Saturday, August 28, 2010

molested in the month of Ramadan!

Mood : sore throat

Assalamualaikum and good day awesome peeps!.. controversial title, don't you think?.. well, there is a reason for the tittle, so read on to know about that..

but first, I would like to thank a million thanks to the committee members of SIFE UUM Exposition 2010 :- Dawson, Yi Chin, Yinhui, KC, Aevin, Aaron, Venus, Priya, Man, Jettroo, Kelvin, Amin, Nabil, Yee Xi and all SIFE UUM members who helped.. as the Project Director, I was happy beyond words when the event successfully ended last Saturday, 26th August 2010.. SIFE UUM with the collaboration of CEDI UUM has given away the Champion trophy, medals and RM1000 to the Champion team, Dutch & Dutchess.. CONGRATULATIONS! (^^,) and also congrats to the other 10 competing teams, everyone was AWESOME!.. the program wouldn't be successful without all of you!.. I'll post pictures and blog about it later, once I have them piccies in mah hands!.. wheeee!!~~ =D

okay, now on to the controversial title of this blog post.. currently, it is the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims where we fast during the day, which means no food or drinks from break of dawn till sundown.. not just that, we should also take care of our manners and behaviour during this holy month, no bad mouthing, no cursing, and obviously, NO PORN.. but sadly, not all Muslims can restrain from doing bad things, even though the devils are bound and caged.. hence, the molestation! (>~<)

since last week, I have been molested by blog readers, who come to my blog, 'My Great Life', in search of NAKED GAY GUYS AND RELATED STUFF.. what the duck right?.. the tittle of my blog isn't 'Naked Gay Guys', so what are them gay people doing in my blog??.. It's not like I post gay stuff frequently but somehow, that is what leads them to this awesome blog of mine.. pftttt!.. it's vile I tell you!.. feels like I have to clean my blog from them germs.. from Nuffnangs Analytics, I give you the main keywords that lead people to this blog.. see the top 5 keywords..

and what's up with the 'anak ikan'?.. are gays in Malaysia really that desperate?.. it's bad enough that the male population is decreasing, now they want to find more males to turn into gays and sissies?.. what the duck??.. haishhhhhhh.. stop molesting me and my blog la, it's the month of Ramadan, please REPENT.. it'll do you more good than harm.. it's only the 18th day of Ramadan, you still have a couple of days to go before the holy month ends..

so there you have it, the molestation of me and my blog.. don't let it happen again, please?.. thank you..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

the cravings of a fasting person

Mood : craving

Assalamualaikum awesome peeps!.. it's now day 11 of the fasting month of Ramadan.. and for some weird reason, I am craving this.....
blueberry cheesecake!!

and guess what??.. my mum said I can go buy it at Secret Recipe later in Jitra for berbuka puasa!.. muahahahahaha!~~ jealous much?..

okay, that's all I wanted to say.. (^^,)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

random night post

Mood : Hungry

it's the 9th day of Ramadan.. time is flashing by so fast.. I'm a bit worried, lots of things to do, not enough time to do it.. hurmmm..

but what ever it is, I just want to go to this place and eat this.. pretty please?..
someone 'belanja' me to go pizzahut?.. I wanttttttt~~~ (T^T)

and I also want to wear like this again..
but sadly, I don't have an event that allows me to wear like this in public.. if I do wear it, people would look at me weirdly.. (-__-;;

time to sleep!~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

the challenges of being ME..

Mood : Sick

Assalamualaikum and good evening dear peeps.. first and foremost, I would like to wish all the Muslims out there, Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadan and Happy Fasting!.. *(^^,) I know it's quite late to be wishing, since today is actually the 5th day of Ramadan, but heck, we have 25 more days to go!.. so who cares right?.. (^^,) and I'd also like to give a quick shout out to my Chinese friend, Yu Yinhui, for attempting to fast and actually fasted for 1 whole day!.. CONGRATULATIONS YINHUI!..

