Sunday, December 25, 2011

and life continues

Assalamualaikum and hello.. just a quick post to inform you guys that I added a new vlog.. do drop by and see.. thanks..

not much in the mood.. just finished doing my Applied Statistics tutorial and I burnt my brain ftw.. so just a quick post.. will update when I feel like it.. stay save peeps, love you! ^^

oh, and this is for you..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

2nd photoshoot - teaser

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps! ^^

I'm currently swamped with assignments and student stuff, been wanting to update my lovable blog but have to hold that in ftw.. LOL.. so here is a teaser of my second photo shoot which was held on 2nd December in UUM.. bear in mind, I AM NOT A MODEL, I do this for fun and for the experience.. it was fun and tiring ftw, but here's to hoping for nice pictures, LOL.. ^^

details of this photo shoot will be given once more photos are uploaded by my photographer.. I'm still waiting for them, muehehe~ by the way, this photo shoot gave me butt cramps.. sigh~ this experience make me greatly appreciate the models who actually can and could hurt themselves in the profession.. the poses are NOT easy to do man, like seriously.. so to all the models out there, be it male or female, great job people!! ^^

will upload more pictures later okay? till then, see you! ^^

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my perfect imperfections


felt like blogging today.. I'm not a perfect person, I'm FAR from perfect.. I have zits and acne scars on my face, huge teeth and I laugh weird.. I talk fast when I'm nervous and I'm sarcastic, but I don't mind if you're sarcastic with me.. I'm not as sensitive or romantic like the other girls and I have more guy friends than girl friends.. I like cats and wish to adopt a tiger as my pet.. I like to talk to myself, I pretend that my phone is my boyfriend, I'm less than patient, I shout at random times and I don't like to do the dishes.. I think I'm funny but sometimes I'm really not.. my mum gets mad at me when I don't hang my clothes properly and my room isn't always tidy.. I'm not a good cook and I don't know how to make a dress like a fashion designer.. I like to waste time on the internet and stalk people on Facebook.. I love to smile and I don't always remember peoples names coz my memory isn't all that great.. I'm not skinny and I can't wear an S size dress or pants.. my thighs are huge and my stamina isn't great.. I sometimes have mood swings but you won't get to see them because I don't always show them to you.. I'm not perfect, i'm perfectly imperfect..

I know I'm lucky to have great friends and family who understands the real me, yet I feel like my life is incomplete.. I'm a lover, not a fighter.. yet I make the same mistakes in life when it comes to love.. and I'm tired, my heart is tired.. I want to forget you, forget the feelings I ever had for you, I really do.. I want my fairy tale ending, but I'm tired..

p/s : my heart is in lock down mode until I'm ready to fall in love again, or until I meet that person.. thanks.. =)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

when you're hungry...


choose wisely when it comes to eating at night, you might not be able to burn the excess calories fast enough, which of course will turn into additional fat on your tummy, thighs or butt area.. unless that was your reason for eating at night, I suggest u drink plenty of water to flush them bad calories out before you sleep ya.. but what ever it is, make good choices people! ^^

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the great thing about holiday is....

you sit at home and turn white again.. all the sun burns and unwanted tan from hanging out with your friends under the sun, or from jogging in the evenings (ceh) or from the running around doing errands while sweating your armpits off.. hey, don't say ewww, you do that too ftw..

other than that, getting fat, being lazy and wasting time watching tv and surfing the net.. dude, I could have used the time to do my assignments, but noooooooooooooooooo, I HAD to waste them precious time.. if time was money, I'd be broke by now ftw.. (=_____=;;; luckily there is still 3 more days before holiday fully ends.. so I'm going to start doing them assignments NOW!

eh tak, I mean after I update my blog.. hahaha.. btw, pesanan penaja di bawah.. ^^

dear blog,


Love you, forever.. <3

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life Update 2.0

Mood : swamped~

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps!.. I've had such a hectic life since my last post, I don't really know where to start ftw! =D I met people from 37 different countries, learned how to party like a rock star, became less popular ftw (as if I was ever popular to begin with), and pretty much turned into a normal student after that.. LOL

