Thursday, December 31, 2009

if men can do it, SO CAN WOMEN!!

Mood : sleepy

just a quick update..
I've started taking horse riding class and it began yesterday, 30th December..
it was AWESOME!!!
guys, meet Martina, the nicest horse ever!

walawei, I can ride a horse now!!
still in the learning process but my coach said I did quite well for my first session..
said I'm a fast learner..

in case you're wondering, this class is not for free..
RM 150 for 8 sessions..
quite cheap, that's why I entered the class..
but the price is only for UUM students..
for outsiders - RM 500
for staff of UUM - RM 350
students get the ultimate cheap price of RM 150..
but students can get it for free, by taking equestrian as a co-curricular activity..
it takes a few semesters before you can actually ride the horse tho, coz they learn the theory and stuff first..
being the non-patient me, I paid to learn instead..

place of horse riding crime - having too much fun!

so for UUM students, grab this chance to learn how to ride a horse..
even international students are registering..
how about you?..
experience is important, isn't it?..
I have another class at 5pm today..
maybe I'll see you guys there..

the guy there is a UUM staff and is also learning, but he's in his 3rd class..
censored for obvious reasons..

here's a video of me trotting..

my first word in this video is..
"my butt hurts"
walaweih, going up and down and up and down really strains my butt..
but it was fun, even tho it hurts..
you might notice my mum calling me a cowgirl..
but I'm riding a horse..
what happened to the cow?..
I don't know what my mum was talking about with the guy..
breaking neck, wth?..
oh, all pictures and videos are credited to my lil sis, Feshnie..
ignore us talking gibberish in Japanese..
and thanks to wahida for helping me get the bigger helmet..
apparently my head is a size M, not S..

I wanted to upload another video but loading this video alone takes 45 minutes..
maybe I'll upload the other vid in the upcoming post ok?..
maybe, but no promises..

for more pictures, CLICK HERE..
good night awesome people!
shining star~~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Candid Photo Contest

Mood : blurr

tak2, aku bukan tengah blur sekarang, aku blur masa dalam gambar nih..

tetiba ja adik aku snap guna Nick kesayangan..
seb baik comel kan..
eh, bukan2, aku cakap anak sedara aku, Quratul Ain tuh yang comel..
tapi mak teh dia pun comel jugak kan?..
bak kata tuan contest, [en Halim], sambil menyelam, minum air..
gambar candid masa birthday party Quratul Ain..
aku tengok tempat lain, dia pun tengok tempat lain..
haa, ambek kau, dua-dua candid, puas sepuasnya lah kan?..
dah setahun dah umur dia..
nanti dah besar, mesti lagi comel kan dia?..
macam mak teh dia..
kenapa diam?..
ok, banyak sangat minum air sambil selam..

apa, kau pun nak join jugak?..
kau klik ja gambar kat bawah nih..
tak2, lelaki2 hensem kat bawah nih takkan lompat keluar dan cium kau bertubi2 dengan rakusnya..
so kau jangan takut ok?..

ok, sekian sahaja dari saya..
kau rasa, boleh menang tak?..
shining star~~

Monday, December 28, 2009

someone turns 1

Mood : sleepy

quick update..
go HERE in case you don't know..
my niece, Quratul Ain turns 1 on 23rd December 09..

she's the little girl in pink..

birthday kids, nieces and nephews..

more pictures, CLICK HERE..

will update later about my recent class schedule..
some additional subjects added and 1 dropped..
god, so sleepy now..
night awesome people~~
(-__-) zZZz
shining star~~

a brand new beginning

Mood : excited

today is a new day..
today is a new semester..
today is a new beginning..
semester 2 have started for me, and it's been hectic..
walking around finding classes, bumping into old friends (and some annoying ones), and making new friends..
I have 3 classes today, and 2 have already passed..
my 3rd class is at 2pm, Marketing at DKG 1/2..
hope the lecturer is okay..

my 1st class, Communications, was...... err... lecturer-less..
the lecturer didn't enter the class, but I hope he or she will come to the next class..
and the majority of students in that class are seniors, semester 4 and above..
higher level class, what can I say?..
and I'm the only junior in there..
my 2nd class was Public Speaking and the lecturer is really nice..
still young, below 30 I think..
I don't think it's gonna be a problem..
I'm going to do my very best to ace this class..

my goal this semester is Dean's List, 4 flat baby!!
I'll try my very best, you have my word..
I was very disappointed with my previous semesters performance, and very eager to improve my CGPA..
but in the off-chance of it all, just pray for my sanity and clear vision for this semester..
since I can get easily sidetracked..

oh, I forgot to tell you awesome people..
I'm sorry for not dropping by your blogs and commenting..
I've been busy..
and my internet connection at home sucks right now..
cett, streamyx is not that high up in the sky like its advertisements say..
dissing on Wimax but it's own internet services aren't that good..
so I'm currently blogging from my mum's office..
will drop by your blogs once everything is cleared out and internet returns safely at my house..
be patient eh?..

