Monday, November 30, 2009

My first ever CONTEST!

Mood : determined

I have been feeling FAT for awhile now..
and when I look at my pictures, I do look fat..
when I meet my old friends, they'd say,
"Najmie, kau nampak berisi sket.."
do you know how self conscious that makes me feel?..

you don't believe I'm fat?..
check out some of my pics below..

see my flaws?..
my round tummy?..
my huge thighs?..
my round face?..
I even have fat under my chin..
yeah, I admit it, I'm a bit over weight..

but all that is about to change..
I am now determined to loose the weight that I have gained recently..
quite a lot, 5 kg..
and I want to loose 10kg, just to be safe..
is it possible?
you bet it is!
and to prove how determined I am on this, I have decided to have a contest, my first ever contest..
are you guys interested?

well, this contest is gonna be for a long duration of time, until I loose my 10kg..
it might take a month or so till I announce the winner, so you guys have to be patient ok?..
I will update on my weight loss from time to time, so you guys will know how much I have lost and how close we are to the end of this contest..

these are the rules :-

1. you must be one of my followers..

2. to win, you must be my TOP commentator.. the more you comment in my blog, the higher your chance in winning this contest.. (refer to the Top 15 Commentator on my right side bar)

3. all entries in my blog are available to be commented on..

4. only comments related to the entry will be counted..

5. irrelevant comments are not allowed and will be delete..

easy isn't it?..

what is the prize?..
like I said in my previous entry, the prize is custom made and will be one of a kind..
since there is only going to be ONE winner, I've decided to give.......

a t-shirt with an original artwork done by my lil sister..

for those who want to check out the quality of my sisters artwork, [please click here]
the t-shirt will be one of a kind and will be custom made to include your own blog address, name and of course, an original artwork..
the artwork can be a picture of you or anyone you want in anime form, chibi form or a comic form..
you can choose for yourself..

okay, I think I covered everything..
so, are there any questions?..
leave me a comment and I'll explain on the parts you're not clear with, ok?..

for your information, I have started jogging every evening for the past 4 days now..
and I also just received my swimsuit from the online store I ordered from today..
so I'll be swimming too to loose weight..
insyaallah, this contest won't be too long..
coz I'm really determined..

I'll be offline tomorrow and Wednesday coz I'll be in Sungai Petani..
sleeping in Swiss Inn with my mum and lil sis, Wahida..
something about Kursus asas Keusahwanan Siswazah for UUM students..
my mum is one of the speakers so we get to tag along and sleep in a nice hotel..
and there's a swimming pool and gym there too..

well, wish me luck on my quest to lose weight..
and I wish you the best of luck in winning this contest..
you can even start now!
shining star~~

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm selling my sister.. anyone interested?

Mood : giggles

my sisters have gone back to KL this morning, boarding the bus Pancaran Matahari..
Intan kept repeating, "Don't miss me.. and don't blog about me!.."
cisss, it's not like she the only sister I have..
so I WON'T be missing Intan today..

I'll be missing Aini instead..
I wanna share with you guys the talent my lil sis has..
she has the the ability to draw and color superbly using photoshop..
and it has recently been better coz Uncle S bought her a drawing tablet..
my sis is a fan of manga and animes..
so her drawings are mostly inspired from them..
note, they are not plagiarism, it's Fan Art..

check out her awesome work, and tell me what you guys think ya?..

these are her earlier works..

Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist And Allen Walker..

my sister when she was stress with exams..

dunno what this is..

characters from different animes drawn to resemble Super Junior..

after Aini got her laptop, she started being serious with her drawings..

she did this by herself..

did you know that Winter Sonata is now an animation?..
well, IT IS!!

a web animation called Axis Powers Hetalia..
really fun to watch..

these are here original work, and I personally watched the last picture from the beginning..
man, she's really good!
she's also getting good in editing pictures..