I'm currently busy with assignments and student work etc, but hey, at least I spared 10 minutes to update my cobweb filled blog right? I'll be busy again next week and will be in KL from 19 till 21st October for Silicon Valley Comes To Malaysia at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, I'm one of the Cyber Volunteers! hectic but memory filled time ahead yay! ^^

I'm just here to post my super current photo taken yesterday(14/11/11) around 10am.. just so you guys still remember how I look like ftw~ XD here it is, don't puke okayyyyyyy?

cap given by KPMG during SIFE World Cup in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center

okay, I'm off to do my assignments! wheeee!~~ ^^ full updates will be given soon (1-2 weeks later ftw) LOVE YOU!!~ ^^

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

loss is a part of life

mood : mourning

I lost my surrogate mother this morning at 2am, 21st of September 2011.. coming back from Kuala Lumpur after 2 events, 1 in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa and another one in Putrajaya, dizzy from the lack of sleep, I drove from UUM to Jitra Hospital at 2.15 in the morning to accompany my cousin who just lost her beloved mother.. she was also my mother, the one who cared for me when I was young, who breastfed me till I was full, my second mother, mak chaq..

I remember the things you did for me when I was young.. you always fussed when I didn't eat, wanting to keep my tummy full, wanting to make me smile with the jokes you share.. I remembered you used to cycle to the store every morning to buy groceries, but that was when you still had the strength.. you didn't do that anymore, not after you fell ill.. sigh~ I miss seeing you riding that green bicycle, cleaning the yard or feeding the chickens.. I'll miss you..

death will find each living thing, we have to accept that.. but we don't know when it will come to pay us a visit.. rest in peace, mak chaq, I'll miss you and I love you.. the memories will forever remain in my heart.. <3

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

raya is about reaching out to friends and families

Mood : fat

Assalamualaikum fellow Earthlings, how are you guys? to those celebrating Eid Mubarak, or Hari Raya Aidilfitri here in Malaysia or where ever you are, here is me wishing you awesome people, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!~ nak duit raya mai ambek kat umah.. haha.. =P

the first day of raya has indeed been exhausting, and a whole lot of food consumption ftw! I seriously believe I gained back the 4kg I lost from Youth Challenge, running around KL, Sarawak and Johore, as well as the month of fasting in just one day! sigh~ 6 houses equals 4kgs in weight gain ftw... (=___=;; I am so gonna go jog soon..
1st day of raya
2nd day of raya

so anyway, I made this vlog which I posted on YouTube.. dunno if I'm gonna get haters from this, but whatever.. haha.. =D

oh, I forgot to mention in the video, I would like to apologize to everyone, even you, yes YOU, for anything that I did wrong, directly or indirectly, whether I said something bad about you, or called you names, or turned you into a knajmie hater, or been an awful person in general, or any other things that I did that was unpleasant to you, I would like to say I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! forgive me ya? =)

okay, that's all.. hahaha.. there's gonna be a reunion tomorrow, me and my fellow schoolmates from SMK Jitra.. well, just my batch from 2001 - 2005 anyway.. ^^ so maybe will post about that later.. don't ask me the exact date nor time, coz I don't know yet! =D

later awesome peeps, have a great Aidilfitri with your family and loved ones! ^^

Friday, August 26, 2011

who do you think you are?

Mood : sleepy

just wanted to share this video with you guys..

I was introduced to the song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perry a while back by my friend Lita during our SIFE Nationals preparation.. there's a story to it but I'm not in the mood to share with you guys haha sorry.. but when I was video browsing on YouTube early this morning, I found a cover by this chick, Najwa Latif.. do enjoy.. ^^

she's a Malaysian singer btw (hoi super obvious kot?), still in highschool and just recorded and launched her first official song called Cinta MukaBuku.. it's not my cup of tea, but it's not bad, and quite catchy.. for me she's like the female version of Justin Beiber (no offence JB fans! LOL), coz she was found on YouTube ftw! EPIC! =D but she didn't really blow up like JB did when Usher found him, but not bad la.. plus she's really talented, and some say she might be the new Yuna.. ^^

well, whatever it is, I just like the song and the cover she did.. awesome job.. keep it up but don't forget about school ya Najwa?.. ^^

do check out some of her other covers below.. they're awesome!

