Wednesday, March 3, 2010

swimming in the ocean with sharks and dolphins

Mood : (>.<)

well awesome peeps, I'm back from Langkawi!!~~
with lots of chocolates and a light tan on my skin..
plus a few kilograms heavier..
food in City Bayview Hotel was so nice meh, cannot resist the temptation..

experience-wise, I learned a lot about being spontaneous while conducting a semi formal welcoming dinner..
and also learned to be humorous, making people smile and laugh with my being the MC..
it was really a great experience that I want to have again in the near future..
plus the people involved with the ISE SODA 2010 were awesome too!
especially the staff members of CEDI UUM, the practical students, my co-MC Viva, my SIFER friends, the paper presenters and everyone involved with the seminar..
yeah, it was boring at times where you feel like you want to bash your heads to the wall just to stay awake, but everything was much livelier at lunch and tea breaks!..

gosh, I wanna type a whole lot more, but sadly, I'm currently busy..
2 tests I have not done yet, and 2 assignments that I have not submitted..
not forgetting my public speaking presentation next week..
ufufufu, student life is really biting me in the butt and leaving a stain on my pants..

but before I leave, a question to my awesome blog readers..

are you,
or are you not


in making lots of money with just RM100?..

I'll show you how if you're interested..
email, YM or FB me ya..

later awesome peeps!!~~
shining star~~


Sharinginfoz said...

kalau pi langkawai mesti bawak balik coklat kan...

First Day Earnings: Innity

iphone dengan Digi

lieya orange M.I. said...

...sangat interested dgn RM100 itu...=p

Hizami Li said...

nak sikit coklat.
sambil nangis ni.
rm100 tu dpt wat apa?

florida personal injury said...

How do I get rid of throat and neck pain after swimming in ocean.?

Khairi said...

yuhuu... mcm mana nak dpt duit byk drp 100 tu najmie. cuba la citer. email sy ya.

Judiene said...

same here
brought back lots of chocolates
feel like wanna buy the whole store
owh, not to forget, sweet memories!


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