Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OMG, not again!

Mood : busy

weih, apasal asyik busy ja nih?..
budget macam PM ja nak busy2 kan?..
erm, truth be told, I'm really nervous..
I'm gonna be the MC for MEALCON this Friday and Saturday..
and get this, Dato Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir will be there..
I'll be MC-ing in a program where a deputy minister will be there..
really adding to the nervousness..
but it's kinda great that I'll be MC-ing in English, plus there's another person being miserable with me, Mr Aevin!!..
there's 2 MC, so it seems more awesome..
oh, I like the word, AWESOME..
this is what happens when you give a girl who loves the mic to be MC..

despite being busy, I still had a life, but not that much..
went out and met people and stuff..
I also went for horse riding classes around 5pm on most days..
anyway last week, I saw an dear old friend..
really missed talking to him and we chatted like there was no tomorrow!
ok, tipu, kejap ja pun jumpa..
met him coz it was his birthday..
kesian, awek dok Pahang, takleh nak dating eh?..

happy 22nd birthday budak senget Amet!!!

muahahahaha, dah tua weih!

cettt, padahal diri sendiri pun nak masuk 22 dah bulan 4 nih..

alright, I'm off to being busy again..


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Mood : busy

I have been at Genting Highlands since Friday afternoon till Sunday evening..
what did I do there?..
jeng jeng jeng..
will update on that later..
however, you awesome people are free to guess..
but as of now, I'm super extremely busy..
lots to be done and finalize..
plus my laptop is in surgery after eating too much sugar..
bad laptop!
so I'll be laptop-less these few days..
am updating from my sisters laptop now..

oh gosh, I need to bathe!
class at 11 am till 4.30 pm..
see, I told you I'm super extremely busy..
cett, padahal boleh ja update blog..

anyway, here's a pic from Genting..
I rode it for free..
will update later..

okies, I'm off..
adios mi amore!
shining star~~

Friday, January 15, 2010

Blog A Trend - Future of Personalization

Mood : contemplating

yesterday is the past..
today is the present..
tomorrow is the future..
the future of technology..
it is quite customary to assume that future means better things..
better products, better quality, better services, etc..
so tell me, what future do you see for your everyday technology?..

for me, I see the future of personalization..
there's two category, and the first one is computers..
come on, who here can live without the technology of computers?..
who, tell me who?..
I for one, cannot live without it..
computers make life easier..
for a student like me, typing assignments on computer is way easier and less time consuming compared to writing it down on a piece of paper..
all mistakes and grammatical errors can be fixed easily..
need to go online?..
no problem!..
connect to the internet via computer..
easy, am I right?..

you must be thinking, where am I going with all this?..
well, I bet everyone here must have a desktop or a laptop at home, at least one set..
some are bulky and some are small..
some are light and some are heavy..
and for students or professionals who are always on the go, you would need to bring your laptop everywhere with you, right?..
so I want to ask you awesome people this..
what if a new kind computer is introduced to your daily life?..
a computer that is easy and light to carry around, that is not space consuming and is trendy as well..
would you be interested?..

lull and behold, the future of computers and personalization..
Google in Goggles!..

it may seam like a harmless pair of glasses, but it's way advance then that!
a holographic screen from the center of the glasses acts as the computer screen, making it less space consuming compared to an LCD screen..
the glasses also has filters that protects your eyes from harmful UV's..
plus you can adjust the distance of the holographic screen from your face, according to your preference..
so where's the keyboard?..
pull out a small folded pen at the steam of the glasses, and walla, a holographic keyboard similar to that of a laptops, complete with track pad appears..
wanna watch a movie, so how about the sounds?..
a built in speaker near your ears covers that up nicely..
no need to bring bulky speakers everywhere you go..
it's hassle free!

hey, it's a neat gadget, am I right?..
with this, you have no more needs of space consuming laptops or desktops..
just bring this out, and you'll be set for the future..
so who's gonna invent this product?..
coz I'm gonna buy this for sure!

the second category is everyday electrical appliance, that can be the future of personalization..
remember in my previous post I mentioned about teleportation?..
well, let's assume that we have finally figured out how the awesome thing works, and we can use it in our lives now..
so I've come out with a product that can benefit families and homes..

