Monday, August 31, 2009

Pictures part 3 :- EDC Dinner

Mood : sleepy

I just got back from SIFE UUM Malaysia Entreptreneurship and Leadership Convention (MEALCON) genaral meeting..
I've been given the job to oversee two biros for the MEALCON preparation, the Urusetia & Registration, plus the Quatermaster..
date of convention is in January next year..
we're thinking of sending out invites to all IPTA and IPTS nationwide..
any updates will be posted at [SIFE UUM Blog]..
do check it out!!

well, on to the pictures..
these were taken at EDC Hotel, UUM, Sintok..
we went there to break our fast with Daph n her parents along with a new neighbour..
it was really fun, bonding with Daph..
I already miss her..
why does she have to go away now??

me n my eldest sis, Kak Ijah..

dowh, gedik siot gambar nih..

selamat berbuka puasa... (^^,)

eating salad for breaking my fast..
diet loh..

crazy for fun!!

ish, muka gedik lagi..
gotta stop doing this kind of pose lah..

I LOVE YOU Daphnee!!
don't forget to come and visit me in Malaysia again..

I'll always remember you waking me up in the morning wanting to go to the gym..
I'll always remember your laugh, and your twisted sense of humour..
I'll miss you Daphnee!!!
study well in China okay, and take care..

on a different note,
we've been a united country for 52 years now..
hope this will continue in the future..
shining star~~

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pictures part 2 :- Girls Day Out

Mood : Sad.. T___T

today is Daphnees last day here in UUM..
she's going to further her studies in China next month but she's going to Penang for a while..
so yesterday, my sisters and I took her and Maesha to bazaar Ramadhan..
kinda like a girls day out..
it was so fun!
we even had a sleepover at Maesha's house..
check out the pictures..
credited to my sisters, Khadijah and some from Wahida..

with Daph, my French neighbour..

don't forget to lock the gates bofore going out!!

waiting in the rain.. NOT!

the family gift for Daph..
what is it??

it's a UUM t-shirt!!
it fits her perfectly.. (^^,)

at bazaar Ramadhan..

picking what to buy..
pizza weih!!

we had loads of fun, right girls?..
shining star~~

Pictures part 1 :- Quratul Ain

Mood : babies for sale.. (^^,)

these are pictures of my lovable niece, Quratul Ain, taken last Friday..
ain't she the most adorable?..
I want one too!!!!!

what's that?..

sensored.. hohoho..


with Mak Teh yg comel.. err, baik..
hahahaha.. =P

eyes like the stars..

celik teknologi..

family foto!!

warms your hearts, doesn't she?..
shining star~~

godzilla and superman

Mood : class mode

title has no connection with the entry what-so-ever..
wake up wake up!!!!!!!!
go take your bath, you've got class in half an hour..
demmmm, malas siot nak pegi kelas kul 8..
I just got back from Maesha's house..
slept there last night coz we had a sleepover, Malaysian style..
watched the horror movie, Mirror on DVD with them..
before that I went to EDC Hotel..
I ate everything in sight..
gila kenyang kau tahu?..
ntah2 naik 3 kilo..
hohohohoho, mintak simpang la..
I wanna slim down to fit into my raya dress..

today Daphnee, my French neighbour and her family are moving out..
I'm gonna miss them so much, especially Daph..
her craziness is the best..

take care Daph, we'll miss you a lot..
don't forget to come back to Malaysia and visit us here okay dear?..

we love you..
shining star~~

p/s :- I only managed to study a bit last night for my quiz at 5pm today..
and I also got SIFE meeting tonight at 8pm..
best kan?..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

hey ho lah!

Mood : absolutely hungry

I'm gonna go to EDC Hotel now..
breaking our fast there..
tomorrow, our French neigbours are leaving..
sob sob

off to hotel now..
selamat berbuka puasa everyone!!
shining star~~

and then there was 4..

Mood : blank

I seriously don't know what to write..
but I wanted to updated..
oh, I know..
what happened today..
it was really hectic, you know, based on the previous entry..
I woke up at 4.45 for Sahur, prayed Subuh, slept, woke up to send my sis, slept, woke up for group disscussion, prayed Zohor, slept, prayed Asar, went to Jitra..
penat tido ja..

got to Jitra around 6.30pm..
lepak-ing in front of the TV waiting for breaking our fast..
we really had a feast..
lotsa lauk berbuka..
I'll upload pictures later..
ate our hearts out and prayed Maghrib together..
after that, me Intan and Feshnie, my sisters, went out to Jitra..
Feshnie's going back to KL tomorrow at 8.30am so she needed to buy some stuff..
I also bought slacks and a bag for class..
ooh, and a pair of sandals..
was really cheap so I bought it..
don' think it'll last long, but the design was nice..
spent about 150 bucks on items for 3 people..
woh, banyak tuh..

my sisters and I took lotsa pictures of our niece, Quratul Ain..
will upload pictures later..
till then.......

sweet dreams awesome people!!
shining star~~

Friday, August 28, 2009

busy day ahead..

