Sunday, March 15, 2009

Super Junior - 3rd Album is out!!

Mood : Overly thrilled!!

being a fan girl of the famous K-Pop 13 member band, Super Junior, the only thing i could say after the release of their new album was, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the awesomeness of their new single, Sorry Sorry was like, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
their song has a new feel, something different and BEYOND expectations..
their new MV was released recently in Youtube so i took the liberty to post it here..
it's like, AWESOME!!!

as you can see, i included the translated version and the karaoke version so you can try singing with them..
it's their new single catchy?!!
and try looking for Dong Hae, he's just so.... HOT!!!!
fan girl scream.. (^^,)
i missed them so much, and they haven't been together working on a single album together since they had to work on different stuff related to the sub groups, SuJu M and SuJu H, and also dramas and DJ-ing..
so this is really awesome..

but if you view closely, Heechul and Kibum weren't dancing in the MV..
i've been surfing around and it seems that Kibum didn't rehearse for the dance because he had to return to USA due to the health conditions of his mother..
and Heechul is romoured that his leg is acting up again, making him unable to dance much..
whatever it is, i wish him speedy recovery..
and also Kibum's mum to get better..

anyways, Super Junior had their comeback performance at Music Bank on 13th March 2009..
i found the vid on Youtube so i'm posting it here..
look out for Donghae-oppa..
he's wearing glasses in the first song, Why I Like You..
and the second song, he was wearing a gray vest, looking awesome as usual..
he's just like so, SMOKING HOT!!!
fan girl scream again.. hehehe.. sorry for that..
here's the vid..

hope you guys enjoyed their new singles and hopefully their new album as a whole..
i'm thinking of buying the album when i go to Malacca..
hope it's not too expensive.. (T.T)

thanks again for reading my blog..
you guys are awesome..
shining star~~


feshnie said...

As it has just been released, I suspect the value of one copy of the CD(if there is still any) to be something above RM100. Might also exceed RM200.
It will take some time before it goes back down again. As it is, Don't Don's album might still be vaguely expensive as well.
But if you have the money, please DO buy it! I want to hold the album in my hands as well.

Although...since we missed the first few limited copies, we missed out on the bonus pack...ah well...
Those cost like...way more than my salary probably.
It doesn't really help that it's an imported item.
I'll go 'kya~ kya~' over Heenim now~~

sweet_knk said...

waaahhhhh, that expensive?..
nevermind, i'll try to find it tomorrow.. i hope it's not more than RM100, since that's the limit of my ability to produce money to buy it..
DONGHAE-shi!!~~ (*-*)


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