a smart refrigerator a.k.a. Smart Fridge (SF)

what makes is a Smart Fridge (SF)?..
it can read and analyze the usually food items you consume and calculate your consumption pattern..
it then analyze the frequency of certain food item purchase and logs it down..
for example, your family drinks milk everyday and you purchase milk from the store every 2 days..
the SF will then log down your data..
it seems like a not so special fridge right?..

well, here's the best feature of this item..
let's say you're almost out of milk and is unable to go out and buy the milk..
the SF who have got your information, will purchase the milk for you..
by teleportation of course!
the SF is linked with a store that does groceries teleportation..
so it will request and buy the items you need for you and the items will be teleportated into your SF..
the bills will then be credited into your SF account..
simple as that!
no more fuel wastage to go to the store and buy the things..
you can just do it from your SF..
if you want to buy other food items that are not previously used, you can just order from the store via SF..
just key in the items you want and the SF will purchase it for you..
isn't that great?
plus, the SF has an added feature, which allows you to put notes on the fridge..
pull out the pen and write on the screen, as simple as that..

and these are just some of my ideas..
I have others, but I don't know how to pen them down..
these items aren't available in the market yet, but who knows what the future holds, right?..
what makes it amazing is, the future has no boundaries..
it can go on and on, the way you want it to be..

so what kind of personalized future do you have in mind?..
care to share?..
shining star~~

Monday, January 11, 2010

kasih tidak dibalas..

Mood : (-__-;;

aku sayang kau..
aku jaga kau..
aku bagi kau makan..
aku bagi kau minum..
aku kemas rumah kau..
aku mandikan kau..
aku bersihkan kau..
tapi apa kau buat kat aku?..
kau pijak kaki aku..
mentang2 la kau ada 4 kaki, aku ada 2 ja..
ok, fine..
kita cerai!!

kesian tak kat aku?..
shining star~~

Saturday, January 9, 2010

can you answer this question for me?

Mood : psych!

my horse riding class update..
weih, I can canter now!!!
harus lah aku bangga kan, aku dah boleh naik kuda sambil dia lari laju-laju, just in my 4th class plak tuh..
oh, sumpah best gila..
feels like you're flying, while guiding the horse with your body..
I finally can canter last week, on Wednesday..
and I haven't been to the stables since Thursday due to rainy evenings and being busy..
I so miss my horse, Martina, and I can't wait to see and ride her again..

will see you at 5pm today sayang!!

and my other student life update..
I am now group leader for several classes including Public Speaking and Entrepreneurial Finance..
and am currently holding the position of Vice President for my co-k activity, Leadership..
and will be currently busy with MEALCON, a program under SIFE UUM and CEDI which will be on 29th and 30th January 2010..
will update about this awesome event soon..
oh oh, I'm even trying to get Johor Corporation to sponsor KFC or Pizzahut for MEALCON dinner..
hope it all works out..

for my Event Management class, the whole class will have to plan and manage our own event..
and I'm thinking of doing an event related to horses..

so a question..

if you are a student in UUM,
would you be interested in joining an event where you pay RM10 for admission - learning things like horse riding safety, grooming a horse, horse care, etc- but also be in the running to win a free 8 session horse riding class worth RM 150?..

what do you think?..
will you be interested?..
be honest k, I really want to know your opinion..
shining star~~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

the power of.......

Mood : different

do you know what is the most amazing power we have as humans?..
something that can effect our lives, while also effecting others?..
it's just a small power that we sometimes neglect to be thankful for, yet without this power, we can't live our life normally..
what is this amazing power?..
it's the power of choices

we make choices everyday, from small to big things..
wear blue or green today?..
car or bus?..
buy or sell?..
love or hate?..
sad or happy?..

dedicated to Shah..
I didn't forget you, but I choose to keep quiet..

previously, I had a few problems that made me emotional and I expressed it here..
it made people feel depressed knowing that I am depressed, and it made some mad at the little things I take to heart..
others were just confused..
my point here is,
I chose to be depressed, previously..
sulking, crying, wondering what I did wrong..
but in truth, I could just choose to be happy..
not for the misfortune that came over me, but the thoughts that, even though I had this problem, I still have others supporting me, giving me strength to carry on..
encouraging me to smile and be positive again..
and I am very thankful for that..

