Monday, March 22, 2010

a million happiness for one reason.. guess what?.. (^^,)

Mood : not enough sleep yet still blogging

I just returned from an event organized by my Event Management class..
we did a 2 day 1 night Homestay event in Kampung Desa KEDA Ulu Legong, Baling Kedah..
it's so cool, feeling the happiness of kampung life..
I got to go to the Hotsprings, went jungle tracking, bathing in Angkat river, had a picnic with the families there, played games and activities with the kampung folks and also visited indigenous people (orang asli) and gave out donated clothing from generous UUM peeps..
I have a family now over there, abah, mak, kakak and adik..
really looking forward to visiting my family there in the near future..
but first, I'd like to thank my Event Management classmates cum teammates who made this event a successful one..
well, all except 1 person that is..
what can I say, not everyone has other peoples interest at heart..
our event wasn't a perfect one though..
it might not be the best event, but hey, the experience is all that counts!

posing before jungle tracking..

during jungle tracking..

well, truthfully, I didn't like the idea of having our event there..
I wanted to do a horse related event that generates money, you know, me loving my horses and being an entrepreneurship student and all..
but in the end, I really enjoyed my time at Homestay Ulu Legong..
so I want to thank my teammates, especially my project director, Ifa, for forcing me to go there!
I seriously had fun!
thanks a lot you guys!
I really felt like all of us were a family, well, except for one person..
but hey, don't let this person bring us down ya!
love you guys!

and I got a surprise call from my friend on my way to Ulu Legong on Thursday..
this call eventually got me to KL last Saturday night..
what for?..
for the best night of my life with the best 12 boys ever!!
I can't post much about that yet, not without pictures, but if you understand Korean, read this..

내 사랑 케이 - 팝 그룹 슈퍼 주니어를 만나고있어 저만의 눈으로 만세!
그들은 섹시하다고하고 귀여운 모두 하나 끝내 줬어!
동해 그냥 일반 덥고 지글지글!

정말 마지막 토요일 경기장 부킷 jalil 번째 아시아 투어 콘서트 슈퍼 쥬니어 슈퍼 쇼를 즐겼다.
그래서 내 친구, 내 동생이 날 콘서트 티켓을주는 fs에 감사합니다.
그것을 현재 최고의 생일을 내가 잡았어!

나는 개인적으로 당신을 만날 수있는 제대로 감사합니다,하지만 난 기다려야하려는 것 같아
정말 고마워요!

I promise, there will be pictures later..

stay tuned awesome people!!
shining star~~


★ Pink Flip Flop ★ said...

are going to sushow??? im going.. just lama x drop by.

how r u najmie? looks busy and happy. hopefully.

Judiene said...

speaking of homestay, i actually been there for once
but the village that i visited was Kampung Air Papan, Mersing, Johor.
it was quite fun even though there were some flaws here and there before, during and after the event, but i had so much fun

.o r k e d. said...

ape tulisan korea tu? ta fhm!!! hihi

Just_najmiE said...

pink flip flop..

yep, I went to sushow.. and it was AWESOME!!! XDD

hehe, busy and happy.. life is good.. hehe.. how are u?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


kan kan kan??.. seronok plak tau lepak kat homestay tu.. hehe..

Just_najmiE said...


hehehe.. guna google translate.. =P


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