Saturday, March 27, 2010


Mood : dark

the title of this post is a total lie..
tipu tipu..
I really want you guys to ask me questions at this website..
seriously, ASK ME ANYTHING!!
I promise I'll answer..
so do it!!
ask meh!!

happy hour! (^^,)

well, that aside, I'm currently dark in my house..
all for a good cause..
it's Earth Hour bebeh!!
one hour of darkness to help cool down the Earth..
I read about this campaign being a conspiracy or whatnot, but I don't really care..
for me, the Earth is suffering with all the pollutions we humans lash out to it..
air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, heat pollution, you name it..
so why not sacrifice an hour of light to help cool down the Earth?..
global warming is real people!!
reduce energy consumption, especially unneeded energy..
what you do can really make a difference..
shining star~~

Monday, March 22, 2010

a million happiness for one reason.. guess what?.. (^^,)

Mood : not enough sleep yet still blogging

I just returned from an event organized by my Event Management class..
we did a 2 day 1 night Homestay event in Kampung Desa KEDA Ulu Legong, Baling Kedah..
it's so cool, feeling the happiness of kampung life..
I got to go to the Hotsprings, went jungle tracking, bathing in Angkat river, had a picnic with the families there, played games and activities with the kampung folks and also visited indigenous people (orang asli) and gave out donated clothing from generous UUM peeps..
I have a family now over there, abah, mak, kakak and adik..
really looking forward to visiting my family there in the near future..
but first, I'd like to thank my Event Management classmates cum teammates who made this event a successful one..
well, all except 1 person that is..
what can I say, not everyone has other peoples interest at heart..
our event wasn't a perfect one though..
it might not be the best event, but hey, the experience is all that counts!

posing before jungle tracking..

during jungle tracking..

well, truthfully, I didn't like the idea of having our event there..
I wanted to do a horse related event that generates money, you know, me loving my horses and being an entrepreneurship student and all..
but in the end, I really enjoyed my time at Homestay Ulu Legong..
so I want to thank my teammates, especially my project director, Ifa, for forcing me to go there!
I seriously had fun!
thanks a lot you guys!
I really felt like all of us were a family, well, except for one person..
but hey, don't let this person bring us down ya!
love you guys!

and I got a surprise call from my friend on my way to Ulu Legong on Thursday..
this call eventually got me to KL last Saturday night..
what for?..
for the best night of my life with the best 12 boys ever!!
I can't post much about that yet, not without pictures, but if you understand Korean, read this..

내 사랑 케이 - 팝 그룹 슈퍼 주니어를 만나고있어 저만의 눈으로 만세!
그들은 섹시하다고하고 귀여운 모두 하나 끝내 줬어!
동해 그냥 일반 덥고 지글지글!

정말 마지막 토요일 경기장 부킷 jalil 번째 아시아 투어 콘서트 슈퍼 쥬니어 슈퍼 쇼를 즐겼다.
그래서 내 친구, 내 동생이 날 콘서트 티켓을주는 fs에 감사합니다.
그것을 현재 최고의 생일을 내가 잡았어!

나는 개인적으로 당신을 만날 수있는 제대로 감사합니다,하지만 난 기다려야하려는 것 같아
정말 고마워요!

I promise, there will be pictures later..

stay tuned awesome people!!
shining star~~

Sunday, March 14, 2010

tilt your head a little, there you go, that's wayyyyy prettier!!

Mood : yawn

I've been reading a couple of my friends blogs a few hours back, and I notice that they update quite frequently..
and I also missed a couple of their posts, due to my being busy..
and I'm really sorry about that..
updating this blog also has been neglected..
I'm so sorry dear blog, and also everyone..
I know not many people come to my blog anymore since I rarely update, but hey, I understand..

so just a kindly reminder to myself,
when you're free, post about these!..

list of events that I did not have the time to fully blog about yet:-

1:- BBQ night at Equine Center, UUM (met farid kamel)
2:- Karnival Keusahawan (KARNIAWAN), Uni M'sia Kelantan
3:- ISE-SODA 2010, Langkawi
4:- Yayasan Bank Rakyat Scholarship interview, KL
5:- short trip in KL

I promise I'll blog about them one day..
you know, someday..
uii, don't make that face!
I will blog about it, really..
you know, someday..

BBQ night at Equine Center with Farid Kamel, UUM

representing UUM at Karniawan, UMK

being MC at ISE-SODA, Langkawi

as heads up, alhamdulillah my scholarship interview went well..
I was nervous as hell before I got into the interview room, but became calm once I stepped in..
weird huh?..
but I have no pictures, too nervous to snap any..
I'll get an answer from Yayasan Bak Rakyat next month in April..
I feel confident that they'll give me the scholarship..
even if they didn't, the education loan is a-ok by me!..

alright, I have to go now, loads of assignments to finish..
studying for my final exams, etc..
I'll try my best to update as soon as possible, but no guarantees..
I am a busy person after all..
hahaha, prasan!

later awesome peeps!!
shining star~~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

when opportunity knocks..

answer the damn door!!

Mood : over excited

read and you'll know why I'm excited..

so I'll be in KL starting tomorrow morning..
I have to go early coz I need to find the place first..
if I know the place, it'll be easier for me to go their for my interview on Friday..
but it's just a short trip, until Friday night..
I have to go for ko-k activity Saturday morning in UUM and I can't miss that..
please pray for my success in the interview!..
wait, you guys got any tips for me?..
I sure could use some..

okay, I have to go now..
got to study for my Public Speaking test tonight before I ride my bus to KL..
shining star~~

Saturday, March 6, 2010

calling all 'em awesome peeps out there!!

Mood : Sleepy

people of Earth and beyond, hear me!!!
I am the great ruler of the world!!
bow down to me!!!

-najmie, wake up, it's morning-

ceh, it was all a dream..
and I thought I'd get to eat ice cream all I want without getting fat..
well, just want to ask for your favour..
can you please check out this link :-

Awesome Collection

choose a blouse, dress, shirt or skirt, and BUY THEM from me..
please, I beg of you!!
my wardrobe needs some cleaning and you guys are awesome people who will get em..
all items are pre-loved and below RM20..
so hurry!!!!
all items are one of a kind and limited..

one of my items up for grabs..

check them out ya, promise?..
thanks a million awesome peeps!!
you guys rock!!


okay, I'm off now..
shining star~~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

swimming in the ocean with sharks and dolphins

Mood : (>.<)

well awesome peeps, I'm back from Langkawi!!~~
with lots of chocolates and a light tan on my skin..
plus a few kilograms heavier..
food in City Bayview Hotel was so nice meh, cannot resist the temptation..

experience-wise, I learned a lot about being spontaneous while conducting a semi formal welcoming dinner..
and also learned to be humorous, making people smile and laugh with my being the MC..
it was really a great experience that I want to have again in the near future..
plus the people involved with the ISE SODA 2010 were awesome too!
especially the staff members of CEDI UUM, the practical students, my co-MC Viva, my SIFER friends, the paper presenters and everyone involved with the seminar..
yeah, it was boring at times where you feel like you want to bash your heads to the wall just to stay awake, but everything was much livelier at lunch and tea breaks!..

gosh, I wanna type a whole lot more, but sadly, I'm currently busy..
2 tests I have not done yet, and 2 assignments that I have not submitted..
not forgetting my public speaking presentation next week..
ufufufu, student life is really biting me in the butt and leaving a stain on my pants..

but before I leave, a question to my awesome blog readers..

are you,
or are you not


in making lots of money with just RM100?..

I'll show you how if you're interested..
email, YM or FB me ya..

later awesome peeps!!~~
shining star~~


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