Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Free!!!~~~

Mood : thrilled!!

hello small people!!~~ ahaks!! (^^,)v
thanks for those who follow my blog..
sorry for the late updates though..

anyway, this post is to inform you guys that i have officially ended my practical training at Perfect Instinct Sdn. Bhd.
wheeee~~~~~~ (^^,)v
nothing feels more free than being able to wake up late in the morning..
hehehe.. kidding!!~~
i still have to wake up early in the morning to send my little sis to school and to send my other sis to work..
but maybe it's just for a while.. hehehe..

well, the only work i have to do now is to finish my practical report to submit before 13th March 09.. then i have to complete the presentation of the practical report..
it's still a work in progress cuz i'm quite distracted with stuff right now..
mostly with chatting at Hot.fm chatroom..
ahahaha.. ;-p
but i have met great friends there, mostly girls..
amiera, trisya and diara...
great friends... (^^,)

and another distraction is something new to me, something AWESOME!!
something called, free running..
it's so cool, that i practically gaped in awe when i first saw it..
it's really2 cool.. amazing..
it's like these people are defying the laws of gravity when they do tricks and jump over everything, from simple sidewalks to medium walls and also high walls..
it's really awesome..

a friend of mine who is involved with free running was the one who introduced this new addiction to me..
he's also a stuntman for movies and etc.
it's really awesome, the art of tricking and others..
the quality of the vids are also great..
i'll include one just to show you what free running actually is..
hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do.. (^^,)

p/s :- my 'stuntman' friend is also in this vid.. try to guess which one he is.. (^^,)


shining star~~


feshnie said...

Hua~n the video is really cool
but some landings look like it can break their bones.

Have fun indulging in this kind of sports.
...I'm more of an indoor person

sweet_knk said...

actually, my friend just recovered from a broken arm..
so yeah, this sport is cool, and dangerous..
but it's cool and awesome non the less..

feshnie said...

Oh yeah, from the vid, there is a guy who needs to practice on his landings. He seem to always straighten his legs when he should bend it. He seemed a little shaken himself after the land.
I hope he doesn't have sore muscle and all that...
Oh yeah...SJ's Sorry Sorry full song is already uploaded at YT. Just thought you oughta know. Techno~~

A'a said...

haha your "stuntman" friend is amir!! dont ask, im psychic! kan amir? :D

sweet_knk said...

hahaha.. yep, u guessed right!! (^^,)

Anonymous said...

yuhuuuuuuuuuu,,,who's TRISYA??? heheee great blog,,,keep it up,,, (ATIKAH NATRISYA)

Anonymous said...

back ground tuko kaler pepel lar,,,muahahaaaa
(atikah natrisya) maleh nk login,,lembab sgt,,,lalalaaaa

sweet_knk said...

dan2 sya nih...
nk jgk kaler pepel..
i like blue la weihh...


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