Saturday, July 3, 2010

the reason why my life is not boring

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Assalamualaikum, good very early morning to everyone.. it's currently 1.47am, and I'm blogging while flopped on my belly, on my bed in Block D, DPP SME Bank in UUM.. been busy writing a script for the SIFE National Competition which will be held at PWTC, KL this 11 till 13th July.. it's in 8 days time weih, giler!!.. it's approching really fast, and is giving us, the SIFE UUM team, quite some pressure.. we really desperately want to do our best, but since there are some delays at some point, it's really unavoidable.. hurmm.. I'm not blaming anyone, but I'm not saying everyone is innocent either.. whatever it is, SIFE UUM will do our best, you can count on that!.. (^^,)

okay2, just some little interesting tidbits about my SIFE teammates.. they are so FREAKING AWESOME!!.. and so considerate.. the girls are really nice.. since Kachi is quite far from restaurants or food place and since it's semester break and the cafe is closed, we decided to cook ourselves, just to save money.. tapau-ing every day is very costly and unhealthy you know.. huhuhu.. so we've been taking turns cooking in my mums rice cooker which doubles as our stove.. our dinner usually is some chinese dish, since the chefs are Yinhui and Venus.. I only cooked once, maggi goreng.. hehehe.. it really is nice oh, my first time cooking maggi goreng in a rice cooker.. but I'm not worried about the food being non halal or anything, coz I monitor the ingredients, just in case.. but even if I don't, the girls will do it for me.. when we go buy groceries, they will make sure all the items have halal logo and no questionable Emulsifier.. and they even make sure that all the utensils used to make the food were not previously used to cook non halal food.. they're so considerate, love them so so much.. =')

but the guys are also awesome, and very gentlemen-ish.. we usually go jogging around Kachi in the morning and evening, and sometimes the guys would join us.. last time I wasn't feeling so well and was at the back of the group, but Kelvin, a fellow SIFEr, refused to leave me at the back alone, in case that some monkeys attack me or anything.. so we end up jogging and talking with each other.. he's so thoughful.. the other guys are also the same.. eventhough I joke and play around with Aevin and Aaron a lot and they bully me till the brink of tears, they are also gentlemen, walking me until my hostel block, just to make sure I get back safely, since it was past midnight at that time.. but it's either they really do care for me, or because they can't find my replacement.. hurmmmm.. =P

and last Wednesday, we went to Changlun night market (baca=pasar malam) and my non muslim friends became my consultant.. they advised me on what colour tudung tu buy, and which design suit me better.. I bet it's a very weird thing to watch, a bunch of chinese and an indian girl helping a malay to choose her tudung.. hahahaha.. yup, it is weird.. I choose 2 tudung and the seller ask me, "so are they the ones who are going to wear this?" hahaha, buat lawak bodo pulak seller tu.. =D

okay2, back to the main story, the national competition.. the SIFE UUM competition team is really 150% focused on the competition.. we aim to be the best, and we will make sure that we are the best.. we have faith that we can! we believe that we can! see if you can beat us the other SIFE teams! =D okay, that's too cocky, but whatever.. =P

pray for our success..

p/s :- do you guys think I should have the 'Jump High' photo contest that I mention below?

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