oh oh ohhhhh!!!!~ by the way, since it's very near to Malaysia's Independence Day which is on 31st August, I'd like to leave a little message to you guys..

just because Aidilfitri is around the corner, don't forget to love Malaysia, coz this is where you grew up, this is where you fell and rose again, this is where you became YOU.. so love Malaysia, coz Malaysia loves you! ^^

Happy Birthday Malaysia!! ^^

Thursday, August 25, 2011

#1: KL - Youth Challenge 2011 through my eyes

Mood : full

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome people of the net~! I don't need to wish you happy Ramadhan, since we have about 5 days left anyway.. so I'm gonna wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri instead~ wheeee!~ =D
don't ask me where my raya mood is tho, coz I seriously don't know.. I still haven't purchased any dress for the coming festive celebration yet.. I'm thinking of going red this year, we'll see how la, depends on the design of the dress.. this is a lazy excuse for me to delay my purchase until a day before raya and the prices drop like, dirt cheap.. haha.. hoping so.. but seriously, don't follow my example, it's better to prepare early.. hoho~ ^^

so anyway, this blog update is about my experience being in a 9 day competition called Youth Challenge 2011 which was held from 6th till 14th August 2011 in 3 different states in Malaysia; KL, Sarawak and Johore.. each team have to complete different entrepreneurial challenges at each and every venue, and the best teams will move on while some would be eliminated and have to return home..
my team from UUM which consists of the super loud me, my super awesome senior SIFE UUM member Aaron and my super cute classmate Affratt, made it all the way to finals, and we got 3rd place from 13 teams that competed in this competition! yay us!~ ALHAMDULILLAH... ^^ so what kind of challenge did we do, what did we experience?.. well, sit back and enjoy the ride!~

for this post, I'm going to share only on 1 venue first, as I have a lot to share with you guys.. it's a freaking long competition weih, 9 days! so bear with me okay?.. I'm gonna love you guys for it! ^^

6th August - 9th August : Kuala Lumpur

me and my team decided to gather at KL Central before we made our way to UTM KL, which is, well, somewhere in KL ftw super obvious kot?.. I made my way there from my sisters house in Setapak, hauling my luggage and backpack while fighting through the crowd in the LRT.. overkill, I know, LOL.. my sis, Intan, accompanied me to KL Central as well.. I got there around 11.30am, and texted both my team members.. Aaron was from....... errr, I forgot from which part of KL... and Affratt was coming up from Malacca.. everyone got to KL Central by 12.30pm and we decided to find our way to UTM KL by riding the LRT to Kampung Baru.. once there, we took a cab which costs around RM8..

we got there around 1.30pm.. at the hostel area, which looks like an awesome flat btw, we couldn't find any place or any one from the committee to register and check in to our rooms.. we just walked around aimlessly with our huge luggage while the students there looked at us like we were aliens.. not cool man, NOT COOL.. luckily we bumped into some cute guys who were from UTM and were participating in the challenge as well.. we made a few phone calls and were told to wait at the lobby of block A..

after 10minutes, one of the AJK's came and gave us our keys, told us to go and rest, and come down for a briefing at 4pm.. I apparently have a roommate, Adila from AIU, who had checked in earlier that day.. so it was cool... I went to my room and washed up and slept for an hour, BEST SLEEP EVER! let me remind you, it was Ramadhan, and it was a hot day..

came down for briefing, but turns out it wasn't gonna happen since there were still some teams who hadn't arrive yet, so the committee decided to postpone it to later at night.. and I was like, whatever.. so we chilled out and hang out at the cafe, chatting with the team from UTM.. man, they were super cute! and super young!~ sigh, cannot flirt with em, they're even calling me sis.. bahahaha~ anyway, they offered to take my team and me to a nearby Ramadhan bazaar at 6pm so we went out afterwards..

