Friday, July 23, 2010

why I love my SIFE UUM family

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Assalamualaikum, good evening awesome peeps!.. just a quick update.. I'm now a DJ for, a radio station for UUM peeps.. I'm DJ Amy for English slots, on air every Monday at 2 to 3pm with the title of Destination, and on air every Thursday from 2 to 3pm with the topic of Culture and Language.. for those who are not UUM peeps, fear not, you can still listen to me blab LIVE on air at that time via our website, I started working last Thursday, and was blur as hell for the first 10 minutes.. hhahaha.. will write a post later.. but for now........................

yesterday was a friends' birthday, Phuah Hoon Man, or also known as Macho Man.. pfttt, perasan sendiri.. =P anyway, our President, Mr Dawson planned dinner with Ah Man where he invited a lot of SIFERs, surprising the birthday boy!.. and we took up 1/3 of the Riverview Bistro at UUM Mall, filling about 10 tables with around 26 peeps!.. giler awesome!!.. so what is a birthday celebration without a cake, am I right?..
oppss, before we eat the cake, must take pictures with SIFErs first!
after photo session, birthday boy can finally make a wish and blow out the candle.. he made 4 wishes, tamak betul.. (-__-;;
then comes the SIFE UUM tradition.. the birthday boy must pick up the chocolate chip on the cake using only his mouth.. errrr, I don't think it's heading towards something good.. hhehehe..
oppsss, what did I tell you?! =DDD SIFE UUM peeps are so naughty!.. Kelvin and Dawson slammed Ah Mans face into the cake!.. hahhaha..
and now the birthday boy wears cake icing as make up to class.. =DD
so it seems like Ah Man has been bullied by his playful friends.. hahaha.. sorry Ah Man, tradition is tradition.. (^^,)
but all in all, SIFE UUM is still a happy family, and we love each other!..


Saturday, July 17, 2010

SIFE NATIONAL EXPOSITION 2010 - the birth of a new and improved SIFE UUM!!

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Assalamualaikum and good day fellow blog readers!.. my blog have been gathering dust bunnies and cobwebs, so it seems.. so I am here to give you wonderful peeps on my whereabouts these past few days, or weeks, so it seems.. hahaha.. gila lama tak update, mampus... =P

anyway, since I mentioned to you guys about SIFE national competition in my previous posts, and about SIFE UUMs preparation, so I think it's more fitting if I start off with that story.. hehehe..

after 1 month of preparation, SIFE UUM finally left for KL on 11th July, reaching our destination later on around 5pm where we checked in to Seri Pacific Hotel near PWTC, then headed off for welcoming and ballot draw among the 15 competing universities this year.. we met some familiar faces but a lot of new ones, especially for me, since this is my first time going to Nationals.. hohoho.. I'm still a SIFE noob, obviously.. =P

there was 3 rounds this year, opening, semi finals, and finals.. so for the opening round, SIFE UUM was in the Shell league.. here's the list of competing teams this year..

so SIFE UUM presented for the first round, going up against quite good competitors, UTHM, KLMU and UM..

truth be told, before I went inside for the first round, I screwed up in my practice.. I forgot 50% of my lines, and was nervous as hell!.. but with the help from my awesome friends and mum, I managed to pull myself together, and relaxed a bit..

I told myself, "hey, this is it, this is where the 1 month of preparation, the blood and sweat of the team is going to pay off.. everyone rely on you to not screw up, so DON'T even think about screwing up.. this is the time for SIFE UUM to shine, and you must make sure we do.." and shine we did!.. I remembered all my lines, I didn't fumble even a bit, and we were awesome!!.. we also got praises from the judges which include familiar faces.. hehehe.. so SIFE UUM was feeling high after the first opening round.. (^^,)

meet your 4 presenters from SIFE UUM, Najmie Kamisan, Aevin Raaj, Aaron Lee and Yi Chin.. we are the 1 Malaysia team! (^^,)

from the 4 leagues, only 2 universities from each league will move into the semi finals, so there will be 8 teams competing for the 4 spots in finals.. the 8 teams were, USIM, UiTM, UUM, UM, UTP, UNITEN, UMS and UMT.. and the 8 will be split into 2 leagues, where only 2 from each league will move on to finals.. for my league, SIFE UUM were up against some pretty big names, UMS, UM and UiTM.. we doubt about our chance to move on to the finals, but we gave our best shot.. this is the moment for UUM to shine like the gems we are!.. (^^,)

semi finals during Q&A session with judges, in the main hall, with mics and everything.. hehehe.. it was an awesome experience!.. but yeah, my shoes and feet were killing me.. damn you high heels!.. (-__-;;