Mood : beyond sleepy

I just returned from a SIFE meeting..
Aaron and the others wanted to bring me to DPP Muamalat to have an early Sahur but I declined..
the were all hungry and Aaron keep saying the work Sahur over and over again..
he really likes the word..
he said it makes him feel hungry and thinks it tastes like McD burger..
hehehehe, so comel ok?
I'm very sleepy right now..
got loads of work to do since I'm the secretary for a mega project for SIFE..
I might not update as frequently as I am right now..
don't miss me too much ya?..

oh, I gotta go to sleep..
I have a group disscussion tomorrow at 10.30am..
plus an interview for Youthciti crew team at 3pm..
also will be breaking my fast in Jitra..
have to rush there at 6pm after mum finishes her class..
and also buy some stuff for me tomorrow night..
ooh, also got to study for my quiz this Sunday..
uwaaaa, so busy meh!!!
should I feel stressed?

enough to keep my head occupied..
maybe I have to take a break from guys..
focus on my studies and assignments..
yeah, that's what I'll do..
well, I'm off..
time to sleep!!
gotta wake up in 2 hours for sahur..

night awesome people!!
or is it morning?
shining star~~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

parody pictures..

Mood : Zombie fighter!!!

I'm bored..
needed some LOL..
parody pictures of Super Junior and DBSK..




Kibum and Eunhyuk..

Yesung and Hankyung..

I think this is DBSK..

JaeJoong.. Lolzz..

Micky Yochun and Junsu..

Mickey YoChun and JaeJoong..

okay, I had my laughes..
see you guys later..
shining star~~

dates to remember..

Mood : honestly, unawake.. hahaha..

dates to remember..

30th August 09 (Sunday)
- MIS quiz
- chapter 1 till chapter 3
- 5.00 till 6.30 pm

31th August 09 (Monday)
- cuti!!! (^^,)

4th September 09 (Friday)
- Mid sem exam, Maths
- chapter 1 till chapter 5
- 9. 30 till 11.30 am..
- T.E. Hall, near MAS hall..

9th September 09 (Wednesday)
- submission date for Maths Group Assignment 1

16th September 09 (Wednesday)
- submission date for Ethnics Group Assignment

10th October 09 (Saturday)
- Final exam for Process Writing subject
- 9 till 11.30am

these are the current dates I have to keep in mind..
hope I'll succeed in fulfilling the criterias needed..

time to be a student again..
shining star~~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

aku panas! (^^,)

Mood : panas..

aku dah takdak idea apa nak blog la nih..
so aku wat lah tag-oh-so-hot dari encik messyremo nih..

1. Anda rasa anda hot?
aku sekarang duduk betol2 bawah kipas.. sejuk kau tahu?..

2. Upload gambar2 kesayangan anda!

aku bukan nak kata aku sayang gambar nih, cuma nih paling decent dan recent..

3. Kenape anda suka gambar ini?
sebab aku pakai baju yang mahal bukan milik aku n aku nampak kurus sket..

4. Bila kali terakhir anda tak puasa?

soklan nih tak releven la weih untuk perempuan.. bukan sengaja dowh nak tinggalkan posa..

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?

bunyi tone msg enset aku, Norako by Super Junior..

6. Apa yang anda buat sambil selesaikan tag ini?

tengok citer Korean ghost stories kat KBS World channel 303 Astro..

7. Selain dari nama anda sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dengan nama ape?
comel atau awesome..
hahahaha, perasan haku!!

8. Tag lagi 7 orang tanpa rasa kekesalan.
pesal nak tujuh weih?..
kecoh dowh..

1 - silverleaf
2 - nihin iz
3- orked
4 - fitriah
5 - eipul
6 - k.A
7 - feshnie

okies, dah abes dah jawab..
bayar la duit weih!!

Part 6:- I made my peace..

Mood : silly

I couldn't pay attention this morning..
but I managed to understand..
sometimes I spaced out and thought bout him..
and my eyes start to tear up..
but I held back..
gila ka apa nangis kat dalam kelas?..

after class I went to HEP to handle my application to live outside of hostel..
the officer in charge wasn't there so I was told to fill in a memo..
there was this really cute guy at the table across from me..
I 'accidently' looked..
his smile was so cute, like seriously..
his skin was clean fron any bombs.. eh?.. you know what I mean..
terus lupa kat problem aku..
hahahaha, fickle betul aku nih..
suddenly the cute guy said to me,
"ni Najmie kan?"
I was shocked!!
he knows me?..
like, woahhhhh..

it turns out he was a schoolmate of mine from 4 years back..
patut la macam familiar ja muka dia..
but still cute weih, seriously..
he talked really politely, and we did some catching up..
he wasn't from my course..
I was an IT student, he was a science student..
I only saw him near the schools hostel or at the canteen..
wasn't really interested coz I was with someone else back then..
we talked a whole lot..
I was there like for 30minutes, just talking to the guy while filing in the memo..
but I didn't even know his name, yet he knows mine..
I don't know how or why he remembered me but it was nice to be remembered..
I found out later in the conversation that his name was Jat, short for Izzat I think..

I finished writing the memo and went on my way..
but I do hope he messages or calls me..
no no, I didn't get his number, nor did I gave him mine..
it was on the memo, and he knows it's there..
just a matter of him taking it and doing something bout it..
but I don't think he'll call..
hahaha, saja gatal kan?..

but meeting him sure lifted my spirits..
I'm not down and sulking anymore..
I know it's early to let go, but I've made my peace now about Kerol..
he's off with another girl right?..
and he's happy without me next to him..
so why sulk anymore?..
I might as well start looking for a replacement too, just like him..
I need someone too you know..
lagipun kat UUM nih gila bapak ramai yang hensem dowh, rambang mata aku kat library tadi..
besides, I'm a sucker for smart looking men wearing ties..
wahahahaha, kegatalan melanda!

to all my friends out there, thank you for supporting me when I was down..
that's why you guys are so AWESOME!!
I'll always have you guys to love..
shining star~~


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