Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi!

Mood : Joyful

when you hear the word WORLD, what comes to mind?..
water world?..
a round planet?..
a place we call home?..

well, if you ask me, the things that come to my mind are the things I love and cherish..
I mean, it is the place where we live in, that's for certain..
we can't live on Mars or Pluto, am I right?..
that's why everyone loves the world for the air we breathe, the water we swim in, the places we can go visit and the beautiful scenery..
but the question remains..
WHY do you PERSONALLY love the world?..

here are my answers, and I'll put all the things I love about this world in my love basket..
sure, my basket might not be pretty, but hey, beauty isn't everything..

without my family, I am nothing..
since my dad passed away when I was 12, my mom and my sisters are always there for me, whenever and where ever we are..
living in an all girls family definitely has it's perks, we all are close with each other, and we can share clothes!
I can't be who I am today if I don't have my family, that's why it's the most important thing in my love basket..

hey, why are you on Earth if you don't have some fun once in a while, am I right?..
or are you just going to work all day long and not have fun at all?..
oh my, that would be boring!
there's so many ways to have fun, and we do it everyday..
my fun would be hanging out with my family and friends at theme parks or just going shopping till I drop!

third :-
I know it's just a simple kancil car, but it's mine, making it something I love so so much..
it's not perfect, but I love it for its imperfection..
I might get other cars in the future, but Hot Red will always be my first and cherished one..

fourth :-
everyone need friends, and it just happens that I have the most quirkiest friends of all!
we hang out, throw parties and just have plain old fun together!..
this is one of the reasons why I love this world so so much..
coz like I said, we can only live on Earth, and we can only have friends on Earth..

fifth :-
my lovely horse, Martina!!
omg, I so love her!
hey, other people might have cats or dogs or fishes as pets, but I have a horse..
it might be normal for people overseas to have horses as pets, but not in Malaysia..
so, beat that!

and last but not least

sixth :-
and of course, where would I be in this world if I don't have my blog to love and cherish, am I right?..
the title is My Great Life, this is where I express and share about myself, my thoughts and opinions with others out there..
this is how I connect and have friends from other states in Malaysia, and also from other countries worldwide..
it's like I'm stepping out and seeing different sights around the world without leaving the comfort of my seat..
it's awesome!!

and that concludes the most cherished, lovable and personal things in my life..
all are inside my love basket..
my basket is green to symbolize mother nature and eco-friendliness, the pink is just me being me..
what's inside your basket?..

but the Earth as we know it, is now full of pollution, and I'm not just saying it's just in Malaysia..
it's a global phenomenon, pollution is everywhere, it's like no one cares if the Earth dies..
weih, where are we going to stay if the world cease to exists??..
but the good news is, there are some companies and corporate figures who care..
and one of them is the oh-so-famous SLOGGI!
and to prove that they are aware of the increasing pollution in the world, they have released a new line of products made from recycled materials, namely plastic bottles!
how is it possible, to turn plastic bottles into underwear and bra materials?..
beats me, but it is possible!
this really shows that Sloggi went all out on its research and development and came out with this eco-friendly line of products..
click picture to check out the website..

you have got to love sloggi and its attempt to make the world a greener and cleaner place..
and all its products are chic and comfortable, not to mention stylish..
why should you surrender nature for comfort when you can have both with Sloggi?..

Sloggi ROCKS!
shining star~~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RM 3 atau RM 3000?

Mood : gelak guleng guleng.. =DD

*trett trett*
message from Hotlink
012500XXXX has been successfully top up with RM 3 on 28-04-2010 at 08:18pm

trutt trutt... trutt trutt..

salam.. hi awak!.. thanks sebab topupkan kredit..

w'salam.. no prob!.. hehehe..

tapi awak, awat RM3 ja, bukan RM 300?.. tak baik kedekut tau.. =P

oh, tadi kite nak topup RM3000 kat awak, tapi orang kat kedai tu kata tak cukup nak masukkan kredit kat tepon awak.. dia kata ada RM 3 ja dalam henset dia.. jadi terpaksa la kite topupkan RM 3 ja kat awak.. bolah la noh.. nanti kite topup 3k kat awak..


tengok baki kredit aku, banyak kan?

Monday, April 26, 2010

what does iPhone and horses have in common?