the girls who made everything possible.. well, we're missing Jet Roo and Venus, but yeah, there were 6 girls in the competition team, the people who were crazy enough to sacrifice 1 month of holidays for SIFE Competition.. hohohoho!~~

our team wanted to go to the SIFE World Cup which is in LA this year, but I guess luck was not on our side, since we didn't make it to the finals.. UiTM and UMS made it trough tho.. it hit me like a brick, and I was depressed right after they announced that UUM was not in the finals.. I went to my room and didn't want to come out till my sister sms-ed me, saying she's coming to PWTC to meet me and my mum.. I cheered myself up with some cam whoring and felt better.. damn me and the love for myself, and my new grey eyes.. wheeee!!.. =P

in the end, reluctantly but very needed, I went to the main hall and saw the presentations of the final 4, and when I saw UiTM and UMSs presentation, I now understand, that SIFE UUMs loss was justified.. we were great, our projects were great, but theirs were more epic.. the way they present their projects, their multimedia presentation was awesome.. so yeah.. they really did deserved to go to finals.. as were UTP and UMT.. but honestly, if we were in the other league, SIFE UUM would have been in the finals, but yeah, it wasn't our time, I guess.. =)

after the finals, UiTM was announced as the winner of SIFE National Exposition 2010, where they will be representing Malaysia in the SIFE World Cup 2010 this coming October.. but a weird thing happened during the award ceremony.. hehehehe.. UMS got more sounds and votes from the participating universities compared to the winners.. get this, when they announced that the 1st runner up was UMS, the WHOLE HALL -minus uitm la- stood up and gave them a standing ovation!.. giler!~~ everyone was cheering them on, when they got on the stage, when they got the medal and trophy, when they got off the stage, when they walked back to their seats, all the time standing and cheering them on, clapping and chanting, UMS! UMS! UMS!.. it was a bizarre sight I tell you, and the judges as well as the guests were mesmerized but feeling weird at the same time.. hehehe.. and when UiTM was announced as the winner, they were jumping up and down in glee, obviously, but everyone in the hall was just clapping politely or not clapping at all, and yeah, they got a few boos from the crowd too.. hahaha.. that was EPIC!.. =D my friend said, "it's not good to boo the winning team, but it's okay to support the competing team.." bahahahahahahaha!!~~ =DDDD

but let me set the story straight.. SIFE UiTMs projects and presentation were awesome, it was well done and well presented, the presenters had really great control of the wordings, the emotional appeal -they had que cards tho so that's not that awesome-, but overall, they deserved to win and go to LA.. however, the thing that made everyone fed up with UiTM is, THEY ARE SO FREAKING SNOBBISH!.. and everything is done in a group, their own group, they never stray away to talk to other awesome peeps from other universities.. a hi and a hello is quite hard to come by from UiTM peeps, seriously.. they're so high up in the clouds, thinking that they're so hot and everyone else isn't that they actually lost the respect and support from the other universities.. it's that simple.. they deserve to go to LA, but they need a serious attitude check.. it's not really the Malaysian spirit we want to portray to the world, the snobbish one, isn't it?..

UMS got the support from everyone due to their humbleness and down-to-earth-ness that everyone in their team possess.. they come and say hi to everyone from all universities, mingling, networking, smiling, talking, and just making friends with everyone.. in whole, they are never cocky even tho they have one of the most amazing presentation in the whole competition.. 3D siot, so freaking awesome!! but they are never cocky, never snobbish, and they treat everyone with respect.. that's why they got everyone else's support and UiTM doesn't.. simple as that.. wonder when UiTM peeps will figure that out and change.. they're already awesome, we just have to wait for the massive attitude change, so they can be more awesome, and humble.. (^^,)

UUM with UMS peeps on the left, with awesome beads!.. (^^,)

but the BEST AND MOST AWESOME SIFE TEAM is no other but the one and only, UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA!! wohooooooooooo!!~~~ \(^o^)/

the team members who made it all possible.. without everyone, everything would be meaningless.. we busted our butts for all our projects and sacrificed 1 month of our holiday to come back and prepare for the competition, we did our best, and we shine the brightest on stage.. we didn't make it to the finals, we didn't win this year, but we are going to try our god damn best next year, so everyone better watch out for us, SIFE UUM!! wohoooooo!~~ \(^o^)/ and a thousand thanks to the supporters who came, without you guys, we wouldn't shine as much as we did in the competition, so thank you!.. (^^,)

I learned a lot about SIFE during the 3 days in KL, about the projects, about the lives, about the culture, about the people, about the future, and I can see how SIFE UUM can improve ourselves, and also the project that we can do too.. hey, World Cup has always been our goal, and we want it to come true.. the other universities have improved tremendously this year, and I doubt they will stop improving, so SIFE UUM must evolve and grow faster and better to achieve our goal, 2011 SIFE World Cup!! (^^,)

this will be the SIFE World Cup one day, we'll make sure of that.. (^^,)

no matter what anyone say, we are the WINNERS!!.. we impacted the lives of our community, we made a difference, we gave second chances to people, we make the world better, we all are winners.. so be proud my dear SIFErs, where ever you are, YOU are WINNERS!.. (^^,)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4 more freaking days!!