oh BTW, throughout my whole stay in KL, I was wearing a striking yellow shoe ftw!~ bahahaha!~ talk about attention seeker.. no la, I was at Uptown the other night and I fell in love with this shoe and I had to have it.. so this is kinda like, THE JOURNEY OF THE GIRL WITH YELLOW SHOES FTW!~ XD
after Iftar and prayers, we had the briefing and ice breaking session, we really had to break a huge ice ftw (kidding.. LOL) where we had to do chicken dance (so lame) and do games with red, yellow and green balls ftw, and then something about a cooking show.. childish games btw, but whatever.. there were 13 teams from 8 different government and private institutions; UUM, UTM, USM, Al-Bukhary International University (AIU), Binary College, SEGI College, 3 teams from UMP, 2 from Curtin University Sarawak, and 2 from Politeknik Ungku Omar (PUO).. so you can actually imagine the noise we made there, so yeah.. ^^

we weren't told what the first challenge was gonna be during the night but the committee members texted and gave a tip to all the teams, bring empty luggage.. hmmmm, wonder what they meant by that.. everyone gathered at the hall the next morning with their empty luggage bag and we were then told of what the challenge was.................... DIRECT SELLING AND TRADING.. okay, I admit, I saw this one coming.. we were going to be given 3 cartons of fruit drinks from one of the event sponsors and we have to sell them to make money.. from the money, we have to buy something else and sell that too.. then at the end of the challenge, we have to present to a panel of judges about our profits, sales and marketing strategy..

great, selling drinks during fasting month.. super kejam la the committee members kan?.. sigh~ but we went head on anyway.. the 13 teams were separated into 2 groups, one sent to Bukit Bintang area and another to Dataran Merdeka area.. both groups have to switch places on the next day.. so UUM had to start selling at Bukit Bintang (BB) first.. it came as a relief when we found out about it, coz it means there's more traffic there as it's very famous among the tourist.. I thought it would be easy for us to sell our drinks to people there, but I thought wrong! sigh~
so let's start! we were dropped off at Berjaya Times Square shopping complex and made our way to BB.. it's so damn far, plus hauling the luggage wasn't that fun, and under the scorching sun I might add! once we arrived, we set up shop in front of Maybank and BB Monorail station and started selling.. I don't think it's hard to do direct selling but it needs a lot of courage, especially when you're just beginning.. I have had experience in the past of doing direct selling, but it took me a day to adapt to the whole approach-people-then-get-rejected-by-them thing.. and sadly, this competition wasn't anything different from that..
we even did the sandwich board thing, the thing Aff is wearing on his body in the picture above, to attract people to come and buy our drinks.. some were okay, purchased them without asking much, some rejected us without hesitation.. our strategy was to approach tourists and non-Muslims, since they weren't fasting and able to drink upon purchase.. we were doing great and all, walking around and shouting to get attention of passerby within the vicinity.. we sold our 1st carton in a matter of minutes and were feeling pumped and excited..
then came the bad news.. we were forced to leave the area by DBKL peeps who said we weren't allowed to do business there as it was without permit.. I was like, wth? this morning during briefing the committee members informed us that DBKL is aware of the competition and there shouldn't be any problems with em.. then today?... sigh~

so we packed up our stuff and left for Times Square.. we chilled for a while, since it was hot and we were tired, so we planned our next move and what to purchase for our 2nd day tomorrow at Dataran Merdeka.. after about 15 minutes of rest, we went back to work and sold our drinks at the Times Square bus stop.. it was wayyyyyyy harder to sell there compared to BB, but we tried our best.. I even wore the sandwich board ftw but I'm not gonna load any pictures of that for you to see haha.. =P
we called it a day around 5.30pm as Aff was already dehydrated and tired from all the heavy lifting and talking.. me?.. luckily my period came and made it possible for me to drink and replenish my energy from time to time.. but it was a very tiring day, and we just wanted to go back and rest.. we departed back to UTM hostel after all the teams returned to the meeting point at 6pm.. the agenda that night was preparing slides for tomorrows presentation..btw, for the first day, we managed to sell 2 cartons, wohooo!~

