Saturday, March 7, 2009


Mood : wha.....??

a friend of mine who read my blog asked me a question..

why are you writing your blog in English and not in Malay?..

well my friend, i'll tell you the reason now..
the reason i post all my blogs in English is to develop my sense of control over the language..
i mean, we talk Malay constantly everyday, no matter where we are..
at home, at work, while doing groceries, while shopping, while on the phone, etc..
we use lots of Malay in our everyday life, but when do we use English?..

so the reason why i use English to write my blog is to express my self better..
it also provides me better ways to improve my English..
even though my English is not perfect, but i still want to try my best..

so, my dear friend, that is why i write my blog in English.. (^^,)

shining star~~


feshnie said...

Hn...I thought it was more because you were more comfortable in expressing yourself in english. I feel like that...but then again...
never mind.
Ne~ Ne~ can you imagine if you write entries in Malay?
It'd be like:-
"Sorang kawan yg baca blog ni tanya aku satu soalan" seems kind of weird to me.

sweet_knk said...

writing my blog in Malay would be weird now wouldn't it?..
but who knows, i might just give a whack at it and post an entry in Malay..

Silverleaf said...

ur english is superb.....

Just_najmiE said...

awww, u're sweet.. thank you.. (^^,)


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