I'm pretty much sure you guys are bored with this excuse, but really, I'm really truly sorry, I have been really busy and was unable to update my blog.. been busy with student life, being a SIFEr, being a daughter, and being a friend.. fuhh, so tiring, but I enjoyed every bit of it!.. =)

I wanted to upload a whole bunch of photos for you guys to watch, the progress of my great life.. but sadly, I'm unable to since I'm only using my net book and all my photos are not in here.. hehe.. but no worries, I'll try to upload them soon on Facebook.. so for those who want to know my whereabouts, don't hesitate to add me on Facebook ya!.. just find, Najmie Kamisan.. oh, and please inform me if you're my blog reader.. thanks!

anyway, here's a picture of me at DYMM Panglima Besar Tuanku Puteri Intan Syafinaz, the daughter of Sultan Kedahs birthday.. yeah, I can't upload the picture I took with her yet, have to mark it first.. but do enjoy these!.. =P

me with my youngest sister, Wahida..

what I wore for the dinner event..

it's not that much, but it's something, right?.. and here are some random pictures of me, copied from my Facebook site.. these pictures were mostly from other peoples camera lenses.. so, thanks for the pictures everyone! =)

celebrating Venus and Irene's birthday at Lakeview Bistro, UUM..

the trip to Gua Kelam with fellow SIFErs, Yi Chin, Dawson, Aaron and Aevin..

SIFE UUM Innovation in Entrepreneurship Seminar 2010, where I was the Master of Ceremony, hence the papers in my hand..

Perlis Endurance Challenge 2010, with the avid horse lovers and crew members!

SIFE UUM National Exposition 2010 presentation during SIFE Information Day..

Najmie Kamisan, proud presenter for SIFE UUM!

there are more, but I'm so lazy to load them all here.. just add me on Facebook and you can see all them pictures till you puke your guts out!.. hahahaha..

ugh, talking about puke, I nearly lost my 3rd day of fasting due to an outreach programme under SIFE UUM.. long story short, I nearly vomited from the bad smell of 3 week old fish gravy covered with maggots and worms.. yuck! (>w<) the family that we helped were old people living alone in a secluded area and was recently attacked with food poisoning.. when we saw the kitchen, we knew why, hence the outreach programme..

and due to this project, I am now suffering from slight flu and fever, coughing, sore throat, a runny nose and a backache due to extensive cleaning and exposure to polluted air.. so yeah.. I'm sick.. I didn't go to class for the whole day.. but I did go to the clinic and got myself a medical leave for today.. hope I recover fast.. uhukuhuk~

pray for my health ya awesome peeps!.. and you guys should also take care of yourself.. it's the flu season, so drink lots of water during sahur and bathe in cool water before 5pm.. Insyaallah you'll be fine..

alright, I'm off.. got to get ready to give a team briefing tonight to people who want to be RM1000 richer from SIFE UUM Exposition 2010.. oh, and also breaking my fast, or Iftaar with my fellow SIFErs and committee members.. so, LATER AWESOME PEEPS~~ (^^,)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the awesomeness of my life that doesn't seem to stop! =D

Mood : hyped!

Assalamualaikum awesome peeps, good evening!.. wow, it's been a while since I updated.. been so freaking busy, that my blog has been neglected.. so pity dear blog.. ='( don't worry, I'm here to make up for lost time.. I'll share with you guys on my experience on being a DJ for UUMs very own radio,

it was never my dream to become a DJ, I just liked to talk.. I can talk and talk nonstop, especially if there's a microphone in my hand.. =DD so what better why to train yourself to talk other than being a DJ, am I right?.. (^^,)

I was lucky to join the DJ Audition which was done early this semester by the broadcasting club in UUM.. I was a bit nervous during the audition, but Alhamdulillah, I made it trough!.. so now, meet your very own, DJ AMY from - Informasi Minda Anda!

okay fine, I look a bit chubby, so what?..
it's still CUTE!!
bahahahaha~ perasan lah kau najmie.. =P

these pictures were taken on my first day as DJ on the radio, for the Culture and Language slot.. truthfully, I was nervous as hell before I went online, but calmed myself down with songs and blab and blab non stop!.. hahaha.. being a DJ is cool and awesome!~~ =DD

my work station, in front of a laptop and microphone, wrapped in my shawl.. the room was freaking cold!.. ~(>_<)~

during my first On Air time, my mum was there with me to give me moral support.. thanks mum!.. hence the pictures!.. if not, there would be no picture.. hehe.. =P I have been entrusted to conduct 2 slots, 'Destination' every Monday from 2pm to 3pm, and 'Culture & Language' every Thursday from 2pm to 3 pm.. on Monday I have a co-DJ, DJ Darius Kamil from Indonesia while Thursdays are done solo.. oh oh, I forgot to tell you!.. both of my slots are in English!.. ain't it COOL?.. =D