second day of the KL challenge, we were sent to Dataran Merdeka to continue our selling.. but now, the trading begins!.. with the money earned from selling the drinks, which was around RM150++, me and Aff went to Mydin to buy canned vanilla cokes, lycee drinks as well as a container to ice our drinks and tissue paper to sell..
we set up shop at Dataran Merdeka and managed to sell our chilled drinks compared to those selling without ice.. but AGAIN, we were forced to leave the area by DBKL claiming we didn't have a permit for it.. in my heart was like, %$(#@!! but my teammates pushed on and didn't want to give up so we walked all the way from dataran to Masjid Jamek to Masjid India to SOGO, under the heat of the sun and the heavy lifting of our luggage.. luckily, we had an extra helping hand, a committee member, Hussaini dressed in green..
upon arrival to our last stop, we saw that there was traffic at the LRT Ampang line to and from SOGO shopping complex so we started selling there.. and BINGO! we hit a jackpot! the people there were more easier to persuade and we used up all our charm and managed to sell EVERYTHING we bought, alhamdulillah.. some even gave us money just to help us out, may Allah bless your soul in this holy month of Ramadhan.. ^^

but it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns there.. some gave remarks saying they were fasting and don't want to purchase our drinks.. we sometimes had a hard time in persuading the Malays there since it was the fasting month.. but some supported us, especially when we told them we were in a competition and we needed to sell to ensure we make it to the next stage.. my target of customers were usually those aged 25-50 or above, or those with families coz they tend to have a softer heart compared to those who were still single.. Aaron had a hard time closing deals since the demographics there were Malays so what we did was, he'd stop a potential customer then me or Aff or the both of us would come and help close.. usually I managed to help close for him, which was great for us!.. Aff had a different age and gender target (LOL) but I have no objections coz he'd be able to close the deal with a majority of his targets.. ^^
Once we got back from our super exhausting day of selling and persuasion, we wasted no time and started calculating our sales and profits, prepared our slides and everything.. it was one of the most tiring day of my life, but we trudge forward to ensure we make it to the next level.. luckily it was a presentation that we had to do, which is ehem ehem a bonus for me and Aaron coz we were SIFE UUM presenters and are awesome with crapping.. so yeah.. we showcased our results for the two days of selling and trading, plus our appeal, to plead, to persuade the judges to take us to Sarawak for the next stage.. we didn't go all pro with our presentation, me being the head ninja of UUM, Aaron being Aaron Potter and Aff being Prof. X.. we cracked a few smiles and giggles from our presentation, which kept it interesting enough for the panel and observers as well..

after all the 13 teams had presented, around 1am, 6 teams were called into the boardroom and announced that they made it to Sarawak.. and yes, we were NOT one of the teams.. =( Aff was going on and on about us losing, about packing up our bags and getting ready to go back, but I had this feeling at the pit of my stomach that we were going to the Sarawak.. I just hoped I could trust my gut instinct..
the remaining 7 teams were called into the boardroom and 3 would be venturing to the next level.. the panel started off with congratulating everyone and said we did a good job, but being in a competition, eliminations were needed blablablabla wasn't really focusing.. but I noticed how his eyes would dart back to UUM from time to time with a mischievous kind of smile.. hehe, I figured it out but held my tongue and put on a mask.. Aff was so nervous and so certain that our journey ended there, that you could see the lost of hope from his eyes.. Aaron was 50-50, but I was certain..

"Team no 5 from UUM, please step forward.."said En Zaidi, the judge..we took the step..
"you guys did a great job for this challenge and you should feel proud of your achievements, however as you know, eliminations must happen in a competition like this.. so I would like to ask you to please pack your bags, we will give you 15 minutes to pack everything, and please............." dramatic pause....

"pack your bags and come with us to Sarawak!" =D

see, I told you it was predictable.. but being an awesome actress ftw haha penipu, I put my face in my hands and showed the best acting of happy disbelief you could ever hoped for.. but again, Alhamdulillah, we made it! Aff and Aaron were hugging each other and the other teams and committee members clapped for us and congratulated us..

but sadly, the other teams weren't as lucky.. from the 6 teams in the board, only 2 will remain in the game and the other 4 would be eliminated.. towards the end of the night, we had to say goodbye to the teams from USM, PUO, UMP and UTM (the cute guys! ='( ) it was a bitter victory, as well as a close call for us.. the 9 teams moving into the next stage were AIU, UUM, SEGI, Binary, PUO, 2 teams from Curtin and 2 teams from UMP..

if you actually assessed our team, from the sales and profit point of view, we would have lost.. at least, that's what I think anyway.. coz the guys from UTM actually had RM80++ in profit while we only had RM30++.. in my opinion, we made it to the next stage due to our skills in presentation, not to mention our emotional appeal and downright crapping that me and Aaron are so good at.. so I personally think the judges were captivated and wanted to see how we'd do in Sarawak.. good news for us tho, but after the announcement, we said to each other, "we have to go all out and do our goddamnbest in Sarawak, no excuses!"

but for now, let's enjoy our victory! ^^


so there you have it, the first stage of the challenge from my eyes.. it was okay, I learned to approach and sell drinks to people, and not take it to heart when they rudely say no, so overall it wasn't that bad..