Mood : sleepy

I have to wake up early tomorrow and study for my 2nd last final exam of the semester, Entrepreneurial Finance..
eh, tomorrow apa kejadah, pagi jap lagi lah..
my carry mark for this subject isn't that high, and I really have to strive to get an A..
it's gonna be a long day tomorrow, I mean today, preparation for Tuesdays exam..

now back to my topic, what does iPhone and horses have in common?..
it's simple..
try to figure it out..
really, cuba lah, kau kan pandai SPM dapat 18 straight A's..
the answer is simple,
I want both of them~

I suddenly have this burning urge to own an iPhone after meeting a guy who had one..
OMG, smart gila weih!!

perghh, cair coklat dalam peti ais tengok iPhone nih..
I so badly want one..
so I went on a research frenzy on Google to find the cheapest original iPhone..
and the cheapest price, is not cheap in my book..
RM1990.90 for 8GB..
uhuk uhuk~~
terbatuk tersedak wa cakap sama lu, but this definitely is on my wishlist..
I think to get a copycat version of iPhone would either be China iPhone or Malaysian CSL made, but I have no idea how much they cost..
anyone know the price?..
share please!

and I badly want to ride my horse again..
I want to feel the wind in my face as my horse, Martina trots and canter into the sunset..
I want to go horse riding again, I so fcuking miss it..
however I am unable to due to finals and lack of money to extend my classes..
have to pay RM150 first, which I currently don't have..
sangat sedih kan?..
Martina must be effin missing me..
I miss u too dear!
I'll visit you after finals, and I'll bring lots of carrots..
love you lots!..

okay, I'm off..
later awesome peeps..
wish me luck for my Entrepreneurial Finance paper this coming Tuesday..
coz I need all the luck I can get..
shining star~~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

video of UUM "tornado" tragedy

Mood : hungry

want to see why this happened?..

watch the unofficial news broadcast on site of the horror tragedy of killed kittens at the dark cave next to the mountains..
okay, I'm crapping..
watch the video for yourself to know what I'm talking about..
in spite of what people say, IGNORANCE IS NOT A BLISS!
it can kill you!
okay, I'm crapping again..
don't mind my attire for the video, aku main sauk ja apa yang senang..
make up pun tak weih, tu muka selebet..
enjoy the vid..

I'm not Karam Singh Walia, I'm cuter..
I practically was talking spontaneously, so mind the repetition..
no scripts, not fully planned, and lots of talking and walking, I was panting a bit..
penat weih, kau tahu?..
okay, kau tak tahu, kau takdak kat situ..
just me, trying to be a news broadcaster who is willing to kick branches on the road and talk weirdly on screen..
anyone want to hire me?..
okay okay, seriously, anyone want to give donations?

woi Najmie, pegi study la!!
gedik sungguh nak online..

video and pictures courtesy of Kak Ijah, mum and wahida..

okay, going to study now..
shining star~~

UUM "tornado" tragedy

Mood : sad

good evening awesome peeps..
I'm just going to cut to the chase..
it rained mad, like cats and dogs and horses around 5.15pm today, bringing lots of water and so effin more of the wind..
and that brought along devastation..
especially to my mum's Toyota Wish..

the tent in front of our house that copies as our garage fell apart and crashed our family car!
sedih dowh..
and the effects?..

broken back side window and the back windows..
it's gonna take a few thousand to fix this, being Toyota Wish spare parts are quite expensive..

check it out, my sisters can be seen right through here..
Wahida is holding a piece of window glass..

I also played around with the shard glasses, and I got pricked..
a spot of blood..
tajam dowh kaca dia..
then I licked the blood, tak baik membazir..

1 Malaysia, rakyat didahulukan..
does it mean the government is going to pay for the fixing expenses?..

this is the road to UUM VC's house..
he's my neighbour, btw, and the road to his house is blocked with 4 fallen trees..
took a while and around 10 people to remove them before night falls..

after taking care of our broken car, we took a ride in my kancil, Hot Red and went for a spin around UUM to see if anything else was effected..
and oh my, UUM sure had a makeover!
well, I have some more pictures, but I uploaded them in Facebook..
so if you want to check out how UUM looks like, [Click Here]..
and add me of FB too!

okay, I'm off, night people..
but if anyone here want to give donations for the fixing of Toyota Wish, your contribution is highly welcome..
shining star~~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hizami 234 Epy Besday Kontest

Mood : cool

it's now a few more minutes to 12am..
a few more minutes before a certain someone turns 22..
OMG, you're old now!..
well, I just want to invite you, Mr Hizami Rahim, to join the club!
coz I'm 22 too!
and to welcome you to the club, here's your invitation card..

click picture to check out the birthday boys blog..
credit goes to my sister, Feshnie for the anime..

