Friday, March 6, 2009

practical report~~

Mood : unfocused

it's now 6th May 2009, 3 more days before the start of the due date for practical report submission.. it's from 9th to 13th March 2009 and the presentation is on 17th March..

personally, my completion rate for my report is only 40%..
i've been really unfocused..
i mean, think about it, when can i complete my report when the internet is distracting me?
i mean...
there's chatting, myspace, friendster, and this blog..
it's all distractions..
don't you think so??..

ahahaha... (^^,)
that was fun!!
well, the really distraction starts from myself first..
but it's kindda fun to blame other stuff..
so currently, i'll be really busy with my practical report..

and there's also the plans for my visit to Malacca..
i'm really planning to go to Afamosa Wetworld, maybe to the zoo, karaoke-ing, etc..
but it's just in a planning state..
who knows what might happen.. (^^,)

well, that's all my babble for now..
i'll try to update later..
thanks for reading...
take care!!!

shining star~~

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Anonymous said...

hehehe distractions and obstacles


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