Saturday, February 20, 2010

speed of light

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hello people of Earth and beyond, I am now BACK from Kelantan!!
I had a great time there, between hanging out at UMK and visiting some places around Kelantan..
places I stopped by were Nordin Batik showroom and batik making factory, Pantai Cahaya Bulan, KB Mall and Wakaf Che Yeh..

I spent a lot of money at Wakaf Che Yeh..
the stuff there were considerably cheap..
there's even original Adidas jerseys sold for RM 10..
rejected coz the logo was last years design so Adidas is selling them cheap..
and my friend bought two for her brothers..
the jerseys were damn nice man!

anyway, I am now becoming an small scale entrepreneur, selling bits and stuff..
currently I'm selling "keropok sira mas madu" cap menara..
in Kooperasi UUM, the keropok sells for RM 1.70..
I sell RM 1.30 per packet of +-80gms..
wanna test the market..
if the demand in UUM is high, I'll consider being the distributor for this product..
so if people in UUM or places close by want to order, contact me ok?..
and I also will be restarting my pre-loved wardrobe selling business via online and also door to door in UUM..
it focuses more on women wear tho like blouse, t-shirts and skirts..
I'll upload the items in the near future so be on the look out for those ya..

and another business currently in mind is selling unique bracelets and bangles from Langkawi..
a sample is the one on around my wrist in the picture below..
the price is RM 16 per bracelet but I'll try to see if I can lower the price, but minus shipping cost..
I'll try to diversify it and buy lots of kinds and designs..
if anyone want to order from me, inform me ya..
I'll be going to Langkawi to buy the items at the end of this month..
so hurry ya!

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it's HOT in here~~

ok, this is just a quick update..
a more detailed one will be posted soon..
sorry, but I'm kinda busy at the moment..
now I have to go to ko-k..

later awesome peeps!!
shining star~~


Khairi said...

rajin najmie berniaga, jeles plak saya yg agak malas ini :)

Nape tak singgah umah saya? ehhe. tepi sungai kelantan cokelat tu je.

Hizami Li said...

nak coklat!!!
nak gi Langkawi kan pasni?

Judiene said...

wah nak jd businesswoman kah??
kaya raya nnt jgn lupa belanja i ek

intan said...

weih, bg murah skit..harga adik beradik RM 10 sudaaa....;)
buy kisses lots and lots of them k...and give it to khadij so she could bring it here to us..muhhhahah anyway good luck!

feshnie said...

You...sure are enthusiastic suddenly...and taking up so much at once.
Don't let all the business deter you from university though.
G'luck with everything. M'hopin the clothes will sell

PS: You do LOOK hot.

Just_najmiE said...


kita sama2 ja malas sebnarnya.. hahaha.. =P

aloh, mana nak tau..

Just_najmiE said...


wah, coklat!.. tak terpikir plak pasal tu.. haaaa, nnt wat bisnes jual coklat jgk la.. haha..

Just_najmiE said...


kaya raya?.. aminnnnnnnnnn!!~~ (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


RM10?.. uwaaa, cannot ma, balik modal pun tak.. huhuhu.. I'll try n ask for a cheaper price nnt..

Just_najmiE said...


yeah, the sudden urge to sell stuff came over me.. hohoho.. yeah, I'm trying to balance both business n studies n other activities all at once.. wish me luck ya..

OMG, I LOOK hot??!.. really??!! (o__0)

feshnie said...

Good luck with all that. I'd go crazy if I were you but thankfully I'm not so I'm not crazy...yet.
Your horses will miss you.

Un, I meant as in weather hot though you're obviously acting it.

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faaza said...

wahwah! shopping sakan ek??
nape dtg KELANTAN Xgtaw??kalau x leh dtg umh.


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