Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the floating balloon

Mood : empty

have you ever liked someone, to the point you thought he or she is your soul mate, the other half of your heart, the person to fill the space between your fingers, the person you want to spend your golden days with?.. every smile, laugh, smell, simple gestures, or annoying habits that the person does can fill your memories with happiness and make all the bad things in life seem to disappear?.. have you ever felt that?.. and you would always what to see him/her every day, if possible you don't want to leave his/her side?.. his/her joy is your joy, his/her sadness is your sadness.. you wish to give him/her everything you have, even though you don't have much..

but then you realized, that the person wasn't that into you, and does not share the same feelings that you have.. you're just the passing wind that was there to blow his/her kite so he/she could fly higher and eventually leave you.. sigh~

yeah, it sucks when that happens.. but hey, when life throws you off your horse, dust the dirt from your pants and get back on that horse.. yes, I know, the fall will hurt like hell, but hey, at least you know you won't make the same mistake again, am I right?.. (^^,) well, that is easier said than done, actually.. whatever it is, good luck to everyone who has this problem.. you can overcome this!.. jia you!! (^^,)


arekymz mukmeen said...

how about you?
have you ever felt that way?

Judiene said...

So this is what your status on facebook is all about eh?
The one that says falling in love and hurt bla bla bla.

Just_najmiE said...


haha, soalan cepu emas.. ^^ yes, I have felt this way.. but hey, I'll just get back on the horse and canter on.. ^^

Just_najmiE said...


are you stalking me?.. hahaha.. ^^ yeah, it's a bit related.. but I'm okay, no need to worry.. haha..

izas said...

what if we both share the same feeling, but due to current circumstances being together is just impossible?

i think that hurts a lot more. you can't move on cause you don't want to. hopes are paralyzing. you think you already moved forward, but in reality you just go backwards.

that's what i feel right now.

Just_najmiE said...


I know that kind of hurt, been there, cried coz of it too.. but hey, the future is still unknown, am I right?.. so we still have a chance to make it happen.. =)

good luck! ^^


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