I usually do a bit of research on topics that I want to talk about during my On Air time, so that I don't sound too cocky and stumble on my words when I speak on the mic.. but if I were unable to do early research, I can just use the computer in the room to search on the internet.. cool eh?.. =) and all the songs that I play are determined by me, which usually means, quite a handful of Korean songs.. =DD

DJ AMY in the house!!..

and guess what awesome peeps?.. you guys can listen to me LIVE! on our website,!.. just click on the Listen Now! tab at the bottom of the website and pick your choice of player, and straight away you can hear it LIVE!.. but yeah, the website is still under some maintenance, so it's still currently offline.. but the moment the website is up and running, you'll be the first to know! (^^,)

so that's it for now.. but I still have loads of interesting things to share with you guys, like:-
1) being invited to dinner from Tan Sri Nordin Kardi, ex-Vice Cansellor of UUM, who is currently living in the house in front of mine,
2) the dinner and birthday celebration of DYMM Panglima Besar Tuanku Puteri Intan Syafinaz, the daugther of the Sultan of Kedah,
3) SIFE Information Day of SIFE UUM,
3) 1 Innovation Seminar organized by SIFE UUM where I became the MC,
4) and the not forgetting the project that I'm doing, the SIFE UUM Exposition 2010, where we are giving away RM 1000 in cash prizes!! awesome ain't it??!.. =DD

so look out for future posts from me ya!.. later awesome peeps!! (^^,)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

40km on a horse, are you up to it?..

Mood : beyond happy!

Assalamualaikum and good day awesome peeps!.. looks like my blog has been collecting dust, again.. so I'm here to do some cleaning, hence an UPDATE!!.. wohooo!!~~ =DD this time I'll share with you my experience at Perlis Endurance Challenge 2010 recently, on 31 July 2010, where I was the crew member, helping out the UUM Equine peeps!.. wohoooo!~~

but first and foremost, a picture of me and Baja, a long lost horse, who moved from UUM Equine to Darulaman Equine.. say hi to Baja everyone!!.. (^^,)

the venue of this endurance is Chuping, Perlis, amidst the sugar cane plantation.. but the TSAB ranch was breathtaking!.. the open fields were, WOW!.. you can see the greenery there, being in the open fields and seeing horses gallop and graze freely, is just a wonderful sight.. makes you appreciate the nature more and more.. =') weii, you don't believe me??!.. here, take a look for yourself..

here's a bit of info.. UUM Equine sent 3 representatives to the endurance challenge, UUM staff members.. they have been riding since I even started, so you can imagine the level of pro-ness they possess.. (^^,) all the riders partake in the 40km track, instead of the 80km track.. perghh, imagine going 40km on a horse through the darkness of the night and the bushes of the sugar cane plantation.. scarily adventurous, don't you think?.. (^^,)

so let me introduce you guys to the riders of UUM Equine.. first up, we have Mr Roqib Chik, a staff member from YAB office, if I'm not mistaken.. he's riding an awesome but quite jumpy horse and easily startled, Desert Storm!..
next up, a staff member from UUM Equine, Mr Mohamad Bahiyuddin bin Razali, or more commonly known as Mat Naka among the horse riding community.. he's riding the one and only, Time For'us, or Forus for short.. (^^,)
and last but not least, we have my trainer, Mr Wan Mohd Hafizam, or better known as Abg Wan.. hehehe.. he's riding the strong and bold, Prince!..
we also have 2 riders from Darulaman Equine, Mr Nur Helmi Yatus, riding Jenny and Dr Ray Nakamura, riding Lotto..

opss, but before the riders are sent out into the track, let's pray that everything goes well and everyone is safe.. the tracks are quite demanding for the riders as well as the horses..

and they're off!.. the riders were sent into the tracks at 5pm, both 40km and 80km were sent off at once.. some of the horse are so freaking awesome!!.. most were either Arab breed or Pinto, with spots and stuff.. very nice.. but they reminded me of cows.. =P

I saw loads of horses who had problems at the beginning of the challenge, some were even scared to cross the starting line.. a horse lost his horseshoe at the beginning of the race.. luckily the guys crew were there to help him..

