Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's a first time for everything - photoshoot

Mood : excited!

Assalamualaikum and hellowww Earthlings!.. wohoooo!~ =D yes2, I know what time it is, don't ask why I'm so hyper.. and nooooooo, I did not eat chocolates this late in the night to get sugar rush ftw.. hahaha..

back to the reason of this post..I was invited by a friend for a photoshoot a few days back.. it was somewhat out of the blue and short notice so I wasn't really fully prepared, hence the weird dress choice ftw.. (=_=;; so anyway, I'm not a professional model by far, not even close to an amateur model, I'm the suka suki model lah.. haha.. so this is my actually first time involved in a photoshoot by a professional photographer, BEN | Photography.. I really have no idea how to pose and my friend was like, "just be yourself and do any pose.. I'm just here to capture it.." I was like, "what?" LOL.. super effin blur.. hahaha.. but he did give me pointers as to how to stand, which leg goes in front, lean my body on which side, etc. so that was cool for a super duper noob like me.. LOL~

so without further ado, here are some pictures of my epic failed attempt to be a model, uploaded by my friend, Mr Ben!.. wheee!~ =D don't burn your eyes tho, viewer discretion is advised.. in case of emergency, please have a bucket next to you as I am not responsible for any vomiting on your part ftw.. hahaha.. =P


all pictures belongs to my friend, Mr Ben and his company.. I was just there to try and experience the life of a model, not near enough to amateur.. but hey, like my title said, there's a first time to everything.. I had fun in the photoshoot and my friend is a really great photographer and all the pictures turned out great, despite my epic failed pose ftw.. hahaha.. and believe me, being a model, it's not as easy as it seems.. the different poses you have to think up of, the cameras you have to act in front of (I had 2 photographers with me), the people watching you, the sweat (lots of tissues required ftw!), the expectations, the dirt.. hahaha.. yeah, it's harder than it seems but it was fun.. you guys should give it a try, like, seriously!.. ^^ err, but don't follow me, I think I suck as a model.. hahaha

if any of you are in the Northern region, Jitra, Alor Setar, Changlun, Sungai Petani, Penang, etc. and would like to acquire the expertise of my friend and his company, you can check out his website BEN | Photography or even his Facebook page to directly ask about his packages.. don't worry, he doesn't bite.. at least I don't think so.. LOL..

so that's it for today.. wheeee!~ now to make myself busy with ducks and chickens!~ and dream of ice cream and chocolates while drinking 100plus!~ wohoooo!~ =D

okay, I'm irritated with myself, it must be the lack of sleep.. so, good night beautiful people!~ (^^,)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the floating balloon

Mood : empty

have you ever liked someone, to the point you thought he or she is your soul mate, the other half of your heart, the person to fill the space between your fingers, the person you want to spend your golden days with?.. every smile, laugh, smell, simple gestures, or annoying habits that the person does can fill your memories with happiness and make all the bad things in life seem to disappear?.. have you ever felt that?.. and you would always what to see him/her every day, if possible you don't want to leave his/her side?.. his/her joy is your joy, his/her sadness is your sadness.. you wish to give him/her everything you have, even though you don't have much..

but then you realized, that the person wasn't that into you, and does not share the same feelings that you have.. you're just the passing wind that was there to blow his/her kite so he/she could fly higher and eventually leave you.. sigh~

yeah, it sucks when that happens.. but hey, when life throws you off your horse, dust the dirt from your pants and get back on that horse.. yes, I know, the fall will hurt like hell, but hey, at least you know you won't make the same mistake again, am I right?.. (^^,) well, that is easier said than done, actually.. whatever it is, good luck to everyone who has this problem.. you can overcome this!.. jia you!! (^^,)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Mood : full

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome blog readers!.. wassups?.. I just finished eating dinner and now happily in front of the tv watching Fairly Legal on DIVA Universal.. it's an awesome show, btw, one of my favs.. coz, well, when I was younger, I aspired to be a lawyer.. true, Kate Reed is not a lawyer in that story, but she once was.. her job as a mediator is kinda cool too, and I love her super high confidence level and sense of humour!.. *admiration* (^^,) when I told my mum I wanted to be a lawyer, she said, 'find another profession..' so yeah, here I am in UUM, taking Bachelor of Entrepreneurship for 4 years.. (-__-;; but I still find law people fascinating, and have high brain capacity to memorize all the laws and sections.. you guys rock! =D

so anyway, on 29th May, one of my best friend my age from high school got married, so I went to her wedding in Jitra.. she and her younger sister got married on the same day so it's a 2 bride wedding.. the reception was quite grand and all, with silat show and even a DJ.. the 'pelamin' was set beautifully with great lighting and nicely made bedroom decor.. being a big wedding and all, they hired photographers and videographers to capture their happiness, you know, if that was even possible.. haha..

now you might wonder, what does this have to do with stalkers?.. wait haa, I'm coming to that.. huahuahua.. I arrived to her house around 2pm, there was a silat performance and the brides and bridegrooms were there eating at 'makan beradab'.. so of course there were many people who crowded the place to watch the performance, as well as the hired photographers.. when I walked up the driveway in my heels, I saw one of the photographer there with his big D90 shooting away, and for a glimpse second, I saw him look at me.. minding my own business, I walked around and said hi to my friend..

I never actually saw the photographer much after that, but apparently he stalked me and snap pictures.. see em to believe em! =D

I just got there, this is the first stalker photo from the photographer, Mr Ben.. I think I was trying to find my friend at this time..

then when my friend was on the pelamin, I was there to snap pictures of em, and he snapped pictures on me.. hahaha.. talk about stalking.. ^^

after a while, a girl will notice when the camera is pointed at her, so did I..

I was watching the bride greeting her friends and family who came to the wedding, and he snapped this stalker mode photo.. my cheeks are super chubby.. sigh~

so after that, I just posed for the camera and made friends with Mr Ben, hence why I have a copy of these pictures to share with you.. haha! =D

and don't have weird thoughts, this is in my friends bedroom, and they were doing a photoshoot with the photog.. I was just there to bother them and the photog ended up capturing this photo of me while they were taking a break.. hahaha..

all in all, having a stalker who is a professional photographers isn't that bad.. but I wouldn't say the same for other stalkers tho.. did you know that Facebook is the No. 1 place where stalkers hang and dish the dirt about you?.. so my advise, don't reveal too much, friends can turn into enemies, and when that happen, it's not going to be pretty as all your secrets can come out.. so, be careful on Facebook ya pretty peeps?.. ^^


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