Saturday, July 9, 2011

When cute HATERS have no life.. awwww!~ =')

Mood : Amazement!~ =D

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome people of the web!.. I bet you handsome and cute people are dying to know the story behind my blog title, am I right?.. or am I the only one hallucinating from all the flu medication?.. hahaha, lame joke, I know.. (=__=;; anyway, I have recently received a friend request on Facebook which caught me by surprise, mainly because my face was made the profile picture ftw.. it made me say cool and wtf at the same time.. bahahaha.. anyway, this profile was far from an admiration gone astray, but I officially have HATERS now ftw!~ =D

this seriously made me go, awwwwwww!~ =') my haters even included the links to everything.. awwwww!~ =') and said I'm an IniAnwarHadi wannabe.. awwwww!~ =')

as much as I wanted it to effect me in a bad way, I don't think it really does.. I do think it's kinda cute (and a bit dumb) for people to dedicate their time to make a Facebook page for the sole purpose of hating me, I really do thing it's cute! it made me go awwwww!~ =') for so many times I can't stop smiling.. ^^

they say only famous people have haters, so I don't really know my stand on this, since I'm not a famous person - not an actress since I suck at acting, not a singer since I only sing in the showers ftw - not a famous person, at all.. so to have haters is kinda cool ftw! =D okay okay, Najmie, having haters is a bad thing, don't get excited about it.. (=__=;; sheeeshhh!~

well, people will not hate without a reason, am I right? so let's talk about HOW I actually got these people to hate me, shall we?.. (^^,)

it all started with an innocent (ftw??) vlog post on YouTube, where I talked about how Maria Elena and Anwar Hadi, how they actually inspired me to try vlogging in English.. here's a video for you guys to watch.. it's just me talking about the 2 peeps who inspired me to vlog, so kinda like a simple report of them.. so yeah, nothing fun there.. and err, have a bucket next to you, in case of vomiting from annoyance or awe ftw.. =D

having said, this is my first official time vlogging, so it's normal to suck, right?.. my video got a lot of views and comments, and a lot of dislikes ftw hahaha that it made me think, should I continue vlogging?.. then in the midst of the whole negativity, came silver rays of hope and positiveness from quite a lot of people, giving me pointers and positive critiques that made my day, and inspired me to continue to grow myself.. hence, another controversial vlog! bahahahaha!~ =D

so this vlog has it's own haters and stuff, so it's kinda cool.. it has less views than the first vlog but since it's more controversial, I have haters now! bahahahahahaha!~ =D so in the video note, I already mentioned these were my OWN version of annoying poses, if you don't agree with me, it's fine.. I mean, come on!.. some people find it annoying, some find it cute.. regarding the highview pose, I find it annoying when all the 200 pictures in an album is full of the same kind of pose.. dude! if one or two okay la, cute la, fine la.. but 200 pictures with the same pose?? it makes you say, DUDE, GET A LIFE!~ =D

so a hater added me on Facebook with a personal account.. and it's actually my fault as well la, coz I approved the little girl, so she went through my photos and commented on this super old once-upon-a-time picture of me.. bahahahaha!~ in my whole album of 96 photos, there's just 2 photos of me with the highview pose, and 1 super ugly duck pose of myself that I forgot I had ftw bahahaha but the girl commented on that too.. I think she does all the said poses and was deeply effected by my vlog, hence the hate page and the picture used!.. ^^

it's obvious this girl is a noob when it comes to English, coz her English is all over the place in the wordings above.. and I know she's a Malay la, coz other races don't give a crap what I do or don't do ftw.. so yeah.. and and anddddd it's so effin cute that she included my YouTube account there, awwwww, she wants me to be famous! thank you darl!~ =')

so yeah, here's the story of my life, I have haters who have no life and want to share a piece on mine by making a hate page and adding me on Facebook.. LOL!~

what's your take on this? do share! ^^


Anonymous said...

