a student again! ops, wait.. Let me rephrase that.. I am now a UUM student again! hahahaha.. I furthered my Master's in Universiti Utara Malaysia Kuala Lumpur branch at Kampung Baru.. UUM Sintok is awesome and all but I don't think I can part from my husband for so long.. hahaha.. 

I started class in September, only have 3 subjects this sem which is the maximum credit hours since I am a part time student.. the great thing about studying in UUM KL is the classes are only on the weekends.. so almost all my classmates are working and studying part time here.. we have 3 semesters in 1 year and if nothing goes wrong (if I don't repeat any paper), I should finish my studies in 5 semesters.. pray for my success! ^_^

I think it's awesome to have assignments again, being a student again but that being said, I remembered why I don't like being a student in the first place.. assignments.. hahaha.. but seriously, I like it that my brain is starting to work better from reading journals and journals, and journals.. =__= there is an obvious difference to the level of intellectual discussion during class, the level of knowledge sharing from my classmates are also amazing.. I'm taking Master Science in Managerial Communication and my classmates are working for TV Al-Hijrah, Astro, Utusan, Harian Metro, and there's also a writer in the class.. their input which is direct from years of experience and knowledge is very refreshing.. they're also nice people to begin with.. Alhamdulillah, ini dinamakan rezeki.. ^_^

May Allah s.w.t ease my journey as a student.. Aminnn

my classmates

Thursday, March 5, 2015

US won instead of Malaysia? really?!

Assalamualaikum and hello!~

I was just checking my blog stats and found an interesting piece of info.. apparently my blog readers this week are mostly from United States instead of Malaysia.. How interesting is that?! :D I don't think I know many people from there, I mean, I have some friends there but none I talk to frequently, and I don't think they know that my blog exists.. :/

I mean, I guess it's not so bizarre, I do blog in English anyway, so I guess most of them were searching specific words on Google or any other search engine in this vast world of the internet that led them here.. It would be great tho to know what got them here, heck, what got ANYONE to come here.. I mean, I don't think I actually blog about hot topics or trends, it's mostly about myself, and I don't even blog completely in English or in Bahasa.. I tend to mix em, I wonder if that annoys my American readers.. ye lah, bukan kau paham pun aku tulis apa, kan? :D so I am intrigued in getting to know why you, yes YOU, are in and reading this post.. regardless of where you're from, can you help answer a few questions in the comment section of this post? you'd be amazingly awesome if you did!

1. What got you here? (Google/FB link/you like to read my rants*wink*/etc)
2. Where are you from? (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia/ Texas, US/ Manila, Philippines/etc.)
3. Did you find what you came for? (Yes / No / Not sure)
4. Will you come and visit me again? *bats eyelashes* (Yes / No / Maybe / Not sure)


p/s: wanna be my friend? ^_^ 

Monday, March 2, 2015

eh, it's already been 2 years?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello!~

OMG it's already March 2015 and I haven't blogged anything till now. I'm so BADDDDD! :((( My apologies to everyone who kept coming back to see if I updated and was disappointed when they saw there was nothing new (bajet femes eh akak? -__-;;).. sorry guys and gals! :D

Anywho, I celebrated 2 years of marriage with my awesome hubby in February by taking an 11 days leave from work.. hahahaha okay melampau, padahal ada 5 hari cuti weekend and public holiday.. sharing the photos with caption below with story of honeymoon with y'all!

we reached Kuala Perlis jetty at 9.15 am but our ferry was at 12pm due to the massive crowd who also sibuk to go to Langkawi coz we were going.. LOL bajet femes lagi la kau nih Najmi.. haha.. but in all seriousness, it's coz of the Federal Territory holiday and everyone in KL & Putrajaya cuti on Monday so apparently a lot of em were going for holiday or some sort of training.. we went on Saturday till Monday, it was a 3D2N escapade.. hehe

Upon arrival at the Langkawi Jetty, we were welcomed by our travel agent who passed us the key to our rented car, a freaking Mitsubishi Lancer! hoi, merasa la jugak drive Lancer, best siotttt.. sayang, Lancer for next year's anniversary wedding pelis! :D

We wanted to save a bit on hotel so we could splurge elsewhere so we got the Honeymoon Package at this cute hotel called The Cabin Langkawi at Pantai Chenang.. it was a cute place and nearby to the beach, shopping area and Underwater World.. apart from the leaking aircond in our room, we had a very pleasant stay, would recommend it.. however do note that you will see a lot of foreigners wearing bikini's and swimming trunks walking the side walks in front of the hotel.. 

