Thursday, January 8, 2009

work related...

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on to my 3rd update..
this is related to my practical at Perfect Instinct Sdn. Bhd...

a couple of days ago, the company i worked at hired new workers..
there were 5 of them..
all of them are older than me, so doesn't matter that i look big, i'm actually the youngest.. (^^,)

anyways, we were just doing our job one fine day, 3rd January 09, when one of my boss asked my co-worker, Kak Majidah to go out and buy ink cartridges for the printer..
it was around 1.30 pm, lunch hour..
kak majidah followed orders, even though she was quite hungry..
she went to Changlun riding her red Kriss motorcycle..

after lunch hour, around 2.30pm i think, i was instructed to go and xerox some paper at a nearby shop..
on my way to the shop, i saw that the highway in front of the shop was at a snails pace..
at first i thought that the police was doing a road block..
but later i found out that an accident happened and caused the traffic jam..

i asked the girl at the xerox shop if she knew what happened..
according to her, someone wanted to U-Turn at a non-U turn junction..
a motorcyclist was hit by a car at the fast lane..
i was quite suprised but didn't think much about it..
later, i returned back to the office and told my other co-workers..
we talked a little about it but didn't go any deeper since there was many things to do..

half an hour later, the uncle from the store next door told us that it was a worker from the company...
we were in shock!!!
especially me..
i went to the crash site and saw the motorcycle and helmet for myself...
he was right, it was Kak Majidah..

i called my supervisor, Pn Nor to inform her about what happened..
she told me that i was in charge of all of Kak Majidah's work until further notice..

the next day, i went to the hospital to visit her..
her face was perfectly fine..
but her feet weren't looking to good..
she has stiches all over her feet..
quite scary actually..
i wished her speed recovery and that i will cover her place as best as i could..
Kak Majidah, Hwaiting!!! (^^,)

get better soon!!!
shining star~~

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feshnie said...

If you see her again, tell her I'm wishing for her speed recovery as well. It must be difficult for her. Please give her support at this time~


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