Sunday, August 15, 2010

the challenges of being ME..

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Assalamualaikum and good evening dear peeps.. first and foremost, I would like to wish all the Muslims out there, Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadan and Happy Fasting!.. *(^^,) I know it's quite late to be wishing, since today is actually the 5th day of Ramadan, but heck, we have 25 more days to go!.. so who cares right?.. (^^,) and I'd also like to give a quick shout out to my Chinese friend, Yu Yinhui, for attempting to fast and actually fasted for 1 whole day!.. CONGRATULATIONS YINHUI!..

I'm pretty much sure you guys are bored with this excuse, but really, I'm really truly sorry, I have been really busy and was unable to update my blog.. been busy with student life, being a SIFEr, being a daughter, and being a friend.. fuhh, so tiring, but I enjoyed every bit of it!.. =)

I wanted to upload a whole bunch of photos for you guys to watch, the progress of my great life.. but sadly, I'm unable to since I'm only using my net book and all my photos are not in here.. hehe.. but no worries, I'll try to upload them soon on Facebook.. so for those who want to know my whereabouts, don't hesitate to add me on Facebook ya!.. just find, Najmie Kamisan.. oh, and please inform me if you're my blog reader.. thanks!

anyway, here's a picture of me at DYMM Panglima Besar Tuanku Puteri Intan Syafinaz, the daughter of Sultan Kedahs birthday.. yeah, I can't upload the picture I took with her yet, have to mark it first.. but do enjoy these!.. =P

me with my youngest sister, Wahida..

what I wore for the dinner event..

it's not that much, but it's something, right?.. and here are some random pictures of me, copied from my Facebook site.. these pictures were mostly from other peoples camera lenses.. so, thanks for the pictures everyone! =)

celebrating Venus and Irene's birthday at Lakeview Bistro, UUM..

the trip to Gua Kelam with fellow SIFErs, Yi Chin, Dawson, Aaron and Aevin..

SIFE UUM Innovation in Entrepreneurship Seminar 2010, where I was the Master of Ceremony, hence the papers in my hand..

Perlis Endurance Challenge 2010, with the avid horse lovers and crew members!

SIFE UUM National Exposition 2010 presentation during SIFE Information Day..

Najmie Kamisan, proud presenter for SIFE UUM!

there are more, but I'm so lazy to load them all here.. just add me on Facebook and you can see all them pictures till you puke your guts out!.. hahahaha..

ugh, talking about puke, I nearly lost my 3rd day of fasting due to an outreach programme under SIFE UUM.. long story short, I nearly vomited from the bad smell of 3 week old fish gravy covered with maggots and worms.. yuck! (>w<) the family that we helped were old people living alone in a secluded area and was recently attacked with food poisoning.. when we saw the kitchen, we knew why, hence the outreach programme..

and due to this project, I am now suffering from slight flu and fever, coughing, sore throat, a runny nose and a backache due to extensive cleaning and exposure to polluted air.. so yeah.. I'm sick.. I didn't go to class for the whole day.. but I did go to the clinic and got myself a medical leave for today.. hope I recover fast.. uhukuhuk~

pray for my health ya awesome peeps!.. and you guys should also take care of yourself.. it's the flu season, so drink lots of water during sahur and bathe in cool water before 5pm.. Insyaallah you'll be fine..

alright, I'm off.. got to get ready to give a team briefing tonight to people who want to be RM1000 richer from SIFE UUM Exposition 2010.. oh, and also breaking my fast, or Iftaar with my fellow SIFErs and committee members.. so, LATER AWESOME PEEPS~~ (^^,)

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