Friday, June 22, 2012

I want a stamp on my passport!

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome people!~ ^_^

well, I'm supposed to be studying for my final exam paper scheduled this Wednesday but I'm taking a break to update my blog.. hohoho.. anyway, a friend of mine from Diploma is getting married on 1st of July and I'm excited to go and see her! I won't be able to be there on the day itself but I'm planning on going a few days earlier so I could sit and just talk with her.. I haven't seen her for almost 4 years and I'm dying to catch up.. she's one of my close friends so I'm excited! plus I can just see the preparations needed to run a wedding reception since my wedding is not that far from now ehemm~ =P

anyway, that's not the main focus of today's post.. I'm actually excited about getting a stamp on my passport that I made a few months earlier.. I was supposed to go to Krabi in March but was side punched in the face by a so-called friend who tricked me and made it impossible for me to go to Krabi at that time.. I'm normally a forgiving person but what that so-called friend did was evil and conniving and I have yet to forgive him.. and he didn't even come and apologize, the nerve of the dude right?? grgrgrrrrr!~ hmmphh! argh, talking about him makes my blood boil, so let's move on shall we?

this 2nd of July, I will finally be able to get the stamp on my passport, coz I'll be going to Phuket baby!~ wohoooo!~ and no, I won't be finding bitches, I'll be finding the beach!~ BEACH PLEASE! ~(^o^)~ It's been almost 2 months since I saw the beach and I'm thrilled to be going to Phuket, we'll even be stopping by Phi Phi Island for snorkeling and seeing the beauty of Krabi as well.. hohoho.. who am I going with? rest assured, I'm not going alone, I'll be going with the UUM Transportation class, in total around 4 buses.. so cool right? plus my good friend Amoi is going as well.. and it's the perfect time for me to bond with my soon-to-be sister-in-law as she will be going too.. hoho

but now I'm stuck.. how can a hijaber plan what to wear for a great time at the beach and in the water? what should I wear? so I'm stuck, like really stuck.. jeans? cotton? maxi dress? long skirts? and what about the hijab itself? what material should I focus on? hmmm, I need to do a bit of research then.. fuhhh, 2 weeks to go, I'm excited!~ ^_^

Sunday, June 10, 2012

so who is Mr Fiancee?

Assalamualaikum and hello! ^^

it's currently the final exams season in UUM and everyone is buzzing about burying their faces in books and notes.. you should pop by our Smart Reading Room at the Library and see the war preparations taking place there, LOL.. I would like to say that I'm doing that as well at the moment for my remaining 3 papers, but I'm here in front of my laptop and typing this entry for all y'all to read, am i right? =D

anyway, most of you have heard, or read about the utmost surprising and over-the-top (insert puke noises here) of me being engaged.. I would actually like to thank all my friends and family who came and also to those who wished congratulations on Facebook.. it really does mean a lot to me, so thank you everyone! ^^

Most of my friends on Facebook were surprised, and it all started with a picture a friend of mine posted on FB.. that was the instigator (LOL) to the uproar (LOL again).. some were mad coz they weren't invited to the ceremony, some were taken aback of the abruptness of everything, some were confused as I was not currently in any relationship with anyone at the moment, some were curious as to who I'm getting engaged to and some were just happy for me yay! =D 

the reason why I didn't really publish or tell everyone about my engagement on 26th of May was because I wanted it to be a surprise.. you know, just in case it didn't happen or stuff.. that and I can't afford to invite everyone and pay for the food.. TTT^TTT  my apologies to everyone.. but but buttttttt, people will get invites for the reception ceremony taking place early next year, InsyaAllah.. ^^

so on to the topic at hand, WHO IS HE? who is my fiancee? who is the dude that captured and locked my heart in a safety box? (LOL) who is this guy? that still remains to be a mystery.. =) I have actually chosen to keep secret the identity of my fiancee, at least for now.. why? CAUSE I CAN, LOL.. it's not like I want to all diva and stuff, or want to get the attention of people, but I just WANT TO.. this is my choice people, there isn't much you can do, right? (^^,)

and until recent, I didn't know that this - the identity of Mr Fiancee - was such a big issue.. I know certain people are more curious of this topic compared to others, mostly my peers in UUM.. since I have done nothing much in keeping below the radar since my first semester, most people know of my existence, particularly to whom I'm close with, especially of the opposite sex.. I admit, I have more guy friends than girl friends but I'm okay with both genders actually.. (=___=! 