I'll continue with Sarawak soon, then Johor! can't wait to share with you guys.. but till then, take care awesome peeps! ^^

Monday, August 15, 2011

memories are supposed to be shared, aren't they? ^^

Mood : hyped!

Assalamualaikum fellow Earthlings!.. how are you guys?.. I'm sure everyone is awesome and cute and handsome and sturdy and bla bla bla the list goes on.. hahaha.. point is, I'm sure everyone is doing great coz you're here reading meh blog ftw! ^^

today is the 15th of August, meaning it's the 15th day of fasting in the month of Ramadhan, meaning we're halfway to go! ^^ so to all my Muslim friends, SALAM RAMADHAN!~ takyah main mercun, nanti hilang jari korang yang comel2 tu, camana nak taip mesej wish raya kat aku? (=____=;;

so last month, on 25th and 26th of July 2011, SIFE Malaysia National Exposition was held at PWTC where 23 universities competed for the chance to represent Malaysia to SIFE World Cup which will be held in October in KLCC for the very first time woot woot!~ =D SIFE UUM came with high hopes this year, after making it into the semi finals in 2010, we were determined to make it to the finals and win the championship and bragging rights ftw!~ XD but dang, this year came with more competition, more fierce than we had hoped.. 6 new teams competed this year, each with good projects and high with enthusiasm to make a change in the community around them.. but, being a competition, there can only be one representative for WC..

this year proves to be a year where SIFE UUM re-wrote history, made a few people cry, made lots jump with joy, but most importantly, made the people we care about - CEDI officers, advisors, student alumnis, student advisors, our university, those who believed in us, our team and ourselves - proud of our achievements.. ^^ this year, we might have not won the championship, but being in the finals as the "Finalist Four" is a whole new achievement that got the whole team grinning from ear to ear..

Alhamdulillah, SIFE UUM was the 2nd Runner Up for SMNE 2011 where we manged to outshine in the Chartis League with UNITEN, UiTM and USIM for the first time in Semi's, and proceed to Finals with UTP, UMS and UMT.. all were great contenders, believe me, it was neck to neck at the finals.. but UTP's project was epically awesome that I'd be surprised if they didn't win.. and dude, their HD videos were awesome ftw!~ XD UMS was great as well, and their media impression was awesome too.. maybe SIFE UUM should have more media coverage and Miss Asia or something in the future.. LOL!~ UMT was great too, something about crabby fatty, I didn't get to see their whole presentation coz came in late due to checking out of the hotel..

so this years championship goes to SIFE Universiti Teknologi Petronas!~ congrats guys! awesome projects! make Malaysia proud!~ congratulations!~ it's great to see a new uni representing Malaysia, keep it up.. InsyaAllah SIFE UUM will be there to support you guys! ^^

1st Runner Up goes to SIFE Universiti Malaysia Sabah!~ awesome media impression, great line of presenters, awesome videos! good job guys, keep it up and help those in Sabah who need the SIFE spirit!~ ^^ congrats!

and 2nd Runner Up goes to SIFE Universiti Utara Malaysia!~ wohoooo!~~ =D I am so proud with my team, all of them!~ my presenters, even tho playful but able to handle the pressure.. hey, first times are meant to be scary, but my presenters pulled through, proud of you guys! ^^ and OMG, my advisors, my conductor, my supporters, the alumnis, helped us the presenters with their warm and encouraging smiles! you guys are the BEST!!~ and not to forget, my technical wizards, the slides were awesome, made things clearer for everyone, am really proud!

