Wednesday, February 26, 2014

nak sihat sekarang atau sihat nanti?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t dan Salam Extravaganza! 

Pernah tak korang alami situasi macam kat bawah nih?

A: "laa, kau tak nak makan ke kek coklat moist aku buat nih?"
B : "tak nak lah, manis.."
A: "ala, sikit ja nih, tak payah la nak diet2 sangat weih.. baik kau makan je apa kau nak masa muda2 nih, nanti dah tua kau dah tak boleh rasa nikmat makan sebab banyak penyakit.. makan ja, kita muda lagi.."

umur 25 tahun dah disahkan kencing manis.. umur baru 25 tahun dah ada masalah darah tinggi.. umur 25 tahun dah obese.. salah siapa? sila tunding jari kat diri sendiri.. we control what we put in our mouth..


that's why you need Herbalife.. dugaan makanan tak sihat sangat tinggi sebab sedap, betul? that's why anda patut tukar makanan biasa anda yang tinggi kalori, tinggi lemak, tinggi gula, tinggi karbohidrat dengan Herbalife Formula 1 makanan nutrisi untuk badan anda.. dah la sedap, tinggi vitamin dan mineral yang cukup untuk badan macam makan 7 warna sayur n 7 warna buah, dan kandungan kalori yang sangat rendah membolehkan anda kurus dengan pengambilan yang konsisten.. bukan takat kurus, tapi sihat.. 

no, Herbalife bukan ubat kurus.. no, Herbalife bukan supplement ajaib.. no, Herbalife bukan baseless miracle product, our nutritionist board banyak buat kajian untuk menghasilkan product yang over the top punya kualiti.. Herbalife is good nutritious food for your body.. secara logiknya, bila kita makan makanan berkhasiat, kita akan sihat, betul kan? bila kecik2 dulu mak ayah kita mesti ingatkan kita untuk makan sayur sampai abes, betul kan? kenapa? sebab sayur makanan sihat and that is what Herbalife is, MAKANAN SIHAT.. sebab tu core products Herbalife tak dak dosage, sebab dia makanan, bukan supplement.. kalau supplement memang tak boleh ambil lebih dari arahan makanan dia contohnya 3 kapsul satu hari (yes Herbalife ada jugak supplements but we are talking about CORE product ye sekarang nih, jangan keliru okeh?) the more you take the core products (formula 1 nutritious shake, aloe concentrate, tea mix, formula 3 whey protein) the better and faster your results will be.. kenapa? sebab dia MAKANAN SIHAT untuk tubuh badan anda, high vitamins, high minerals, LOW CALORIES.. semakin banyak makanan sihat masuk tubuh badan, anda akan semakin sihat dan bertenaga, simple kan konsep dia? ;)

be in control of your life now and your life in the future.. start eating healthy now..
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

let your imagination roam!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t., salam Extravaganza!

I..... have no idea what to blog about.. hahaha.. I'm guessing this is one of my random thoughts jumbled up in writing.. hmmmm.. what to write about? I think I have promised more that 1 topic to someone somewhere.. I've got so many things to share but I'm guessing my mood doesn't cater to any particular topic, so hence I'm just letting my imagination and fingers do the typing.. hmmm.. maybe if I categorize possible topics, it'd be easier? okay let's try! :D 

Herbalife Life

well, I'm currently working to achieve Supervisor level.. I have recently qualify as Qualified Producer level last month, itu pun almost tak jadi.. haha.. but Alhamdulillah, Allah bantu and I made it.. people wonder how I'm actually able to juggle my full time work at Enactus Malaysia Foundation and my part time work as Independent Herbalife Distributor and I guess the easy explanation I have is only 1; PASSION.. if you have passion, you'll make it work.. and people see and feel your passion.. since I'm working full time, I don't have time to go out to shopping malls and do walk and talk or open up a booth and weight people all day.. my customers are people who know me, trust me and they contact me via Facebook or Whatsapp.. I rarely have strangers as customers coz I don't have time to go find them but I am still able to get and service my customers just fine, even though I'm only part time.. 
honestly, I love talking to my customers and listen to their testimony, coz everyone is different.. some can feel the effect of the products after the first shake but others might take longer than that.. some don't think they feel any different but turns out they can now fit into that 30 inch jeans they couldn't wear since 4 months ago.. so yeah, I guess I'm happy with what I do on my part time basis coz I get to make a difference in someone's life, alhamdulillah.. :)

Full Time Job

Being Program Executive in a small foundation with only 6 full time employees can be a real challenge sometimes, I kid you not.. with this 2 hands I am able to be a super hero.. okay, itu hyperbola but it's not that far from the truth.. in my case, I have to manage 36 Enactus teams and sometimes communication can be an issue.. God knows how I would love to know about their projects, give ideas and just chill and hang out with the students but I can't really do that much coz I have to take care of 36 of them and each have their own sets of problems and challenges.. tak puas hati among their own teammates pun ada but I don't meddle into internal issues of teams.. hal universiti, perebutan kuasa and stuff like that, EMF tak campur.. my goodness, to compile data can also be a challenge! okay, I can't say much, private and confidential.. hehehe.. 

Enactus World Cup, Cancun Mexico

bahahahaha, dah basi dah topik nih, October tahun lepas kot.. first thing first, the 30 hour flight was awesomely tiring! awesome coz I get to watch a ton of movies on flight and tiring coz I had to sit for more than 13 hours in 1 flight.. gila!.. I smell like sour cabbage when I touched down.. hahaha.. but it was great to be able to see Dubai, America and Mexico, and to get stamps in my passport.. seronok dowh.. Mexico was great! the whether was nice, almost the same as Malaysia, sunny and dry a bit, probably coz we were at a resort next to the sea.. I ate a whole bunch, mostly nachos and potatoes and stuff hence the additional 3kg once I got back to Malaysia.. hahaha.. but it was really nice to see the Enactus World Cup up front.. I only previously attended EWC when Malaysia hosted in 2011 and was blew away with the experience.. hoping I can go to EWC this year in Beijing China too.. hehe

Weight Loss Journey

I've been consuming Herbalife for 4 months this coming end Feb and I've lost 6.5kg in 3 months.. it's not much to some but if I were to just sit around and do nothing, my 69.5kg would have been 75kg easily.. hey, FOOD IS MY WEAKNESS! the best part for me when I lost weight was how light my body was.. I mean, living on the 4th floor with no elevator is definitely a challenge if you're heavy.. so now I'm working my way to lose more of my weight, wanna be 57kg! hehehehe.. but I guess, my health is a lot more important than that piece of cake or that cheese pizza.. ;)

Future Baby

No no, I'm not getting any yet, but one can hope.. :)

Next Milestone

I wanna be Supervisor by March.. 3k+ vp now.. anyone want to buddy up with me? hew3~ 

This year WILL BE EPIC! I want to try and achieve EWC atmosphere in this year's EMNC.. it's tough really, but I can plan and do my best.. :) seriously, honestly, I want it to be EPIC!

okay, dah.. jom tidooooo~ 


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