Mid Valley Megamall..

man, it's so complicated and time consuming to go to Midvalley..
Berjaya Times Square is easier reached and twice the fun..
well, for me at least..
it's a cheap clothing paradise for jobless and non-brand caring women like me..

p/s :- 2009 is now leaving us, signaling the arrival of 2010..
hope everyone will have a wonderful new year..
shining star~~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

can you handle it?

Mood : Busy

I'm really busy right now..
well, was busy for the last few weeks regarding SIFE UUM's program,
Malaysia Entrepreneurship and Leadership Convention (MEALCON)..
the program is next month, 29 - 30th January 2010..
confirmed speakers are the President and CEO of Johor Corporation a.k.a. KFC & Pizzahut and the CEO of Leadernomics..
more info will be provided later..
all universities are invited, and I personally handled the invitation letter, being the secretary and all..
UPM, UM, USM, UKM, UPSI, UTP, UNIMAS, UniMAP, and more are invited..
people who are coming, please inform me ya..
it's nice to meet new people, especially bloggers..
outside people are allowed to join too..

oh, Tachi, your tag will be done later ok?..
quite tied up at the moment..
but thanks for tagging me..
seriously love your description of me..
and tomorrow, I'll be extra busy..
it's Quratul Ain's 1st birthday!..
well, not technically..
her birthday was on 23rd December, but the party is tomorrow..
wheee, cake!!
so there goes my diet..
any available personal trainers?..

the birthday girl..
the awesome-est and cutest little girl in the world!!
happy happy birthday!

now a question to them LRT or train users..
how do you cope with the morning rush and the evening rush?..

meh personal experience riding the Putra LRT at 8.30 in the morning..

very packed with people..
they must smell "better" in the evening, right?..
how do you people cope with this?..
shining star~~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the train to BLISS~~

Mood : merry

do you ever wake up one day to find your day to be not so good?..
that things aren't the way you imagined it to be?..
or that you took a wrong turn along the path of your life?..
did you do something wrong and wished you didn't?..
did you make a bad decision?..

now a question..

if there is a train that goes back to the past, will you get on it to fix what you did wrong in your life?..

would you take a ride?
*picture is taken and edited by me*

for me, I'd rather not..
my mistakes made me who I am now..
yes, I made stupid decisions sometimes, and I regret a few things I did, but I wouldn't want to change it..
I am me..
love me for me and my mistakes..
if I didn't do the mistakes, I wouldn't be who I am now..
simple as that..

what about you?..
which would you choose?..
shining star~~

Saturday, December 19, 2009

anak-anak ikan terhangat di pasaran~~

Mood : =p

tak2, aku tak jual ikan mahupun anak-anak ikan, kau jangan salah faham plak ok..
aku nak join contest nih..
klik gambar kat bawah untuk pegi ke tuan punya blog dan contest..
tak2, jangan risau, tak kan ada punya gambar anak-anak ikan separuh bogel yang akan keluar..

aku sebenarnya tak tau nak letak gambar apa..
so aku browse la dalam folder hardisk aku, skodeng2 gambar apa yang macam menarik..
macam ok, tak semestinya..
aku terjumpa gambar nih, masa aku berseronok dengan anak-anak ikan kat Berjaya Times Square dulu..
seriously, seronok gila!
sumpah geli baii..
kau kena cuba, kena lalui sendiri, baru dapat tau perasaan aku..

aku dan ikan

ya, aku tengah gelak macam orang gila time nih..
mengilai plak tuh..
malu baiii~~
rasa gigi ikan-ikan tuh kat kaki aku..
aku suka gambar nih sebenarnya, sebab nih first time aku pegi fish spa..
kenangan yang memang best..
dan gambar nih sangat candid, aku sangat natural time nih..
takdak nak posing-posing ok..
sebab ini keseronokan yang melampau..

oh, cakap pasal contest..
aku nak kasi update pasal contest aku sendiri..
alhamdulillah aku dah hilang 1kg..
ok, aku akui, tak sebanyak mana, tapi at least ada perkembangan..
thanks to everyone yang join contest aku yang tak semmengah nih..
korang sangat best!
dan orang yang mendahului sekarang ialah wan2911..

ada sapa2 nak cabar dia?..
shining star~~

Friday, December 18, 2009

professional photoshoot..