okayyyy, I was PAMPERED with LOVE and SWANS and ROSES and ROSE PETALS.. it was so cute! you see, no matter how much I pujuk my husband to buy me flowers, he will never buy em for me.. I mean, it's true what he says, no point wasting money buying something that's gonna end up dying 2-3 days later and I agree with him.. but it was nice to be covered with roses and petals tho.. err, but they all ended up in the trash can later that night.. haha.. such a waste! :p 

After checking in, we went to Taman Lagenda Langkawi and sweat between our armpits were formed.. haha.. it was nice to walk with the sea breeze gently and sometimes violently hitting out faces.. Hubby was having fun admiring the bridges and pathways and taking pictures for reference, probably for his taman rimba project.. hehe.. I own a monopod, so it was fine taking my own photos, I have to admit that I suck at using the pod tho.. :/ 

Agenda for the next day was picking up mum and dad from the jetty and going for island hopping with em.. since the jetty was very close by to Dataran Helang, we paid the eagle a visit and watched its butt from afar.. it was soooooooooooooooo HOT, even though it was only 10am.. I guess that's the only downside to being next to the ocean~

The island hopping was an amazing experience! it was, WOW! we went to Pulau Dayang Bunting where I insert my feet into the waters of the deep fresh water lake, went to see them feed eagles where I saw magnificent eagles dive for the waters and snatch up fish like it was nothing, and later to Pulau Beras Basah where hubby and me made the ocean as our playground.. he cut his foot on the jagged rocks tho, cian sayang.. hehehe.. 

To end the day on February 1, the day when the witnesses say, SAH at Masjid Sultan Badlishah, UUM during our akad nikah ceremony 2 years ago, we had a candlelight dinner on the porch of our hotel room.. it was nice, the hotel was able to set the ambience and I had a great time talking and laughing with the love of my life.. :)

On our last day in Langkawi, we went to Gunung Mat Cincang and rode the SkyCab 700 meters above sea level.. there were a lot of people even though we got there as early as 9.30am.. we missed our breakfast so once we got to the top, we got our breakfast, Maggi Hot Cup.. hahaha.. it was a nice experience, eating the hot maggi while being pounded by the forceful sea wind.. hahaha

The view was as spectacular as I remembered it 4 years ago.. the cable bridge yang goyang-goyang tu was closed due to maintenance so I didn't have the opportunity to go there.. but I had a nice time there, spending it with my hubby, mum and dad.. after the trip, we went to find lunch, shop for chocolates and when back home..

And there you have it, my first 2015 update.. hope you had a good read.. I look forward to blog my Enactus World Cup experience to Beijing last year and perhaps will do so soon.. but till then, have a nice day, stay positive and be heard for your awesomeness.. if you don't love yourself, how will others learn to love you? ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

single vs married

Mood : inspired

Assalamualaikum & hello!

I just remembered I promised to blog about this topic to a blog reader of mine about a year ago, after I ended my "singlehood". I never actually got to the posting part so here I am sharing my 25 years of singlehood vs my 20 months of married life. :D if you are married, you might relate to some of the changes but again, it's just me sharing from my experience.. hehe

1. Time Management

When I was single, I didn't really have to plan my time, especially my daily time and I can do anything I wanted.. if I wanted to hang out with my friends after class, I'd just go and hang out with them without having to report to anyone.. I can follow my own time without having to think or work my schedule around someone else's and compromising what I wanted to do..

but once I became a Mrs, I had to compromise and plan my time and schedule so I can match my husbands.. if he plans to do something next week, I would need to include or change my initial plan to match his.. if we had 2 wedding invitations from our friends, we'd have to plan to go to which ones first and so on and so forth.. if I wanted to do something, I'd have to get his consent and if I'm lucky, he'd let me go alone..

2. Reporting

When I was single, I didn't have to report my whereabouts to anyone.. I come and go as I please and no one had to worry who I was with and where I was (coz I'd be in UUM, kecik ja pun.. LOL) I can hang out with whoever I wanted whenever I wanted,  well, except if I go out at night, I would inform my mum before I leave home..

Once I married, I had to ask for my husband's permission before I go out.. I can't just leave home without my husband knowing where I'm going and who I'd be with.. I have to let him know my daily whereabouts, except from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, since he knows I'll be at work.. I have to report my whereabouts and inform him when I leave point A and arrive at point B.. I don't blame him for worrying, I worry a lot about him too, especially when he's out riding his motorbike.. 

