Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice Skating anyone?

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Assalamualaikum and hello gorgeous peeps!

how's your weekend so far?.. I hope it's been awesome.. my weekend wasn't that good, I'm still recovering from my horse riding injury.. don't know what I'm talking about?.. check out the previous entry please.. (^^,)

I was looking through my pictures on Facebook, when I came across a few pictures of me at Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating rink.. and it definitely brought back memories! =D I've only been to the rink 2 times, but both has their own awesome memories.. (^^,)

this was my first time at the rink, in December last year.. skating isn't that hard for me, since I've had experience in roller blading, which is quite similar to ice skating, only it's on land, and ice skating is, well, on ice.. duhhh!~ hahaha.. I went with my friend, Kerol, but coincidently met with my friend from college, Didi!.. she's quite scared, since it's her first time skating.. she clung on to me like glue.. hehehe.. so I took her around the rink a couple of times, which she fell 3 or 4 times, I forgot.. it's not that bad I think, coz falling is a part of learning, just like I fell off my horse.. hehehe.. so I didn't manage to not fall in the skating rink, coz I did an awesome superman dive from one corner to the other.. hahaha.. that's the reason why I'm wet in the picture above.. oh well, at least I only fell once, right?.. my friend fell for more than 20 times, so yeah.. (^^,)

then the 2nd time I went to the skating rink early this year, I didn't fall!! wohooooo!~~ super awesome!.. hahaha..
I went to the rink with my SIFErs, Lee Yen and Harn Wei during our company visitation program.. we weren't really wearing the proper attire, unless if you think wearing formal to the skating rink is normal la.. hehehe.. Harn Wei was wearing a formal skirt, super cute, but apparently not safe.. she fell down and scratched her knee on the ice.. some of her skin came off, which made Lee Yen feel guilty.. ya lah, she was pulling Harn Wei to the side as she was stumbling on the ice.. Lee Yen was trying to help, but end up hurting Harn Wei, thus the guilt succumbs her.. but Harn Wei is okay with it.. hey, accidents happen, right?..

as for me, I had fun going up and down on the ice.. super cool! I'm not that good, but alhamdulillah, I didn't fall.. I can move forward but I have a problem with stopping.. haha.. anyone can teach me?.. I'm planning on going to Sunway Pyramid again this semester holidays, which would probably be in June or July.. so maybe during that time?.. what say you? (^^,)


Judiene said...

Never been to ice skating before.
Have been asked by a lot of friends but didn't have the gut to ice skate.
If they close the rink and let me and my pals practice alone, then I will come down to skate.

fitriah said...

i can't skate! :(

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, that's quite extreme, don't u think?.. just give it a try, besides, falling is a part of learning.. =)

Just_najmiE said...


kenapa sayang?.. =(


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