Aini edited the left picture, the right picture was the before..

this picture is a wow..
I've seen the original one, and it was really different..
for one, the guy didn't wear anything in the original pic..

my sister Aini has such awesome talents..
if anyone happen to have projects or anything that need pictures or animations, feel free to contact me or my sis..
she also has a blog so check em out and leave a message for her here:-

on to another topic..
I'm thinking of having a contest on my blog..
if I did, would you guys be interested?..
the prize is custom made and cannot be found anywhere else..
only through this contest..
what is it?..
it's a surprise..

okay, I'm off..
adios awesome people!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

early morning observation

Mood : nyum nyum nyum

eve of raya..
things I observed in the early hours of the morning around 2.30am..
note - AM

men with pimped cars tend to have a race along the lonely roads of the city..

guys with motorcycles tend to 'rempit' the roads of the city..

police patrol cars tend to do their rounds when the pimped cars and motorcycles are gone..

the male species are the majority who are out of the house during this time..

things men buy at 7-Eleven in the early morning :-
1) cigarette
2) cigarette
3) cigarette
4) cigarette
5 ) cigarette
6 ) topup
7) topup
8) topup
9) water
10 ) junk food

men don't go out alone in the early morning..

men find it weird to see a car with 3 female species in the morning..

they also don't mind staring at us..

men don't mind riding on their motorcycle wearing only a boxer and t-shirt..


no, I wasn't out in the wee hours of the morning for nothing..
I went to pick up my sisters, Aini and Intan who came back from KL..
I went to Jitra with my mum n my lil sis, Wahida..
we waited next to the roadside, parked in front of 7-Eleven Jitra..
thus my observation was created..

well, I'm off..
my family might be going to Kuala Perlis for seafood after Asar..
nyum nyum, sotong tepung goreng!
anyone wanna come with?..

Friday, November 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!

Mood : wangi

aku dah mandi sunat dah..
nak pegi sembahyang raya jap lagi..


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mafia Family

Mood : what are you looking at??!

I was seriously thinking of writing a review for the movie 2012, but my mood is just not here yet..
but the movie was kicking ass!!
worth every penny, I must say..
I'll tell you in my review later, if I ever write one..
seriously la, I have no mood what-so-ever..
don't ask me why, I just don't feel that upbeat..
so, just to post a question..


please state the reasons for your choice..
shining star~~

Monday, November 23, 2009

finally.. the end of life as we know it..

Mood : butterflies in my yummy tummy

I feel so outdated..
I'm pretty much sure you guys have seen this movie, only I haven't..
you guys are so cool..
I'm so lame..
well guess what?
so I don't mind you pointing out the obvious..

this entry is just to tell you that I won't be online tomorrow coz I'm gonna go catch a movie in Jitra..

outdated kan?..
well, better late than never I say..
no, don't worry, I won't be dating with a boy..
I'll be dating with BOYS, meaning more than one..
my high school friends might join me, but that's uncertain yet..
but what's for sure is, my 11 year old lil sis, Wahida and her friend will be there with me..
so don't worry, I got 'children' supervision..
maybe I'll be playing a round of bowling with my buds, but that's not certain too..
have to see my mood tomorrow..

damn, sitting in the cold movie theater for 2 hours and 40 minutes is gonna be torture for me..
I have a small bladder the size of a squirrel..
should I bring an empty bottle and pee silently without leaving the comfort of my seat?..
and also to not miss any crucial moments of the movie?..
haishh, so non-hygienic kan..

ok, I'm out..
wanna watch Supernatural on AXN..
adios me amore!
shining star~~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

fatul suruh buat entry kelakar.. (-__-"

Mood : mencuba nasib

ok, asalnya aku nak update pasal menda lain, tapi masa jenjalan kat blog orang lain, aku terjatuh kat blog En Fatul yang gay nih yang tengah menganjurkan contest..
tak2, dia bukan gay yang suka lelaki tuh, dia gay yang happy..
kau tak pecaya?..
cuba kau bukak kamus dwibahasa terbitan dewan bahasa edisi ke 7 muka surat 121..
dia ada tulis dowh, gay tu maksudnya happy..
jumpa tak?..
haaa, kau pecaya aku tak sekarang?

ok, so aku kena la buat entry yang kelakar..
aku bukan lah seorang yang kelakar sangat..
betul, aku tak tipu..
tanya adik bradik aku, memang aku tak kelakar..
aku seorang yang pemalu dan pendiam..
bunuh nyamuk yang hinggap kat pipi pun tak mati..
pijak semut dengan kasut saiz 10 pun tak mati..
ok, yang nih aku tipu..
aku saiz 7 ja..

aku nak kongsi satu cerita benar yang terjadi kat aku pada zaman batu dohulu..


umur aku masa tuh 12 tahun, nak masuk 13..
akhir tahun 2000..
aku nak masuk sekolah agama, so kena la di temuduga..
ya, dulu aku memang berazam nak jadi budak baik..
berhempas pulas sambil cuba membunuh kutu di rambut..
baik tak aku?..
so aku pegi la temuduga tu..
cot cet cot cet, bla bla bla kemudian, aku dapat surat tawaran dari sekolah tu..
perghh, memang seronok gila dowh!
gila pun tak seronok macam aku..
aku menari2 macam beruk bila surat tu ada dalam tangan..
kau nampak tak kegembiraan aku nak masuk sekolah agama nih?..
sangat innocent dan virgin kan aku?..
aku pun dengan bahagianya bukak sampul surat tu dan baca isi kandungannya..