close friends of mine who were present at my engagement ceremony particularly were ambushed by people who wanted to know who Mr Fiancee is.. especially two of my best friends, Hanes and Kwee Ling a.k.a Amoi.. they might or might not know who Mr Fiancee is, but do you really have to ambush and corner them? really? I mean, come on la, there are reasons why they're not giving you answers.. please stop bothering them, please? I feel bad when they come to me and say, "hey do you know this girl/guy/dude from this class/this event/this course, she/he asked me who your fiancee is.. I didn't say anything but she/he kept bothering me.."  I feel bad, seriously.. Hanes and Amoi, I'm sorry~~ TTTT^TTTT

regarding Mr Fiancee, his identity will still remain a secret, for now.. you can guess all you want, but I won't say yes and I won't say no to any of your guesses, I'm serious.. =) do you need some hints to start guessing? ^^

hint no 1 : he's Malaysian, not a foreigner.. =D
hint no 2 : he's 24 years old this year
hint no 3 : we've known each other for more than a year
hint no 4 : he's one of my best friend prior to being my fiancee
hint no 5 : he has finished his Degree level
hint no 6 : he has/was/did stay in DPP TNB, UUM
hint no 7 : he has an awesome smile.. =)

okay, enough of the hints.. I can't keep this secret forever, so no worries, you guys will know who he is, one day, not today, but one day, in the future, as in, not now.. LOL

so I'm gonna hit the books now.. my next paper is on 13th, then on 14th and the last paper for my degree level (insyaAllah) will be on 27th.. then I'm off for a short holiday in Phuket (yay!) before starting my practical in KL on 9th July.. so till the next entry, later awesome peeps! keep smiling! ^^

Sunday, June 3, 2012

wanna be a chick magnet?

Assalamualaikum and happy Sunday awesome people!~

so today's entry is all about the boys, or men, if you prefer.. every now and then, I have guy friends who ask me relationship cheeze, like, why won't this girl like me? why does this girl hate my guts? why do birds fly? why do elephants poop? why can't I find a decent hot looking girl who likes me for me and not my money? and a whole bunch of other questions.. I am no expert in relationships or girls, but I guess coz I'm an easy and approachable girl friend of said guys probably made them open up and ask em questions..

so I'm gonna help them by answering the questions here, also to help other guys out there who got no friends to help em out with girl stuff LMAO.. =D so here are some frequently asked questions I get from guys.. if they fit your current predicament, feel free to follow the advice I give ya'll.. 

are you a chick magnet?

Q1 : why won't girls like me?

dude, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? I know how people say that looks don't matter, but I'd be lying if I agree to that.. girls are attracted to pretty things as do guys to hot or sexy things, am I right? don't be lying to me and say, a girl will like me coz I'm nice and I do her homework for her and shit, coz you're just deceiving yourself.. okay, granted, some girls do work that way, but trust me, you need to look good, or at least decent, to be able to actually have a chance with a girl..

my advice : trim your beard, wash your hair, take a bath, iron your clothes, wear masculine perfumes, trim your fingernails, and put on some confidence.. coz hunny, you don't need to look as hot as an underwear model or as cool as an actor, you just need to look good and smell great.. appearance is everything but looks is nothing without hygiene.. seriously! take care of your hygiene and we'll be attracted to you.. if not attracted, we girls will give you a fighting chance.. got that? ^^

Q2 : why are girls gold diggers?