Happy 22nd Birthday Hizami!!
may this year bring you more happiness and prosperity as the previous one did..
move forward, think positive, and you'll get what you want to achieve, insyaallah..

okay, technically, I won't go to the trouble to make this birthday card, but he's offering gifts!
well, this is a contest, of course there's gifts!
and I like free stuff!
to check out the contest, [click here]..
and you're free to join coz the contest ends this 30th April..
but between you and me, I don't know why he ends the contest after his birthday..
might as well end it on 23rd April at 11.59pm..
but then, that's my opinion..

so here's an update on MY BLOG CONTEST..
the closing date for my contest is 23rd April 2010 at 11.59pm..
there's still time to join, but hurry!
to find out more about my contest, [Click Here]..
good luck everyone!
shining star~~

apa yang perlu dilakukan jika anda rindu?

pergh gila skema ayat aku..

Mood : rindu

saja aku nak bagitau, perasaan rindu aku yang membuak-buak..
aku nak pergi satu tempat nih..
yang aku tak kunjung sejak May tahun lepas..
nak dekat setahun dah siot, bapak lama..
aku rindu nih..
nak pegi......
Genting Theme Park!
11 May 2009
pergh, lama gila..

jom pegi main!
yay, dah pegi London!
pusing pusing dan terbang!
nampak tak tangan aku baju merah tengah terbang kat depan tu?
bagi makan ikan!

okay, tu saja..
kalau kau nak pegi Genting, ajak aku..
tapi tolong support skali eh?..

okay, fokus-fokus..
study lah weih najmie!

eh jap, aku belum jawab soalan aku?..
apa yang perlu dilakukan jika rindu?..
tengok gambar lama-lama pastu berangan pegi Genting..


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a day out with the ladies..

Mood : studying, not blogging *lolzz*

hey ho awesome peeps!..
what have you guys been doing today?..
bungee jumping?..
sky diving?..
crocodile hunting?..
pftt, what a boring life you guys have!..
so welcome to my world..
I've just been home, in front of my laptop, sometimes watching tv, and studying in between..
it's so cool to be me..

anyway, yesterday my mum, sis and me went shopping at C-Mart, Changloon..
so what better reason to camwhore, am I right?..
okay, technically I'm not supposed to take pictures in the supermarket, but no one stopped me, so I'm guessing they changed the rule and allowed me..

green shopping..
hey, it's good for digestion and slimming purposes..

mum and me reading labels on yogurt drinks..
did you know that when they say, 0% fat, they increase the level of sugar in the drink?..
so make sure you read the labels before buying..

me messing around with a very large and red pepper..
no worries, I didn't leave any teeth marks..

loading things off the cart onto the cashier place..
onions, potatoes, lots of greens and some yogurt drinks..

OMG, a cheat item!
it's almond chocolate fudge ice cream!

C-Mart is going green!
errr, but not fully green..
still lots of plastic usage, but I can see a little effort done by the management..

my sis Kak Ijah loading items into the cart..

this is when I noticed the Celcom and Maxis shop next door to each other..
talk about stiff competition!

I didn't have breakfast yet when we went shopping, so we made a short stop at Fairy bakery on our way out..
mine is the one in plastic, crab bread or something..
before this I would buy at least 3 different kinds of bread but I've been in control for a while, and I'm beginning to like it..
hey, I lost 3kg, I don't want to gain them back!

the girl here told me I couldn't take pictures in the bakery, and I said, it's okay, she's taking pictures of me, not the store..
then she smiled..
I don't know if she took it well or not..
all the 4 food items cost RM7, cheap or expensive?..

alright, that's all I want to share today..
later awesome peeps!
shining star~~

My saddest story regarding money..