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Assalamualaikum, good morning awesome peeps!!.. it's such a nice morning today, that I had to sleep in.. kekekeke.. actually I wanted to go jogging, but my eyes would not open.. I blame chatting until the wee hours with people.. hohoho.. let's play the blaming game!!.. wheeee!~~ (^^,)

so today is 7th July.. tomorrow, 8th July, the SIFE UUM team will be presenting in front of our advisors and probably the TNC of UUM.. a bit nervous at this time since we're only like 80% fully ready.. I have fully memorized my parts in the script, but I blank at times which makes me worried.. I know everything, what to say, what to do, but sometimes the words won't roll of my tongue.. scary dowh... what if that happens during the competition?.. pftttttt!! don't want to think about it!.. (>_<)''

anyway, if anyone is free this 12th and 13th July, do drop by PWTC KL for SIFE National Competition.. come see me talk crap in front of hundreds of people.. hohohoho.. I think there's about 20 universities participating in the competition, so keep your eyes out for SIFE UUM okeh, coz we're THE BEST!!! wohooooooo!!~~ (^^,)

meet the 2010 SIFE UUM team..



Saturday, July 3, 2010

the reason why my life is not boring

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Assalamualaikum, good very early morning to everyone.. it's currently 1.47am, and I'm blogging while flopped on my belly, on my bed in Block D, DPP SME Bank in UUM.. been busy writing a script for the SIFE National Competition which will be held at PWTC, KL this 11 till 13th July.. it's in 8 days time weih, giler!!.. it's approching really fast, and is giving us, the SIFE UUM team, quite some pressure.. we really desperately want to do our best, but since there are some delays at some point, it's really unavoidable.. hurmm.. I'm not blaming anyone, but I'm not saying everyone is innocent either.. whatever it is, SIFE UUM will do our best, you can count on that!.. (^^,)

okay2, just some little interesting tidbits about my SIFE teammates.. they are so FREAKING AWESOME!!.. and so considerate.. the girls are really nice.. since Kachi is quite far from restaurants or food place and since it's semester break and the cafe is closed, we decided to cook ourselves, just to save money.. tapau-ing every day is very costly and unhealthy you know.. huhuhu.. so we've been taking turns cooking in my mums rice cooker which doubles as our stove.. our dinner usually is some chinese dish, since the chefs are Yinhui and Venus.. I only cooked once, maggi goreng.. hehehe.. it really is nice oh, my first time cooking maggi goreng in a rice cooker.. but I'm not worried about the food being non halal or anything, coz I monitor the ingredients, just in case.. but even if I don't, the girls will do it for me.. when we go buy groceries, they will make sure all the items have halal logo and no questionable Emulsifier.. and they even make sure that all the utensils used to make the food were not previously used to cook non halal food.. they're so considerate, love them so so much.. =')

but the guys are also awesome, and very gentlemen-ish.. we usually go jogging around Kachi in the morning and evening, and sometimes the guys would join us.. last time I wasn't feeling so well and was at the back of the group, but Kelvin, a fellow SIFEr, refused to leave me at the back alone, in case that some monkeys attack me or anything.. so we end up jogging and talking with each other.. he's so thoughful.. the other guys are also the same.. eventhough I joke and play around with Aevin and Aaron a lot and they bully me till the brink of tears, they are also gentlemen, walking me until my hostel block, just to make sure I get back safely, since it was past midnight at that time.. but it's either they really do care for me, or because they can't find my replacement.. hurmmmm.. =P

and last Wednesday, we went to Changlun night market (baca=pasar malam) and my non muslim friends became my consultant.. they advised me on what colour tudung tu buy, and which design suit me better.. I bet it's a very weird thing to watch, a bunch of chinese and an indian girl helping a malay to choose her tudung.. hahahaha.. yup, it is weird.. I choose 2 tudung and the seller ask me, "so are they the ones who are going to wear this?" hahaha, buat lawak bodo pulak seller tu.. =D

okay2, back to the main story, the national competition.. the SIFE UUM competition team is really 150% focused on the competition.. we aim to be the best, and we will make sure that we are the best.. we have faith that we can! we believe that we can! see if you can beat us the other SIFE teams! =D okay, that's too cocky, but whatever.. =P

pray for our success..

p/s :- do you guys think I should have the 'Jump High' photo contest that I mention below?


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