Monday, February 25, 2013

happy birthday NN Stickman! :D

OMG he's already 6 years old! I remembered like it was just yesterday that I joined his awesome advertising family.. I've been to more than one event and each and every one of them is awesome! so what's the point of denying that the NN 6th Birthday bash would be any different? coz it won't! I want to attend the Birthday Bash coz they want to play my playlist! (okay, maybe play it, if I'm invited la.. sobsob)

but fret not, I'm gonna give it a try anyway! =D

so check out my awesome playlist that I put together in Deezer.. the playlist is just a simple one but would be awesome to be heard, especially at NN Birthday Bash! (see how desperate I am to attend?

I even shared it on Facebook and Twitter! but since I have no idea how to include the permalink (yes I'm a tad bit noob), I've decided to print screen it as evidence instead.. hope NN accepts my entry.. 

I hope I get a pair of invites! ^_^

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