in whole, as the president of SIFE UUM, I cannot measure the level of proud I felt when people congratulated me for the team this year.. I believe, SIFE UUM could not be the way it is without the support from everyone, as it is a team effort, not mine alone.. so hear me now, SIFE UUM, I'm here because of YOU, I'm who I am because of YOU, I made a change because of YOU.. I am PROUD TO BE A UUM SIFER... my love is for you, and SIFE UUM is my family!~ I LOVE YOU GUYS TO BITS AND PIECES!~ FOREVER AND ALWAYS.....

p/s : we will be coming back stronger than ever next year, mark my words..... the championship will be ours....... for the first time.. next SIFE UUM president, make it happen!! =)

with love,
Khairun Najmi Kamisan
Proud President of SIFE UUM

Saturday, July 9, 2011

When cute HATERS have no life.. awwww!~ =')

Mood : Amazement!~ =D

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome people of the web!.. I bet you handsome and cute people are dying to know the story behind my blog title, am I right?.. or am I the only one hallucinating from all the flu medication?.. hahaha, lame joke, I know.. (=__=;; anyway, I have recently received a friend request on Facebook which caught me by surprise, mainly because my face was made the profile picture ftw.. it made me say cool and wtf at the same time.. bahahaha.. anyway, this profile was far from an admiration gone astray, but I officially have HATERS now ftw!~ =D

this seriously made me go, awwwwwww!~ =') my haters even included the links to everything.. awwwww!~ =') and said I'm an IniAnwarHadi wannabe.. awwwww!~ =')

as much as I wanted it to effect me in a bad way, I don't think it really does.. I do think it's kinda cute (and a bit dumb) for people to dedicate their time to make a Facebook page for the sole purpose of hating me, I really do thing it's cute! it made me go awwwww!~ =') for so many times I can't stop smiling.. ^^

they say only famous people have haters, so I don't really know my stand on this, since I'm not a famous person - not an actress since I suck at acting, not a singer since I only sing in the showers ftw - not a famous person, at all.. so to have haters is kinda cool ftw! =D okay okay, Najmie, having haters is a bad thing, don't get excited about it.. (=__=;; sheeeshhh!~

well, people will not hate without a reason, am I right? so let's talk about HOW I actually got these people to hate me, shall we?.. (^^,)

it all started with an innocent (ftw??) vlog post on YouTube, where I talked about how Maria Elena and Anwar Hadi, how they actually inspired me to try vlogging in English.. here's a video for you guys to watch.. it's just me talking about the 2 peeps who inspired me to vlog, so kinda like a simple report of them.. so yeah, nothing fun there.. and err, have a bucket next to you, in case of vomiting from annoyance or awe ftw.. =D

having said, this is my first official time vlogging, so it's normal to suck, right?.. my video got a lot of views and comments, and a lot of dislikes ftw hahaha that it made me think, should I continue vlogging?.. then in the midst of the whole negativity, came silver rays of hope and positiveness from quite a lot of people, giving me pointers and positive critiques that made my day, and inspired me to continue to grow myself.. hence, another controversial vlog! bahahahaha!~ =D

so this vlog has it's own haters and stuff, so it's kinda cool.. it has less views than the first vlog but since it's more controversial, I have haters now! bahahahahahaha!~ =D so in the video note, I already mentioned these were my OWN version of annoying poses, if you don't agree with me, it's fine.. I mean, come on!.. some people find it annoying, some find it cute.. regarding the highview pose, I find it annoying when all the 200 pictures in an album is full of the same kind of pose.. dude! if one or two okay la, cute la, fine la.. but 200 pictures with the same pose?? it makes you say, DUDE, GET A LIFE!~ =D

so a hater added me on Facebook with a personal account.. and it's actually my fault as well la, coz I approved the little girl, so she went through my photos and commented on this super old once-upon-a-time picture of me.. bahahahaha!~ in my whole album of 96 photos, there's just 2 photos of me with the highview pose, and 1 super ugly duck pose of myself that I forgot I had ftw bahahaha but the girl commented on that too.. I think she does all the said poses and was deeply effected by my vlog, hence the hate page and the picture used!.. ^^

it's obvious this girl is a noob when it comes to English, coz her English is all over the place in the wordings above.. and I know she's a Malay la, coz other races don't give a crap what I do or don't do ftw.. so yeah.. and and anddddd it's so effin cute that she included my YouTube account there, awwwww, she wants me to be famous! thank you darl!~ =')

so yeah, here's the story of my life, I have haters who have no life and want to share a piece on mine by making a hate page and adding me on Facebook.. LOL!~

what's your take on this? do share! ^^

Monday, July 4, 2011

my current feeling is.....................


need to loose weight before 24th July..

okay bye!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's a first time for everything - photoshoot

Mood : excited!