I'd like to say thanks to everyone who commented in my previous post..
click their name to go to their blog..
just so you know, I'm not romantically involve with anyone, but I do have issues that I have to deal with..
I'm just waiting for a message or a call that never came..
but nevermind, not everyone likes us and wants to be friends with us..
hey, at least I tried to make amends..
I hope wherever you are, I sincerely wish you all the best..
you deserve that..

now to focus on the days ahead..
I want to change my life, and the vibes around me..
it's been attracting too much negativity, and it's suffocating me..
therefore, as of now, with you awesome people as my witness,

because happiness is a choice..
and I want to be happy..
I want to mean all my smiles and laughs..
I want to feel happy when I make others smile..
I have loads of things to be grateful for..

besides, life is short, so live it to the fullest with all the happiness you can muster..
shining star~~

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I tried, I honestly did..

Mood : ignored

I want to be happy again..
right now I'm just wearing a mask, a happy mask..
I smile and laugh when it seems to be needed..
I crack jokes and make other people smile..
when in truth, I just want to cry..
yes, I've been secretly crying these past few days, but don't tell my mum..
nah, she'll read this anyway, so who cares?

my heart isn't happy..
I feel lost, and think about weird things at times..
heh, ironic how negativity found a new friend this new year..
I want my positivity back..
I want to smile, and laugh, and MEAN IT..
I don't like to be plastic anymore..
I want to be happy..
I want to be happy, just like you..
you're happy now, aren't you?
yeah, I bet you are..

once upon a time, I was happy..
but will my happiness return tomorrow?..
or the next day?..
or the day after that?..
will I mean my every smile after this?..
we'll never know..
so much for a bright 2010 huh?..
sumpah, ironi gila!

p/s :- I tried, I honestly did.. whatever it is, whatever I did to push you away, I'm honestly sorry, from the bottom of my broken heart.. and I never told anyone about our conversation.. it's still our secret.. now it's up to you for the next step..

p/s/s :- I have always hated goodbyes.. you know that, right?..

Monday, January 4, 2010

once upon a time

Mood : contemporary

there's a story..
in everyone..
but mine is just a tad bit complicated..
care to figure me out?..


Saturday, January 2, 2010

rampaging hormones

Mood : alone

look at this picture..
this is me..
don't I look happy?..

the picture of me is lying..
I'm depressed..
yes, I'm emotional..
can't help it since I'm a woman..
whatever it is, I just want to say I'm truly sorry..
we may have different views on certain issues and things but it doesn't mean that we can't be friends..
besides, arguments always make it interesting for us..
don't you agree?..
just, find me when you forgive me..
till then......
I'll be here, depressed..

heh, good mood to start a new year huh?..

p/s :- don't ask why or who, coz I'm not telling..

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010~~ (^^,)

Mood : Juvenal

31st December 09 was a tiring day for me..
classes non-stop from 8am till 2pm..
breakfast and lunch was skipped, due to not enough time to eat..
I know, it's not good for my health, don't lecture me..
but I was also hyped, coz my 2nd horse riding class was at 5 pm..
yeah, more time to spend with Martina!
and this time, there's no leash..
just me and her, and I'm controlling the reins..
plus I was ok enough to ride in the bigger field..
walaweih, only the second class and I'm riding with the big boys and girls!

yes, my helmet was askew..
think of it as the new fashion in horse riding..

azlan, a staff in UUM was also taking lessons yesterday..
and he asked me to upload his picture..
nah, there you go!
the others are in Facebook..

he's 24..
I dunno whether to call him abg or not..
hurmm, maybe not..

and this is my instructor for the day, Abg Wan..
he's nice..
and cute..
and nice..

after all the riding, I was privileged to give Martina a bath..
more bonding time for us..
she's my horse now, means I have to take care of her..

ok, perhaps too much bonding..

for more pictures, please CLICK HERE..
all pictures are credited to my sisters, Kak Ijah and Wahida..

so back to the tittle of this post..
I would like to wish everyone here a happy 2010..
how did you guys celebrate last night at 12?..
I did the most wonderful thing imagined,
sleeping and drooling on my bed!
the last day of 2009 was a tiring but fun filled day for me..
how was your last day?..

and I would like to thank Chin Yin Tan for this quote of hers I took in Facebook..
just something I wanna share with you guys..

The year is gone but it has also made us strong.The path was long but we walked it with a song.There were fears and tears but we also had reasons for cheers.Wishing everyone happy memories of 2009 and have a wonderful 2010.

HAPPY 2010 everyone!!
shining star~~


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