Friday, July 23, 2010

why I love my SIFE UUM family

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Assalamualaikum, good evening awesome peeps!.. just a quick update.. I'm now a DJ for, a radio station for UUM peeps.. I'm DJ Amy for English slots, on air every Monday at 2 to 3pm with the title of Destination, and on air every Thursday from 2 to 3pm with the topic of Culture and Language.. for those who are not UUM peeps, fear not, you can still listen to me blab LIVE on air at that time via our website, I started working last Thursday, and was blur as hell for the first 10 minutes.. hhahaha.. will write a post later.. but for now........................

yesterday was a friends' birthday, Phuah Hoon Man, or also known as Macho Man.. pfttt, perasan sendiri.. =P anyway, our President, Mr Dawson planned dinner with Ah Man where he invited a lot of SIFERs, surprising the birthday boy!.. and we took up 1/3 of the Riverview Bistro at UUM Mall, filling about 10 tables with around 26 peeps!.. giler awesome!!.. so what is a birthday celebration without a cake, am I right?..
oppss, before we eat the cake, must take pictures with SIFErs first!
after photo session, birthday boy can finally make a wish and blow out the candle.. he made 4 wishes, tamak betul.. (-__-;;
then comes the SIFE UUM tradition.. the birthday boy must pick up the chocolate chip on the cake using only his mouth.. errrr, I don't think it's heading towards something good.. hhehehe..
oppsss, what did I tell you?! =DDD SIFE UUM peeps are so naughty!.. Kelvin and Dawson slammed Ah Mans face into the cake!.. hahhaha..
and now the birthday boy wears cake icing as make up to class.. =DD
so it seems like Ah Man has been bullied by his playful friends.. hahaha.. sorry Ah Man, tradition is tradition.. (^^,)
but all in all, SIFE UUM is still a happy family, and we love each other!..


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