Saturday, March 6, 2010

calling all 'em awesome peeps out there!!

Mood : Sleepy

people of Earth and beyond, hear me!!!
I am the great ruler of the world!!
bow down to me!!!

-najmie, wake up, it's morning-

ceh, it was all a dream..
and I thought I'd get to eat ice cream all I want without getting fat..
well, just want to ask for your favour..
can you please check out this link :-

Awesome Collection

choose a blouse, dress, shirt or skirt, and BUY THEM from me..
please, I beg of you!!
my wardrobe needs some cleaning and you guys are awesome people who will get em..
all items are pre-loved and below RM20..
so hurry!!!!
all items are one of a kind and limited..

one of my items up for grabs..

check them out ya, promise?..
thanks a million awesome peeps!!
you guys rock!!


okay, I'm off now..
shining star~~

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