Friday, June 22, 2012

I want a stamp on my passport!

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome people!~ ^_^

well, I'm supposed to be studying for my final exam paper scheduled this Wednesday but I'm taking a break to update my blog.. hohoho.. anyway, a friend of mine from Diploma is getting married on 1st of July and I'm excited to go and see her! I won't be able to be there on the day itself but I'm planning on going a few days earlier so I could sit and just talk with her.. I haven't seen her for almost 4 years and I'm dying to catch up.. she's one of my close friends so I'm excited! plus I can just see the preparations needed to run a wedding reception since my wedding is not that far from now ehemm~ =P

anyway, that's not the main focus of today's post.. I'm actually excited about getting a stamp on my passport that I made a few months earlier.. I was supposed to go to Krabi in March but was side punched in the face by a so-called friend who tricked me and made it impossible for me to go to Krabi at that time.. I'm normally a forgiving person but what that so-called friend did was evil and conniving and I have yet to forgive him.. and he didn't even come and apologize, the nerve of the dude right?? grgrgrrrrr!~ hmmphh! argh, talking about him makes my blood boil, so let's move on shall we?

this 2nd of July, I will finally be able to get the stamp on my passport, coz I'll be going to Phuket baby!~ wohoooo!~ and no, I won't be finding bitches, I'll be finding the beach!~ BEACH PLEASE! ~(^o^)~ It's been almost 2 months since I saw the beach and I'm thrilled to be going to Phuket, we'll even be stopping by Phi Phi Island for snorkeling and seeing the beauty of Krabi as well.. hohoho.. who am I going with? rest assured, I'm not going alone, I'll be going with the UUM Transportation class, in total around 4 buses.. so cool right? plus my good friend Amoi is going as well.. and it's the perfect time for me to bond with my soon-to-be sister-in-law as she will be going too.. hoho

but now I'm stuck.. how can a hijaber plan what to wear for a great time at the beach and in the water? what should I wear? so I'm stuck, like really stuck.. jeans? cotton? maxi dress? long skirts? and what about the hijab itself? what material should I focus on? hmmm, I need to do a bit of research then.. fuhhh, 2 weeks to go, I'm excited!~ ^_^

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arekymz said...

good luck!
so you're getting married!!
it's bee a while I'm not visiting your blog..
congrats to you.


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