Wednesday, September 21, 2011

loss is a part of life

mood : mourning

I lost my surrogate mother this morning at 2am, 21st of September 2011.. coming back from Kuala Lumpur after 2 events, 1 in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa and another one in Putrajaya, dizzy from the lack of sleep, I drove from UUM to Jitra Hospital at 2.15 in the morning to accompany my cousin who just lost her beloved mother.. she was also my mother, the one who cared for me when I was young, who breastfed me till I was full, my second mother, mak chaq..

I remember the things you did for me when I was young.. you always fussed when I didn't eat, wanting to keep my tummy full, wanting to make me smile with the jokes you share.. I remembered you used to cycle to the store every morning to buy groceries, but that was when you still had the strength.. you didn't do that anymore, not after you fell ill.. sigh~ I miss seeing you riding that green bicycle, cleaning the yard or feeding the chickens.. I'll miss you..

death will find each living thing, we have to accept that.. but we don't know when it will come to pay us a visit.. rest in peace, mak chaq, I'll miss you and I love you.. the memories will forever remain in my heart.. <3

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Aisumi Chan Kawa'i said...

takziah dear.. sumi xleh nk baca smpai habis.. rasa sedih..

kerol+??=KeRoL?? said...

have a peace journey mak chaq....takziah kpd awk...semoga awk kuat dlm menghadapi dugaan yg Allah SWT berikan kpd awk....Al- Fatihah...semoga Allahyarhamah ditempatkan di kalangan org-org yang beriman dan solehah...


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