Mood : together

I had a photoshoot today for SIFE UUM organizational chart..
had to dress formal..
even put on make up..
I came early, was the first to arrive, for once..
the photographer, Ray, came later..
he set up his stuff and I wandered around..
the others came a few minutes later..
I also brought my camera, Nick, so all pictures here are from him..
too much pictures were taken, and so lazy of me to post em all here..
go to my Facebook to see em all..
just uploading pictures of me, since it's been a while that I cam-whored..

self taken

taken by Dawson

I look so sengal in this pic..
well, guess I am once in a while..
and a picture of SUNGMIN!
well, actually he's a SIFER..
his name is Alex btw..

oh, by the way,
do you think I look slimmer?..
shining star~~

all the maybes in the world

Mood : sleepy

I've noticed that I usually blog before I go to sleep..
I don't know why tho, maybe it's coz I get the mood right then n there, all 'mamai'..
I have nothing much to blog about as of recent, just things related to my life that I dunno how to share em with here..
I dunno, a lot of things are in my head right now, and mostly jumbled and mixed together..
they're tangled, and I can't pull em apart..
maybe that's my life right now, and all I have to do is one simple thing..


maybe being who I am right now is not the best thing..
maybe there's more I can do with my life, things that I haven't done or tried yet..
maybe I have to change the ways I do things in my life, to make it more stable..
maybe I need support other than my family..
maybe I need someone..
great, more things to think about..

and I noticed that I've been evil and insensitive to other people as of late..
I meant more evil, since I'm already evil to begin with..
sometimes accidentally, sometimes purposely..
I don't mean to do that, but it's a slip of the tongue..
maybe even wrong choice of words..
but whatever it is, I'm truly deeply sorry if I hurt you..
please accept my deepest apologies..
I'm sorry..

ok lah, I'm off..
I'd like to wish everyone a happy Awal Muharam..
what's your new year resolution?..
night awesome people..
love you guys..
shining star~~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

part 2 :- what "color" are you?..

Mood : what's your colour?..

I've recently returned from a 2 day motivation programme called

"Intensif Mentor Kekayaan & Kejayaan"

or in English

Intensive Mentoring to being Rich & Successful

the moderator is
Dr Azizan Osman, CEO of Richworks Resources Group and a Master Trainer..
you can check out the
website here..
this is a really good programme, a way to see your true potential and how to grow yourself..

what I'm about to share with you is my tiny spec of knowledge gathered from this program..
but before you continue reading, know this..
all the content in this post, all the facts and research are not mine, they do not belong to me and I do not own them..
they belong to Dr Azizan Osman and his company..
this is merely me sharing my experience and a bit of information to help you awesome people in your life..
and also a way for me to remember about this in the future..
ok, do you get me?..
so, we proceed..


did you know that everyone have their own element?..
did you know that what colour clothing you wear can effect your brains vibration?..
and did you know that the elements and the colours related to each other?..
but to know your colour, you must first know your element..
and how to know your element?..
just from reading your date of birth..
you can also know more about yourself from your date of birth, but I'll get to that later..
for today, I wanna share with you about colours and elements..
which element are you?..
or wood?

first of all, we need to read your birthdate, plus the year you were born..
there's some calculation thingy that has to be done, and I'm not sure how to explain it here..
but fear not, just leave your birthdate in the comment, I'll count it for you..
then you can just check here, which element are you and which colour you should add to your wardrobe..
but for now, I'll explain about the elements first..

the numbers here are gotten from your birthdate, after some calculation of course..
to know in detail, we have to meet face to face and I'd explain it to you..
oh, and you have to buy lunch or dinner too..
think of it as expenses ya?..

3 and 8
your element is FIRE
colour :- red, purple, orange
wear :- green
stand out :- gold, silver, white, grey
avoid :- (water) blue, black

your element is EARTH (tanah)
colour :- chocolate, yellow, beige
wear :- red, purple, orange
stand out :- blue, black
avoid :- (wood) green

1 and 6
your element is METAL
colour :- gold, silver, white, grey
wear :- chocolate, yellow, beige
stand out :- green
avoid :- (fire) red, purple, orange

2 and 7
your element is WATER
colour :- blue, black
wear :- gold, silver, white, grey
stand out :- red, purple, orange
avoid :- (earth) chocolate, yellow, beige

4 and 9
your element is WOOD
colour :- green
wear :- blue, black
stand out :- chocolate, yellow, beige
avoid :- (metal) gold, silver, white, grey

the colours under the element can be worn, but your vibration will be balanced..
you won't stand out, you'd just blend in, like the wallpaper..
avoid here doesn't mean you have to stop wearing those colours..
the colours do not interact well with your elements, thus bothering your vibration..
so avoid wearing these colours when you want to give a major presentation or closing an important sale or whatever..
it doesn't matter what tone the colour is, as long as it's the base of the clothing..
it doesn't have to be plain you know..
and there can be patterns, what ever colour or shape you want..
be creative and have fun..

when you wear the colour that supports your element, it will emit a positive vibration around you..
FYI, the colour itself has no value, but the vibrations it sends to your brain is what's important..
it'll enhance the positive vibes around you..

drop me your date of birth plus the year you were born, and I'll tell you what element you are..
I'm metal, btw..
what element are you?..
shining star~~


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