"sukacitanya dimaklumkan bahawa anda telah terpilih untuk menjadi pelajar di Sekolah Menengah Agama Nadhah Hasanah.. sila daftar pada sekian tarikh pada sekian masa.."

wohooo, aku terpilih weih!!
ok, aku sambung menari macam beruk sambil garu-garu ketiak..

"bersama surat ini disertakan undang2 asrama dan undang2 sekolah yang mesti dipatuhi oleh setiap pelajar.."

aku bukak la lampiran undang2..

perghhhhhh, sumpah tak boleh blah!!


aku diterima masuk sekolah nih, kena duduk kat asrama putera..
kena kongsi katil dengan lelaki..
tukar baju depan lelaki..
tak boleh pakai coli dah dan kena leperkan dada..
kena belajar pakai boxer dan jalan macam samseng..
kena belajar ngorat awek2 cun..
sebab dia salah letak nama aku..

Khairun Najmi bin Kamisan


itu lah padahnya kalau nama kau bunyi macam lelaki..
sapa yang harus disalahkan?..
tak2, bukan mak bapak aku, aku sayangkan diaorang dowh..
*ayat bodek mintak mak aku belanja secret recipe*

mula2 aku memang tak suka dengan nama aku..

"Najmie? tu bukan nama laki ka?"

"nama awak Najmie?.. tipu lah.. tu nama pakwe awak kan?"

"dipersilakan SAUDARA Najmie untuk naik ke pentas.."
kejadian masa aku belajar Diploma dulu..

tapi lama2 aku dah suka..
sebab tak ramai perempuan nama Najmie dowh, so aku unik!!
dan lagi satu..
sebab dapat cium awek2 cun..
lagi2 time couple yang tengah begaduh..
perghh, masyuk~~

pakwe Siti = "ayg keluar tengok wayang dengan sapa tadi sampai off phone?"

Siti = "dengan boyfriend baru.."

"hah??! kita baru gaduh tak sampai sehari, ayg dah ada pengganti b?! siapa jantan keparat tuh?!"

"hey, sukahati saya lah nak kawan dengan sesapa pun, apa awak kisah??! nama dia NAJMIE! dia lagi hensem dan baik dari awak!"

"cheese cake betul! (baca = cisss fatul!)

pastu mesti aku interrupt perbualan diaorang dengan ciuman di pipi Siti..

"awww, Najmie kiss pipi saya.. comelnya dia nih.."


ok, tak lawak..
sebab aku tak comel pun..
pandai2 ja Siti nih..
cium lagi kang..

kau mesti nak jadi macam aku kan?
so nanti anak2 kau orang, bagi nama unisex macam nama aku..
tak pun macam nama fatul..


ok, aku dah baca balik entri nih..
kenapa macam tak kelakar??
oh lupa, kan awal2 tadi aku kata aku tak kelakar..
sila muntah hijau sekarang En Fatul..
tak pon gelak guleng2 dari ruang tamu hingga ke dapur sebab nama anda semua kaler pink dan sangat macho....
pastu bagi aku menang adiah best2..

bintang bersinar~~

Friday, November 20, 2009

last of my WAR!

Mood : anticipating
*can you read it?*

last paper for my first semester in UUM..

war about
= Managerial Maths

date of war
= today (20th Nov 09)

time of war
= 8.30pm

venue of war
= Dewan Tan Sri Osman, UUM

equipments needed for war
= calculator, pen, liquid paper, pencil, eraser, BRAIN

attire for war
= bikini

bikini in an air conditioned room?..
frost bite prone..

pray for my sanity..
it might be a bumpy ride, but it's the LAST ride for this semester..
ok, done..

*runs back to book and sits quietly*
shhhhh, keep your voice down please..
bookworm practicing the art of ninjutsu..

ok, dah banyak merepek..
shining star~~


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