dude, if you attract a girl by showing off your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, Proton Perdana, Honda City, Nike shoe collection, back stage passes to the hottest concerts, and then shower her with shopping sprees and expensive presents, why wouldn't she be interested with your money? it is the one making her happy, am I right?

my advice : don't play the money card too fast.. when you guys go out on a date, don't take her to the most expensive restaurant, a decent restaurant will do.. dates serve as a time for you to get to know the girl, not to make her fall in love with your money.. if she loves you for you, she won't care if you're homeless or dirt poor! =D

Q3 : why won't girls talk to me?

dude, have you checked your breathe? like seriously, some men have the worst breathe and they literally push the girls away themselves just by opening their mouth and talking.. it might be your breathe, it might also be your body odour, but bottom line is, CHECK THEM! your friends might never tell you the truth that your body reeks so bad that a dolphin stranded on the beach would get up and walk back into the ocean, just to run from you.. so ask your family members if you have body odour, it's less embarrassing if your sister tells you that compared to your friend.. coz we girls are super sensitive to bad odour so if we can't stand being near you, why would we talk to you?

my advice : before approaching a girl to talk to her, check your breathe and body, make sure you don't stink.. if you happen to reek at that time, have some mints or chewing gum handy as well as masculine purfume to spray on.. I would suggest deodorant, the strong kind, okay?


alright, I'm gonna stop here, I'll continue later.. do ask me questions if you happen to have em, and i'll answer em from a girls point of view.. hope this has been helpful!~ ^^

and now I'm less annoyed

Assalamualaikum and hey..

you know what's annoying? seeing a friend who is less attractive than you be in a relationship with a really hot guy.. I mean, really hot, like supermodel actor hot, and the girl isn't even that pretty..

but you know what's more annoying? when a friend who's your age is already married or maybe has her own kids while you're still struggling with final exams and internship. *growls* if you're facing this or maybe even relate to what I'm saying, join the club..

I've spent more than a year looking through old school friends and diploma friends' photo albums (no, I'm not a stalker, at least not the creepy ones LOL) and seeing happy wedding photos plastered on their walls.. all dolled up and posing for the camera.. and along the lines, a little bundle of joy pops out from between mummys legs and more pictures are taken.. hey don't get me wrong, I'm happy for their happiness, BUT WHEN IS IT MY DAMN TURN??

and now I can almost say I'm less annoyed.. =)

Alhamdulillah, I got engaged on 26th May 2012 with a person who loves me so so much, and like seriously, I'm so lucky to have you.. and get this, I'm in love with my best friend.. he got out of the friendzone bigtime, so you guys might want to figure out what vodoo powers he has over me.. LOL.. I'm just happy that I have a fiancee now, but it gets weird when I text him and say, "hi encik tunang.." geli tekak kadang2 pun ada.. hahaha.. I'm not much of a romantic person so it's just weird to say that to your best friend.. dude, I'm my best friends' fiancee!

oh oh! don't waste your breath and ask me who my fiancee is, that's classified information for now.. what's a big way to get married? with a big bang! and that's where the surprise kicks in.. hehehehe.. you'll get to see him, in due time.. if you happen to already know who he is, then consider yourself pretty lucky, and awesome! =D

anyway, I'm here to spam my blog with over gediks photos of my engagement, so enjoy them till you puke rainbows ya? I'm gonna go sleep now, I have an exam tomorrow.. tooddles!~ ^^ 

what's a princess without her mini throne, right?

le cake for Mr Fiancee *giggles* 

le princess for the day

le pretending I'm not nervous at all

le texting Mr Fiancee *yes I'm not that rich, CSL is all that I can afford

le bored princess

le kissed princess

le chicken!!!

le me and le mother

le me bored waiting for le fiancee

le familia arrives!

le me super nervous

le future mummy in law slips ring into finger *shaking at this point*


I have two mummy's now yay!

le hantarans~

I'm engaged! =D

le sisters and QA ma niece~

girl power ain't so bad, sugar~

I'm gonna end this entry with a vain pose..



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