after all the riders were on their way, the other peeps in the crew which consists of me and some UUM Equine Club members and Equine Ko-K, had nothing much to do.. so we wondered around the area and bumped into fascinating creatures.. for example, meet Rocky!.. (^^,)
he belongs to the ranch, and is a very playful and friendly puppy.. you can go and stick out your hand and he'll place him paw on yours, then lick it.. hehehe.. super nice doggy.. too bad I can't touch you.. don't want to have to cleanse myself with dirt water.. 1 experience is enough please.. (^^,)

I also met a lonely horse, locked in his stable while his friends were out cantering in the fields.. most likely he didn't pass the vet check, since all horses must be checked by the vets to ensure that they are fit to enter the endurance.. hey, we can't send sick horses into the sugar cane fields, it's dangerous for the horse and the rider..

anyway, if I'm not mistaken, his name is Masterchaff.. I don't know who the owner is tho, but the horsey looked really sad.. so I comforted him and persuaded him to smile.. hey, there's always a next time dear!.. (^^,)

I also saw more horses along the way, inside the paddocks where they roam free.. I found 3 horses who looked like they were glued to each other!.. kind of cute tho.. hehehe.. the picture was already nice, but I wanted to edit it a bit, or a lot.. hehe.. now it just looks weird.. =P like unicorns coming out from the forest of mystery.. =P
they stuck really close to each other.. must be from the same owner then..
and I also saw some dudes with killer lenses!.. abang, nak pinjam kamera boleh?.. =P

by the time we finished walking around, the 1st round of peeps were coming in from 20km worth of journey!.. giler!.. my trainer, Abg Wan was the first to arrive, followed by Abg Roqib and Mat Naka.. so you can imagine how fast they were riding, 1 hour and 20 minutes for the length of 20km.. giler!~~

so this is where the crew comes in.. after 20 minutes, each horse must go for a vet check to determine the health condition of the horse after the 20km track.. the vets check the heart rate of the horse, where it must not be higher than 56beats per minute and the horse must not have any injury, to qualify it to continue for the next 20km.. so the crew must cool down the horse by bathing it in regular and ice water, to ensure that the heart rate goes down..
Mat Naka, checking Forus's heart rate..

but the thing you must know is, we CAN NOT wash the back of the horse, as it acts as an engine to the horse.. if you pour water on a heated car engine, the car will break down.. the same thing applies to horses, don't wash the back of the horse after a long and hard ride or the horse will get cramps and can't move.. simple as that..

so the cooling crew will wash and bathe the horse to make the heart rate drop to below than 56.. sadly, out of the 3 horses that represented UUM, only 1 horse made it through to the next round, Abg Wan and Prince.. Abg Roqibs horse, Storm, had a very high heart rate due to its jumpiness and nervousness making it unfit to continue, whereas Mat Nakas horse, Forus did not make it due to a foot injury from stumbling during the challenge..

everyone was pretty devastated that only 1 horse passed, but I guess it wasn't the time for us to shine.. we just had to hope for the best for Abg Wan and Prince, as they head out for the 2nd loop, another 20km in the dark.. and what do you know, lull and behold,


wohooooo!~~ it seems that the other riders from other equine clubs looked down on UUM Equine coz our horses are not Arabian Breeds, we're just Thoroughbred.. they said we didn't stand a chance to win, since majority of the horse are Arabian, which is said to be the strongest breed there is.. well, we showed them huh?.. hehehe..

since it was Abg Wan who won the challenge with Prince, we decided to congratulate him with a dip in the icy waters!.. Abg Roqib, Abg Mie, Abg Saiful and Mat Naka planned among themselves and splashed Abg Wan in the waters with no mercy.. poor Abg Wan!.. hahaha.. he was soaking wet, dripping with cold icy waters, shivering from head to toe.. talk about brain freeze! =DD

all in all, I really enjoyed my time there at the ranch, even tho it was just for a few hours.. I arrived at 4.50pm, I left at 1.30am.. I learned a lot there, and I can't wait to partake in an endurance challenge one day.. so I must start training from now on, and increase my stamina to the max.. wheee!~~ =D

horse riding has always been my passion, and it will always be, insyaallah.. (^^,)


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