Wednesday, November 14, 2012

and it's normal again

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Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hello awesome people, it's been a while hasn't it? ah, I've missed it so much, the blog I mean.. hehehe.. so much has happened since my last entry that I don't really know where to start! but I'm gonna start somewhere anyway.. hehehe

First and foremost, there's like, 2 months and a half till my wedding day and I'm in the midst of planning it right now.. picking out wedding cake designs, trying to find the perfect dress for an affordable price, decoration arrangements, door gifts, etc. all this has got me whipped! fuhh~ and I can understand why people want to work first before tying the knot, it's damn expensive to get married! lucky we don't drink, if not, alcohol would be my financial wedding downfall.. 

something I'm eyeing for

currently my mum is helping to foot the bill, but I will try my hardest to pay her back, insyaallah as soon as possible.. she is a single mum and is sending away two daughters to be married at the same time, me and my older sister, so you can imagine the money flowing out from her pocket.. yes, of course the groom is giving us wang hantaran, but it's not enough to cover all the expenses.. hmmm, I'll do my best to minimize the cost to save as much money as possible..

on another note, I have finished my 4 months internship period at Recruit Express Sdn. Bhd. located in Jln Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.. I've also completed my internship report and submitted it to my supervisor, so now I'm home free! wohoo!~
my staff tag

it's really different, living in KL and living in Kedah.. in KL, everyone is just busy, walking around with their mobile phone or tab in hand and the shopping mall is always packed on weekends.. and don't get me started on the LRT services.. lucky for me I live with my sister all the way at LRT Taman Melati that I'd be able to get a seat most of the time I board a train in the morning to work.. but sometimes I wouldn't be so lucky and had to stand.. on the last week of my internship, the train broke down and I was stuck in the train for 90 minutes while waiting for the maintenance crew to fix the glitch.. I thank my songs in my phone and my ear phone for keeping me sane during those horrible moments..

my office was next to Pavilion shopping mall and I would go there on occasion to buy Subway sandwiches for lunch.. my most fav sandwich there would be tuna sandwich.. talking about it now is making me salivate.. TT^TT oh well.. so sometimes I see all these young people, like high school young, holding Hush Puppies, Topman, Roxy, Sembonia, etc. paper bags and I wonder, am I the only one who can't afford to shop there or are these kids just filthy rich? haih, the luck of some people right?

so many rich people buying things they probably don't need

so anyway, I'm now in Kedah and I'll be returning back to KL on 24th December as I would have to go for training on 26th Dec.. I've been offered a job in Kelana Jaya and I think I'm going to love this job.. but there's one thing that terrifies me, expectations.. I hope my boss don't have too high of expectation on me as I would hate it if I didn't or couldn't reach it.. like seriously, I've had some high expectation of me in previous positions I held and I was lucky enough to meet most of it.. but I guess it's just another challenge I have to face in life.. they're paying me quite well too for a fresh grad, so it's a good opportunity for me to learn and save some money for my wedding as well.. hehe

on another fun note, I went to Phuket in July and it was AWESOME! I tried snorkeling for the first time and basically is thankful that I'm still alive today.. LOL.. I am deathly afraid of water as I'm not a good swimmer and I would panic if I can't feel anything at my feet.. like seriously.. but it was nice to see the fishes in the sea and having them swim around my feet.. the corals there at Phi Phi Island were beautiful too and the sea water is, well, salty.. hahaha.. but it was a great experience and I wouldn't mind doing it again, maybe on my honeymoon with my hubby.. hehehe.. =P

okay, I've posted too much already, I should give it a rest for now.. so I'll catch you guys later, soon I hope.. I'm trying to tap into my blogging side once again as it is seriously therapeutic.. till then, have a nice day and stay awesome! (^^,

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