Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my perfect imperfections


felt like blogging today.. I'm not a perfect person, I'm FAR from perfect.. I have zits and acne scars on my face, huge teeth and I laugh weird.. I talk fast when I'm nervous and I'm sarcastic, but I don't mind if you're sarcastic with me.. I'm not as sensitive or romantic like the other girls and I have more guy friends than girl friends.. I like cats and wish to adopt a tiger as my pet.. I like to talk to myself, I pretend that my phone is my boyfriend, I'm less than patient, I shout at random times and I don't like to do the dishes.. I think I'm funny but sometimes I'm really not.. my mum gets mad at me when I don't hang my clothes properly and my room isn't always tidy.. I'm not a good cook and I don't know how to make a dress like a fashion designer.. I like to waste time on the internet and stalk people on Facebook.. I love to smile and I don't always remember peoples names coz my memory isn't all that great.. I'm not skinny and I can't wear an S size dress or pants.. my thighs are huge and my stamina isn't great.. I sometimes have mood swings but you won't get to see them because I don't always show them to you.. I'm not perfect, i'm perfectly imperfect..

I know I'm lucky to have great friends and family who understands the real me, yet I feel like my life is incomplete.. I'm a lover, not a fighter.. yet I make the same mistakes in life when it comes to love.. and I'm tired, my heart is tired.. I want to forget you, forget the feelings I ever had for you, I really do.. I want my fairy tale ending, but I'm tired..

p/s : my heart is in lock down mode until I'm ready to fall in love again, or until I meet that person.. thanks.. =)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

when you're hungry...


choose wisely when it comes to eating at night, you might not be able to burn the excess calories fast enough, which of course will turn into additional fat on your tummy, thighs or butt area.. unless that was your reason for eating at night, I suggest u drink plenty of water to flush them bad calories out before you sleep ya.. but what ever it is, make good choices people! ^^

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the great thing about holiday is....

you sit at home and turn white again.. all the sun burns and unwanted tan from hanging out with your friends under the sun, or from jogging in the evenings (ceh) or from the running around doing errands while sweating your armpits off.. hey, don't say ewww, you do that too ftw..

other than that, getting fat, being lazy and wasting time watching tv and surfing the net.. dude, I could have used the time to do my assignments, but noooooooooooooooooo, I HAD to waste them precious time.. if time was money, I'd be broke by now ftw.. (=_____=;;; luckily there is still 3 more days before holiday fully ends.. so I'm going to start doing them assignments NOW!

eh tak, I mean after I update my blog.. hahaha.. btw, pesanan penaja di bawah.. ^^

dear blog,


Love you, forever.. <3


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