Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm in class now, leave a message

Mood : grumpy

Assalamualaikum and hello fellow blog readers!

today has not been a great day.. I'm quite stressed and due to my stress, I have become moody and grumpy this whole day.. things that I wanted to get accomplished had to wait on the sidewalk, while I steer my car around the curb.. it really is stressful, and my mood is not making it any easier to cope with..

my friends have noticed the absence of a smile on my lips, or the twinkle that I usually have in my eyes, or the fact that I don't talk much today.. and yeah, that's what happens every time when I'm not in the mood.. you'll always see me with a smile, but you'll rarely see me with a frown..I guess today is your lucky day.. but I doubt it has anything to do with the time of the month.. I think I'm just going through a hard time of the day or something.. sighhhh~~

whatever it is, I have to put a strong front.. I'm a leader, and people look up to me for guidance and support.. I have to be a good role model for others as others have been a good role model to me too.. I can't get emotional over things that are petty or seem unimportant.. but alas, I am only a human.. and I do have feelings that I sometimes feel like it is being disregarded.. sighhh, ya Allah, give me strength.. (=__=;;

so yeah, I'm in class now, updating my blog.. just a place to vent out a little.. no worries, my lecturer is doing discussion, so he's okay with my going online and updating my blog.. errr, but I didn't ask him la.. hehehehe..

later awesome peeps! (^^,)


SoLy SoLicious said...

dalam kelas buleh pulak on9 ye..hehe

lieya orange M.I. said...

hi najmie..
rajinnya bawak lappy ke kelas...
skung ni sume tansi2 lorh..
midterm around d corner :)

good luck k


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