Sunday, January 18, 2009

sick again.. (T_T)

Mood : sick (T_T)

well, according to the title, i am officially sick again..
it's related to the previous sickness, the shingles (kayap) or Dermatitis..
now let me tell you the story of how this happened..

i work at this company that sells propolis right..
we had testimonies from users that it is quite effective for the face..
it can whiten, purify and give youth to the skin..
i was mesmerized by the testimony and wanted to try it..

so i prepared my face for the procedure..
i mixed the 3 drops of propolis with cool powder (bedak sejuk) and apply it on my face before going to sleep..
next thing i know, i woke up and my face was red, puffy, bloated and itchy..
i couldn't go to work looking like that so i got an MC from the clinic..
turns out I'm still sensitive to the propolis..
and kind of unsuitable for my use..
this is due to the fact that my skin is still recovering from the previous sickness, shingles a.k.a. Dermatitis..
my nerves have not fully healed..
so now i am in recovery, again!!

my face is really hideous, you wouldn't know it was me..
I'm really ashamed..
but i know this is a test from the Almighty Allah s.w.t. for me..
i just have to pray and hope that my face return to it's normal self..
and hopefully all my sins before are replenished..

I'm really thankful that my family are here to support me during this hard time..
my opah is really helping me..
i would like to say a thousand thanks to my mom, my opah, my sisters and everyone who have helped me through this..

pray for my recovery..
thanks guys!! (^^,)
shining star~~


feshnie said...'s right don't look the same.
Get well soon.
You're looking much better though so keep it up...
whatever 'it' is...

And you're getting louder again.

sweet_knk said...

thanks sis..

i am getting loud again aren't i?..
ahakz~~ (^^,)


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