Assalamualaikum and hellowww Earthlings!.. wohoooo!~ =D yes2, I know what time it is, don't ask why I'm so hyper.. and nooooooo, I did not eat chocolates this late in the night to get sugar rush ftw.. hahaha..

back to the reason of this post..I was invited by a friend for a photoshoot a few days back.. it was somewhat out of the blue and short notice so I wasn't really fully prepared, hence the weird dress choice ftw.. (=_=;; so anyway, I'm not a professional model by far, not even close to an amateur model, I'm the suka suki model lah.. haha.. so this is my actually first time involved in a photoshoot by a professional photographer, BEN | Photography.. I really have no idea how to pose and my friend was like, "just be yourself and do any pose.. I'm just here to capture it.." I was like, "what?" LOL.. super effin blur.. hahaha.. but he did give me pointers as to how to stand, which leg goes in front, lean my body on which side, etc. so that was cool for a super duper noob like me.. LOL~

so without further ado, here are some pictures of my epic failed attempt to be a model, uploaded by my friend, Mr Ben!.. wheee!~ =D don't burn your eyes tho, viewer discretion is advised.. in case of emergency, please have a bucket next to you as I am not responsible for any vomiting on your part ftw.. hahaha.. =P


all pictures belongs to my friend, Mr Ben and his company.. I was just there to try and experience the life of a model, not near enough to amateur.. but hey, like my title said, there's a first time to everything.. I had fun in the photoshoot and my friend is a really great photographer and all the pictures turned out great, despite my epic failed pose ftw.. hahaha.. and believe me, being a model, it's not as easy as it seems.. the different poses you have to think up of, the cameras you have to act in front of (I had 2 photographers with me), the people watching you, the sweat (lots of tissues required ftw!), the expectations, the dirt.. hahaha.. yeah, it's harder than it seems but it was fun.. you guys should give it a try, like, seriously!.. ^^ err, but don't follow me, I think I suck as a model.. hahaha

if any of you are in the Northern region, Jitra, Alor Setar, Changlun, Sungai Petani, Penang, etc. and would like to acquire the expertise of my friend and his company, you can check out his website BEN | Photography or even his Facebook page to directly ask about his packages.. don't worry, he doesn't bite.. at least I don't think so.. LOL..

so that's it for today.. wheeee!~ now to make myself busy with ducks and chickens!~ and dream of ice cream and chocolates while drinking 100plus!~ wohoooo!~ =D

okay, I'm irritated with myself, it must be the lack of sleep.. so, good night beautiful people!~ (^^,)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the floating balloon

Mood : empty

have you ever liked someone, to the point you thought he or she is your soul mate, the other half of your heart, the person to fill the space between your fingers, the person you want to spend your golden days with?.. every smile, laugh, smell, simple gestures, or annoying habits that the person does can fill your memories with happiness and make all the bad things in life seem to disappear?.. have you ever felt that?.. and you would always what to see him/her every day, if possible you don't want to leave his/her side?.. his/her joy is your joy, his/her sadness is your sadness.. you wish to give him/her everything you have, even though you don't have much..

but then you realized, that the person wasn't that into you, and does not share the same feelings that you have.. you're just the passing wind that was there to blow his/her kite so he/she could fly higher and eventually leave you.. sigh~

yeah, it sucks when that happens.. but hey, when life throws you off your horse, dust the dirt from your pants and get back on that horse.. yes, I know, the fall will hurt like hell, but hey, at least you know you won't make the same mistake again, am I right?.. (^^,) well, that is easier said than done, actually.. whatever it is, good luck to everyone who has this problem.. you can overcome this!.. jia you!! (^^,)


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