Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's a first time for everything - photoshoot

Mood : excited!

Assalamualaikum and hellowww Earthlings!.. wohoooo!~ =D yes2, I know what time it is, don't ask why I'm so hyper.. and nooooooo, I did not eat chocolates this late in the night to get sugar rush ftw.. hahaha..

back to the reason of this post..I was invited by a friend for a photoshoot a few days back.. it was somewhat out of the blue and short notice so I wasn't really fully prepared, hence the weird dress choice ftw.. (=_=;; so anyway, I'm not a professional model by far, not even close to an amateur model, I'm the suka suki model lah.. haha.. so this is my actually first time involved in a photoshoot by a professional photographer, BEN | Photography.. I really have no idea how to pose and my friend was like, "just be yourself and do any pose.. I'm just here to capture it.." I was like, "what?" LOL.. super effin blur.. hahaha.. but he did give me pointers as to how to stand, which leg goes in front, lean my body on which side, etc. so that was cool for a super duper noob like me.. LOL~

so without further ado, here are some pictures of my epic failed attempt to be a model, uploaded by my friend, Mr Ben!.. wheee!~ =D don't burn your eyes tho, viewer discretion is advised.. in case of emergency, please have a bucket next to you as I am not responsible for any vomiting on your part ftw.. hahaha.. =P


all pictures belongs to my friend, Mr Ben and his company.. I was just there to try and experience the life of a model, not near enough to amateur.. but hey, like my title said, there's a first time to everything.. I had fun in the photoshoot and my friend is a really great photographer and all the pictures turned out great, despite my epic failed pose ftw.. hahaha.. and believe me, being a model, it's not as easy as it seems.. the different poses you have to think up of, the cameras you have to act in front of (I had 2 photographers with me), the people watching you, the sweat (lots of tissues required ftw!), the expectations, the dirt.. hahaha.. yeah, it's harder than it seems but it was fun.. you guys should give it a try, like, seriously!.. ^^ err, but don't follow me, I think I suck as a model.. hahaha

if any of you are in the Northern region, Jitra, Alor Setar, Changlun, Sungai Petani, Penang, etc. and would like to acquire the expertise of my friend and his company, you can check out his website BEN | Photography or even his Facebook page to directly ask about his packages.. don't worry, he doesn't bite.. at least I don't think so.. LOL..

so that's it for today.. wheeee!~ now to make myself busy with ducks and chickens!~ and dream of ice cream and chocolates while drinking 100plus!~ wohoooo!~ =D

okay, I'm irritated with myself, it must be the lack of sleep.. so, good night beautiful people!~ (^^,)


Mr Ben said...

hehe. thanks najmie for the cooperations given. u're doing a great job with me. and yeah, i had lotsa fun with u.

Judiene said...

I don't have much knowledge in photography but I think you look great in all the photos.
Maybe because of the photoshop.

p/s: just kidding babe! Heee~~

Anonymous said...

er, just waying. why are you ending some sentence with ftw? do u mean btw? cause ftw stand for FOR THE WIN. =S

Just_najmiE said...

Mr Ben,

thanks Mr photographer! ^^ let's do it again some time ya! I had fun~ =)

Just_najmiE said...


it does look good, thanks to the photographer and photoshop, no lying there! =D hahaha!

Just_najmiE said...


LOL!~ in my book, ftw is actually f*** the what, which I usually use at the end of sentences that is perasan sendiri, or funny, or an attempt to be funny.. it has no really meaning.. =)

and thanks, I didn't know ftw means for the win.. ^^


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