Friday, February 11, 2011

my first vlogging attempt.. I'm such a NOOB!

Mood : hyped!

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome peeps!

for those who still worry about my horse riding injury, fear not, I have 90% recovered! and it's not coz of the medicines, I wasn't really eating those, they are DRUGS ftw! haha.. okay, sorry, I'm not gonna brainwash you into not eating your medicines, they're good for you (sort of).. hehe.. but I did go to the clinic and had my leg and hip x-rayed.. the doc said I was fine, no broken bones and no fractures, Alhamdulillah.. she did remind me to be careful the next time I go horse riding tho, which I would obviously do.. note to self, falling off a speeding horse is NOT FUN, DO NOT REPEAT.. okay, that piece of information has been stored in my brain.. =D

so back to the tittle of this post.. I have been snooping around blogs and also youtube, which led me to the discovery of two awesome people, Maria Elena and Anwar Hadi.. they are not your ordinary famous people (ie on magazines or tv n stuff) but they are famous in the world of YouTube and vlogging!.. wohoooo!~ in case you're going about in your head asking, "who the hell are they??", do check out their videos below.. (^^,)

this video is from Maria Elena

she's so funny man!.. hahaha, her intro got me cracking! demm, she's good! and her tutorial aren't that hard to do either, so that's good.. did you notice that she sometimes use different accent in her English?.. it's so cute man!.. haha

this video is from Anwar Hadi

ain't he cool? he's taking TESL too, and is flying off to Sydney, Australia.. basically he's living my dream, taking TESL and studying in Aussie.. pfftt, some people get to have it all.. whoaaa, astagfirullahalazimmm! I'm thankful of where I am now, Alhamdulillah.. =)

so these are the two people that I focused with for my vlog.. again, this is my first attempt to do a vlog, I'm still new, have mercy on my soul!!.. it's not as awesome as theirs la, but it's a start, right?.. I hope you guys like them.. *cross fingers*

and yes, I know I pronounced it wrong, it's vlogging, not v-logging.. I know I know.. hey, I told you in my title of this blog post right, I'm a noob ftw, so I'm supposed to make this mistake.. wuwuwu.. and there is a serious lag in the beginning of the video, which turn my voice into a dude!.. NOT COOL MAN! haizzzz.. I curse my tiny slow nettbook, and the suck-ish camera on it.. sighhh, got to get me new laptop.. (cehhh, cakap macam duit tumbuh atas pokok)

enter frame : gambar gedik

*coughcough* so what do you think of the video?


Anonymous said...

hey, just a comment on ur vlog. abt maria, she's not a tesl student!! she studied engineering. so yea just like you, u dont have to be a tesl student to be good in english :)

Just_najmiE said...


omg, really?.. I did not know that.. thanks for the info!.. (^^,)


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