Mood : memory lane

Khairi's second novel, "Cinta di Alam Maya" sucks coz it's too scary.. it's better if it was a sad story like this..
okay, it's not fully a sad story, it's mixed with anger a bit..
read to know..


the year was 2001, I was young, about 13 years old, and was very active in Taekwondo club..
so active that I was picked as the Treasurer of the club, collecting money from the club members to throw a small get together and some eating among us members at the end of the year..
all the money I've collected were then kept in this owl bank..

hey, I was young, can't I have an animal for a bank?..
I was so happy to hold a position, to do something of importance..
every time I collected money, I'd run home happily and place it in my owl bank..
it's filling up quite fast..
till one day.......
it was a hot day..
I returned home..
everything at school was great..
my maths teacher gave very little homework, and my science teacher was on sick leave..
everything was perfect..

I was cooling myself in front of the television, watching Detective Conan..
my little sister, Wahida was eating some sweets, and offered me some..
she even had some of the expensive candies..
it was quite peculiar, so I asked her, where did you get this?
she answered, from our cousin, Din..
Din lives next door to us, and he's 2 years older than Wahida..
oh, okay than, guess it's not that weird..
maybe his mother just gave him an allowance or something..
so I ate the sweets without thinking further on it..

that night, after bathing and finishing my homework, I had the sudden burning urge to check on my owl bank..
I was scared that maybe Wahida took a few ringgit since she knew I kept all the money there..
I love her and all that, but one can never be too cautious..
so I took out the owl bank from my desk..
to my surprise, it was empty!

I started panicking, where is my money?.. who the fcuk took my money?!! damn it!
*yes, I had learn to curse since I was young, the downside to having many guys as your friends*
my first suspect was of course Wahida, with all her sweets and candies..
I bombarded her with questions, with my face trying to keep in the anger but failing miserably, which eventually got her crying..
yes, I was a bad sister for doing that to her but you have to know that I was young and pissed off!..
someone fcuking stole my money!!
yelling isn't something new in that kind of situation..
mum tried to cool me down when I burst into tears..
all the money, gone..
and it's not even my money, it was other peoples money..
I collected around RM50, which in 2001 was a lot for a 13 year old kid like me to get back..
my allowance was only RM3 per day..
how was I supposed to find money to repay back till RM50??

after cooling down, I asked Wahida where she got the money to buy the candies..
she told me, Din gave it to her, around RM5..
so she used that money to buy the candies..
then I asked her again, where did Din get the money?..
she said she didn't know, he suddenly got the money after we played 'kawen-kawen' in the living room..
WTF, in this living room??
in this house??..
the living room in this house where my desk was 4 feet away??
I was so fcuking pissed!!..
now I know the culprit how stole my money..

I admit, I cursed and swear a lot that night..
a whole lot of hatred for a small kid like me..
so the next day, I went to Din and asked him, did you take my money from the owl bank?
he said no, my mum gave it to me..
don't you fcuking lie to me! I know you took it!
my face was full of anger..
Din was starting to feel timid..
he finally caved and said I did, but I didn't know it belonged to anyone..
money that didn't belong to anyone??
money kept in an owl bank on a desk and out of side didn't belong to anyone??
that was bullshit right there..
I was angry, and I took him to see his mother where I told her of what he did..
his mother, my aunt who I hate, laughed it up and said, kids, what can you do?
keep them under control la bodoh!

she brushed his action of stealing my money as juvenile and made him apologize..
and that was just it..
she didn't even pay back the RM50 her son stole from me..
he fcuking stole from me!!
what kind of mother is she?..
the fcuking screwed up kind, that's what..
I've always hated that family, hence I stay clear from them until now..

now why is it a sad story?..
because I was 13, young and full on anger, and my own cousin, stole from me, while his stupid parents did nothing about it..
that's pretty sad right there, don't you agree?..
so in the end, my mum paid the RM50, and I slowly repaid her with housework, sister sitting, doing well in exams, etc..
all because of RM50..
see, money is important..


so what's your saddest money related story?..
share it with me by joining [this contest!]
and I'd like to listen to Hizami and Judiene's sad story regarding money..
and you can even make it in Malay..
hurry, the contest ends on 1st May 2010..

good luck everyone!


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