Sunday, March 15, 2009

Super Junior - 3rd Album is out!!

Mood : Overly thrilled!!

being a fan girl of the famous K-Pop 13 member band, Super Junior, the only thing i could say after the release of their new album was, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the awesomeness of their new single, Sorry Sorry was like, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
their song has a new feel, something different and BEYOND expectations..
their new MV was released recently in Youtube so i took the liberty to post it here..
it's like, AWESOME!!!

as you can see, i included the translated version and the karaoke version so you can try singing with them..
it's their new single catchy?!!
and try looking for Dong Hae, he's just so.... HOT!!!!
fan girl scream.. (^^,)
i missed them so much, and they haven't been together working on a single album together since they had to work on different stuff related to the sub groups, SuJu M and SuJu H, and also dramas and DJ-ing..
so this is really awesome..

but if you view closely, Heechul and Kibum weren't dancing in the MV..
i've been surfing around and it seems that Kibum didn't rehearse for the dance because he had to return to USA due to the health conditions of his mother..
and Heechul is romoured that his leg is acting up again, making him unable to dance much..
whatever it is, i wish him speedy recovery..
and also Kibum's mum to get better..

anyways, Super Junior had their comeback performance at Music Bank on 13th March 2009..
i found the vid on Youtube so i'm posting it here..
look out for Donghae-oppa..
he's wearing glasses in the first song, Why I Like You..
and the second song, he was wearing a gray vest, looking awesome as usual..
he's just like so, SMOKING HOT!!!
fan girl scream again.. hehehe.. sorry for that..
here's the vid..

hope you guys enjoyed their new singles and hopefully their new album as a whole..
i'm thinking of buying the album when i go to Malacca..
hope it's not too expensive.. (T.T)

thanks again for reading my blog..
you guys are awesome..
shining star~~

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Mood : uncertainty...

did something..
a quiz..
the result is as you can see below..

that is that..
my superpower is cuddles..
ahahaha.. (^^,)
shining star~~

SPM result~~

Mood : whee~~~

the title says it all, SPM results are out!!..
i'm like, totally flipping but not for me, for my lil sister, Aini a.k.a. Feshnie..
her SPM results came out today!!

so we woke up in the morning and my sis was like, all nervous and what not..
she was practically all over the place!!
nervous wreck really..

she couldn't wait to get to her school to know her result..

as the official driver (hahahaha!!!), it was in my power to dictate when we leave..
so around 9.45am, we were on our way...
we stopped for petrol at Changlun..
anyways, we reached my sis's school around 10.20am, which was also my school, once upon a time..
my sis was quite giddy, coz she wasn't wearing the official t-shirt of the school, and scared that the guard would not let her in..
i wasn't helping much, telling her she might not get in..

we got in anyway..
i was wearing something new and fabulous!!

new shirt with high heels, golden heels..
and there were a few heads turning and eyes gawking at me..
ahahaha, so full of myself.. (^^,)

anyways, when we got there, the results weren't announced yet so we had to wait..
my sister was busy blabbing with her friends while i was sitting and looking fabulous..
i noticed a few cameras aiming my way.. (hahaha, full of myself again!!)

after the Headmaster gave a speech and announced the 16 best students in school, my sis when to her class teacher to receive her results..
and the results weren't that bad, seriously..

here's some of her pics i got during that time..

my sis and her friends waiting for their results..

my sis waiting for her result from her class teacher..

my sis posing for a photo without seeing the results yet..

so, here's the result...
drum rolls please!!!!
my sister got...
6 1A, 2 3B, 1 5C, 1 6C and 1 8E..
she got better grades than i did when i took my SPM..
and for that i would like congratulate her on her success..
hope this would be a stepping stone for you to other big things in life..

as a closure, here are some pics i took today...
just some random stuff, not edited coz i'm too lazy.. hahaha..


my eldest sis with our niece, Quratul Ain..

my head-turning outfit.. ahahaha!! not much isn't it?..

my golden heels..

well, that's all i guess..
thanks for reading!!~~
shining star~~

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Mood : wha.....??

a friend of mine who read my blog asked me a question..

why are you writing your blog in English and not in Malay?..

well my friend, i'll tell you the reason now..
the reason i post all my blogs in English is to develop my sense of control over the language..
i mean, we talk Malay constantly everyday, no matter where we are..
at home, at work, while doing groceries, while shopping, while on the phone, etc..
we use lots of Malay in our everyday life, but when do we use English?..

so the reason why i use English to write my blog is to express my self better..
it also provides me better ways to improve my English..
even though my English is not perfect, but i still want to try my best..

so, my dear friend, that is why i write my blog in English.. (^^,)

shining star~~

Friday, March 6, 2009

practical report~~

Mood : unfocused

it's now 6th May 2009, 3 more days before the start of the due date for practical report submission.. it's from 9th to 13th March 2009 and the presentation is on 17th March..

personally, my completion rate for my report is only 40%..
i've been really unfocused..
i mean, think about it, when can i complete my report when the internet is distracting me?
i mean...
there's chatting, myspace, friendster, and this blog..
it's all distractions..
don't you think so??..

ahahaha... (^^,)
that was fun!!
well, the really distraction starts from myself first..
but it's kindda fun to blame other stuff..
so currently, i'll be really busy with my practical report..

and there's also the plans for my visit to Malacca..
i'm really planning to go to Afamosa Wetworld, maybe to the zoo, karaoke-ing, etc..
but it's just in a planning state..
who knows what might happen.. (^^,)

well, that's all my babble for now..
i'll try to update later..
thanks for reading...
take care!!!

shining star~~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Free!!!~~~

Mood : thrilled!!

hello small people!!~~ ahaks!! (^^,)v
thanks for those who follow my blog..
sorry for the late updates though..

anyway, this post is to inform you guys that i have officially ended my practical training at Perfect Instinct Sdn. Bhd.
wheeee~~~~~~ (^^,)v
nothing feels more free than being able to wake up late in the morning..
hehehe.. kidding!!~~
i still have to wake up early in the morning to send my little sis to school and to send my other sis to work..
but maybe it's just for a while.. hehehe..

well, the only work i have to do now is to finish my practical report to submit before 13th March 09.. then i have to complete the presentation of the practical report..
it's still a work in progress cuz i'm quite distracted with stuff right now..
mostly with chatting at chatroom..
ahahaha.. ;-p
but i have met great friends there, mostly girls..
amiera, trisya and diara...
great friends... (^^,)

and another distraction is something new to me, something AWESOME!!
something called, free running..
it's so cool, that i practically gaped in awe when i first saw it..
it's really2 cool.. amazing..
it's like these people are defying the laws of gravity when they do tricks and jump over everything, from simple sidewalks to medium walls and also high walls..
it's really awesome..

a friend of mine who is involved with free running was the one who introduced this new addiction to me..
he's also a stuntman for movies and etc.
it's really awesome, the art of tricking and others..
the quality of the vids are also great..
i'll include one just to show you what free running actually is..
hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do.. (^^,)

p/s :- my 'stuntman' friend is also in this vid.. try to guess which one he is.. (^^,)


shining star~~


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