Monday, August 15, 2011

memories are supposed to be shared, aren't they? ^^

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Assalamualaikum fellow Earthlings!.. how are you guys?.. I'm sure everyone is awesome and cute and handsome and sturdy and bla bla bla the list goes on.. hahaha.. point is, I'm sure everyone is doing great coz you're here reading meh blog ftw! ^^

today is the 15th of August, meaning it's the 15th day of fasting in the month of Ramadhan, meaning we're halfway to go! ^^ so to all my Muslim friends, SALAM RAMADHAN!~ takyah main mercun, nanti hilang jari korang yang comel2 tu, camana nak taip mesej wish raya kat aku? (=____=;;

so last month, on 25th and 26th of July 2011, SIFE Malaysia National Exposition was held at PWTC where 23 universities competed for the chance to represent Malaysia to SIFE World Cup which will be held in October in KLCC for the very first time woot woot!~ =D SIFE UUM came with high hopes this year, after making it into the semi finals in 2010, we were determined to make it to the finals and win the championship and bragging rights ftw!~ XD but dang, this year came with more competition, more fierce than we had hoped.. 6 new teams competed this year, each with good projects and high with enthusiasm to make a change in the community around them.. but, being a competition, there can only be one representative for WC..

this year proves to be a year where SIFE UUM re-wrote history, made a few people cry, made lots jump with joy, but most importantly, made the people we care about - CEDI officers, advisors, student alumnis, student advisors, our university, those who believed in us, our team and ourselves - proud of our achievements.. ^^ this year, we might have not won the championship, but being in the finals as the "Finalist Four" is a whole new achievement that got the whole team grinning from ear to ear..

Alhamdulillah, SIFE UUM was the 2nd Runner Up for SMNE 2011 where we manged to outshine in the Chartis League with UNITEN, UiTM and USIM for the first time in Semi's, and proceed to Finals with UTP, UMS and UMT.. all were great contenders, believe me, it was neck to neck at the finals.. but UTP's project was epically awesome that I'd be surprised if they didn't win.. and dude, their HD videos were awesome ftw!~ XD UMS was great as well, and their media impression was awesome too.. maybe SIFE UUM should have more media coverage and Miss Asia or something in the future.. LOL!~ UMT was great too, something about crabby fatty, I didn't get to see their whole presentation coz came in late due to checking out of the hotel..

so this years championship goes to SIFE Universiti Teknologi Petronas!~ congrats guys! awesome projects! make Malaysia proud!~ congratulations!~ it's great to see a new uni representing Malaysia, keep it up.. InsyaAllah SIFE UUM will be there to support you guys! ^^

1st Runner Up goes to SIFE Universiti Malaysia Sabah!~ awesome media impression, great line of presenters, awesome videos! good job guys, keep it up and help those in Sabah who need the SIFE spirit!~ ^^ congrats!

and 2nd Runner Up goes to SIFE Universiti Utara Malaysia!~ wohoooo!~~ =D I am so proud with my team, all of them!~ my presenters, even tho playful but able to handle the pressure.. hey, first times are meant to be scary, but my presenters pulled through, proud of you guys! ^^ and OMG, my advisors, my conductor, my supporters, the alumnis, helped us the presenters with their warm and encouraging smiles! you guys are the BEST!!~ and not to forget, my technical wizards, the slides were awesome, made things clearer for everyone, am really proud!

in whole, as the president of SIFE UUM, I cannot measure the level of proud I felt when people congratulated me for the team this year.. I believe, SIFE UUM could not be the way it is without the support from everyone, as it is a team effort, not mine alone.. so hear me now, SIFE UUM, I'm here because of YOU, I'm who I am because of YOU, I made a change because of YOU.. I am PROUD TO BE A UUM SIFER... my love is for you, and SIFE UUM is my family!~ I LOVE YOU GUYS TO BITS AND PIECES!~ FOREVER AND ALWAYS.....

p/s : we will be coming back stronger than ever next year, mark my words..... the championship will be ours....... for the first time.. next SIFE UUM president, make it happen!! =)

with love,
Khairun Najmi Kamisan
Proud President of SIFE UUM


Judiene said...

I can see you working at a big company in the future.
May Allah shines your way to reach your dreams.


Just_najmiE said...


thanks man! Amin~ ^^


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