Wednesday, February 27, 2013

weekend of awesomeness ahead!

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I'm gonna see him this Saturday! OMG!!

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps! Since being a married person living in Puchong and working in Kelana Jaya, I've been trying to adjust to life on the fast lane.. being from a quiet place like Sintok Kedah and moving to the concrete jungle has it's positives and negatives, believe me!

the bad part of living in Klang Valley area is, and I'm certain metropolitan people can relate to, is the traffic jam.. my goodness, morning and evening jams are the worst, especially from residential areas to offices and vice versa in the evening.. and when someone decides to be reckless and an accident happens, the traffic can come to an almost standstill, up to 4 km long.. being stuck in a car for that amount of time can drive people mad, luckily me and my hubby travel by motorbike, so a 2 hour traffic jam would only cost us 20 to 25 minutes.. but safety wise, we're quite venerable.. and let me tell you, the drivers in my area are quite rude! especially those who change lanes 4 - 5 times from left to right to left to right to left, changing lanes without giving signals, those who give signals at the last minute, and yang suka himpit2-himpit moto taknak bagi kiteorang lepas.. jealous much? (-___-;;  another bad part is the air quality here.. my goodness, the morning air is so much filled with fumes that everyday after work, my nose would be filled with shit (you know, nose shit) from the dirty air.. not kidding.. 

but than again, there's a whole bunch of positives as well.. one of the good part is that I can go to loads of events! like for example, the Reach Out Youth Volunteer Celebration where I'm gonna get to meet the guy I blogged about last year in THIS entry.. do you know him? yes? no? it's Chester See!! he even added a note on the video he uploaded on Tuesday.. yay Chester See!

okay so my weekend plan is like this :

Saturday, March 2, 2013

8.00PM      Reach Out Youth Volunteer Celebration / meet Chester See

12.00 PM     Big Bad Wolf Booksale (time to spend the BB1M for good!)

5.00 PM     Expo Buku Islam Putrajaya (ilmu akhirat kena ada jugak.. ^_^)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

10.00 AM    Grand Opening of Muslimah Clothing Boutique (Wardina Safiyyah will be there, awesome!)

1.00 PM    Tudung Labuh Carnival (hey, I need a change of wardrobe!)

4.00 PM    Al-Humaira' Contemporary Sale! (up to 30% discount!)

yes, my weekend plan is full, and it involves a lot of shopping! hahaha.. well, not really, maybe just a tad bit.. we'll see how, my husband will only let me buy things/clothes that I need.. he's not gonna allow me to splurge, so that's a plus point in marrying him.. hehehe.. if you guys would be going to any of the events at the specific time mentioned above and happen to see me, say HI to me and give me money.. hahahaha, just kidding! (well, not really.. =P)

so here's me wishing you to have a fruitful and awesome weekend like I would be having soon.. jangan nakal-nakal ye! (^_^)

yes, my husband is acting really cute, thanks for the compliment.. :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

a new chapter begins

Mood : grateful

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps!

it's been almost a month since I've became a wife and Alhamdulillah, everything is great! I've already moved into my husband's place in Puchong and I'm doing my best to turn the house into a home.. there's still a lot of work to be done tho but I'm sure everything will be just fine, insyaAllah.. :)
first and foremost I would like to thank my family members and my relatives for helping out with the wedding preparations and also on the wedding day itself, to my mum for helping me on the financial side (I just started working, not much money to go by yet), to my friends who came to the wedding reception in Kedah and in Perak thank you, to my husband's family and relatives thank you for accepting me into your big and fun family, and not forgetting, to my husband and best friend, Khairul Anwar, thank you for loving me and never giving up on me. I love you and may our love lasts till jannah, insyaAllah.. I will do my best to be the wife you want me to be.. :)

so on to photos! =D some of you might know that the akad and reception is for me and my older sister, Intan.. don't be fooled by her height, she's old-er than me.. hahaha.. she had gotten engaged last year in February while my engagement which was kinda short notice muehehe (hey, who knew I would have fallen in love with my best friend, right?) on June last year.. it came as a surprise to everyone actually coz I was not in any relationship at that time and everyone was freakishly curious as to who my fiancée was.. hahaha.. well now you know! =D

This is a picture with all my siblings, plus Intan's friend Mira (far right) who came to help out with the wedding
2 brides, 2 grooms, the merge of 3 families (I was nervous at this time, and tears of joy were shed when it was finalized.. tissue please!)
Alhamdulillah, I'm now married to my best friend of 4 years.. :) Thanks Rakna for coming!
Big family, right? ^_^
Aren't we just the happiest bunch? 
meh full attire on the reception day..
yeah, my make up looks weird.. (-___-;; but the cake tastes awesome!
official photoshoot with BENPHOTOGRAPHY
yeah, we're crazy..

more photos are either on my Facebook page or is still with my photographer.. Am still waiting for them coz I myself didn't really take much photos.. credits for photos go to their respective owners.. I'm happy, alhamdulillah.. :)

and look, these are my sisters and brothers.. and also hubby.. 
happy family we are, no? wheee!~ ^_^

happy birthday NN Stickman! :D

OMG he's already 6 years old! I remembered like it was just yesterday that I joined his awesome advertising family.. I've been to more than one event and each and every one of them is awesome! so what's the point of denying that the NN 6th Birthday bash would be any different? coz it won't! I want to attend the Birthday Bash coz they want to play my playlist! (okay, maybe play it, if I'm invited la.. sobsob)

but fret not, I'm gonna give it a try anyway! =D

so check out my awesome playlist that I put together in Deezer.. the playlist is just a simple one but would be awesome to be heard, especially at NN Birthday Bash! (see how desperate I am to attend?

I even shared it on Facebook and Twitter! but since I have no idea how to include the permalink (yes I'm a tad bit noob), I've decided to print screen it as evidence instead.. hope NN accepts my entry.. 

I hope I get a pair of invites! ^_^


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