LOL! NAJMIE!!! you're FAMOUS!!!

haha I prefer to remain anonymous but for a hint let's say we both know a certain 'Peels' ( :P )

btw...i was rofl at your post about your haters. Cute indeed. haha the hater is actually giving more publicity for you :D (claps)

but the real reason I commented is coz of the word ftw. lol ftw?

Just_najmiE said...


OMG, I know YOU and PEELS! bahahaha!~ =D

kannnnnn?.. never deny free publicity, it's good for your digestion ftw!.. hahaha.. =P

ftw? you commented coz of that?.. LOL!~ =D

GreenKhadijah said...

hahaha :D comment... interesting :)

Judiene said...

No wayyy!!
I wish someone would give me free publicity like you have.
Ops, be careful what you wish for!
Anyway, why they hate your videos so much?
If they didn't like it, why bother to watch?
Talking about people who jealous over others achievement.

Just_najmiE said...


very interestingly cool.. ^^

Just_najmiE said...


go make a controversial vlog and you might get your own haters.. haha.. but better not la..

I'm not proud of having haters, as I'd rather have friends.. but you can't make everyone happy, so be content with making yourself happy doing what you love, right?.. ^^

Mr Ben said...

haters will raise ur reputation up and up. trust me. HAHA.

Just_najmiE said...

Mr Ben..

I believe you speak from experience.. LOL!~ thanks! ^^

dya mohamad said...

haha.Loser je yang wat camni kann.
jgn peduli,wat taktau je.jeles lettew sebab die tak mcm you(:

lemoc b0NgoK said...

i personally think you are the one that annoys seriously...u didn't walk ur talk..u did the lame pose and yet u criticize orang yang buat pose camtu..i'm truly sorry...people won't hate for no reason,kan?

tapi i am no a hater..i don't wanna be too judgmental and what just that i need to voice out what i felt..sorry if u find it too blunt..


Nadirah Izan said...

abaikan tanggapan orang, kuatkan semangat k! ^,^
1st time tgk your vid, then singgah sini..c0ol ape..huhu
nice 2 know u (:

feshnie said...

That's awesome! Haha! I never thought this day would come where you'd have a haters club. Lol, haters will hate so just love the lovers.

The crap people spend time working on is just so damn funny ^^

It's good that you're not affected by this stupidity

Encik JI said...

pendapat aku. takyahla buat benda2 orang benci ni.

lagi brtambah2 orang benci adala.

popular tu memanglah. tp disebaliknya, banyak yang negatif.

dan jujurnya, aku pun tak berapa suka benda2 yang ibaratnya menggedik2 depan webcam pastu publish d internet.

seriously, bukan jeles, tapi lebih kepada annoying.

tpi aku takdela smpai nk create2 page bodoh yang mengaibkan orang ni.

Just_najmiE said...


Hahaha, maybe la kot.. sucks that I have haters tho.. but well, we can't please everyone, now can we? ^^

BTW, welcome to my humble blog! ^^

Just_najmiE said...


LOL, no heartfelt taken.. I did ask what your take on this, did I not? Thanks for the comment.. Yup, most people get annoyed, but hey, even god can't please everyone, so why do we mere mortals even try? LOL

And I think u didn't read the whole blog post, I said one or two photos is okay, NOT A WHOLE FREAKING ALBUM.. I seriously meant if the whole album is full if the same highview post, THEN IT IS ANNOYING.. or am I the only one who understood that? LOL

Thanks for dropping by tho! Come again soon ya! ^^

Just_najmiE said...


People like u and your comments always makes my day.. thank you dear! ^^

Just_najmiE said...


LOL, my point exactly! Love the lovers, you'd get better energy vibes than hating the haters.. LOL.. ^^

Keep me sane please! XD

Just_najmiE said...


Controversy makes the world go round.. controversy is what pays the tabloid magazines.. controversy feeds the poor.. ok, I'm kidding on that, LOL..

Point is, controversy is interesting and fun.. if people don't create controversy once in a while, then the world would be dull..

But thanks for your input, I get where you're coming from.. ^^


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