3. Cooking & Cleaning

Being single means I rarely (almost never) cook at home.. like seriously.. when I was studying, I didn't stay in hostel, I stayed at home with my mum since we lived on campus.. it's just more convenient for me, plus I had my Hot Red (my kancil car which is red in colour, hence the name) which made it easy for me to commute to class.. I would eat breakfast & lunch at the cafe and when I came home, mum would have cooked up something for dinner.. as for the cleaning, I sometimes help to sweep the floor, arrange stuff and made sure the house doesn't look too messy, take out the garbage when it's too smelly, stuff like that.. I would clean, I think 1 or 2 times a week.. hahaha

Once I married, I am in charge of the whole house! OMG, it means the cleaning of ever nook and cranny of every room, throw out garbage, do the dishes, do the laundry, EVERYTHING.. hubby helps out once in a blue moon, but he does all the heavy lifting and assembly of our IKEA furniture, putting up the blinds in the wet kitchen, bring up the groceries (we live on the 5th floor without elevators/lifts) so I think it's an okay deal.. but of course I would love to get more help tho..

4. Driving

Being single and owning a car (it's my mum's but I drove it so it's mine la, kan?) I drove myself everywhere.. to class, to meetings, to shopping, to dining, to everywhere lah.. even if I went out with my mum, I'd be driving instead of her.. oh did I mention I am a 'gila steering' person?

Once married, my husband drives me everywhere.. if we planned to go to Sunway Pyramid, he'd be the driver, if we planned to go to my friends wedding in Kuantan, he'd be the driver, if we wanted to go buy groceries, he'd be the driver.. the only exception for me to drive is when I commute to work and when he's not feeling well, other than that, he'd be the person behind the steering wheel.. I have no complaints on this arrangement.. :D

5. Buying Clothing

When I was single, if I liked something I see and it fits just nice and flatters my body, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.. as long as it didn't hurt my wallet too much la.. I didn't have to consult with anyone, I mean it's my money after all, right? so I can spend it on anything I wanted.. ;)

Being married to my husband means he has the rights to agree or disagree with the clothing choices I make.. I admit, even though I am a Muslim, I don't previously dress like a good Muslim.. I loved to show my curves and didn't cover my aurah properly.. but now since hubby would be getting my 'saham dosa' he definitely gets a say when I choose my dress or blouse.. if I like a design, I'd ask for his opinion.. now if I go shopping, he'll have to come with me so I don't buy things he won't allow me to wear later.. clever eh? 

6. Spending Money

I was lucky enough to receive education fund from Yayasan Bank Rakyat so each semester I have about RM4k+- to spend after deduction for university fee payment.. I never actually cared to save, all I did was spend spend spend.. the first time I got the backdated payment for the previous 3 semesters, I had almost 9k in my bank account, to which I freaked out with excitement and I bought myself a RM2k phone and a RM700 phone for a friend.. and the money kept drizzling out till the end of the semester, I was left with RM300.. I have no idea where the money went but I couldn't care less.. hahaha, so bad, Najmi!

you would always think that the shared money from a marriage would be managed by the wife, but not in my case.. haha.. my husband is the best money manager I know.. the first 3 months of our marriage was not easy, we had to save a lot, going to work by motorcycle, eating at home, not buying anything we don't need, stuff like that.. my husband helps to make sure we don't overspend on anything and to save as much as we can from our salary so that we can have a better life in the future.. frankly I am thankful he is the opposite of me.. hahaha..

but all in all, I am happy being married to my husband, my best friend.. despite the arguments we have sometimes, I would always find things about him that makes me love him more and more.. it's safe to say that I fall in love with him everyday.. the only thing on my daily to-do list is to make him happy and I hope I have delivered it.. if not, then I guess I'll have to work harder, in sya Allah.. :) 

my advise to those who aren't married yet, don't rush it.. don't rush to get married just because you're jealous of your friends, just because you're pressured by your family, just because you want a child.. the one thing you don't want is to marry the wrong person, to spend the rest of your life with the person who you can live without, who doesn't make you feel special.. it's not wrong to marry late, just remember to marry the person you can't live without because your marriage is a responsibility, not a joy ride.. there will always be some ups and downs, but who your spouse is can make you enjoy or regret the ride.. all in all, I wish you all the best in finding your soul mate, cause you deserve great things in life.. :)


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