Thursday, June 24, 2010

future contest

Mood : hyper

Assalamualaikum and good evening.. just a quick post, since I'm busy with some awesome yet exhausting stuff..
I'm thinking of having a photo contest, so I'm surveying if anyone would like me to go ahead with it.. the theme is 'Jump High', and the picture must be you or (ataupun) a few friends (limit to 5) jumping up in the air, and must be floating.. demo picture as below..

Najmie Kamisan

can do any poses as you want on mid air, up to your creativity.. 3 MOST creative pictures will receive prizes.. BUT if I have sponsors or is suddenly rich, I'll have 2 category, Guys and Gals.. but nothing is confirmed yet.. other details and conditions will be informed later if this contest has good feedback, and if there are people who want to join it..

so, if you are interested, please say so in the comment form below.. thanks! (^^,)


Anonymous said...

uwaaaa, saye nak join!

Judiene said...

count me in.
bring it on!


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