Friday, September 17, 2010

QA, the Raya Innocence..

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Assalamualaikum and happy holidays awesome peeps!.. if you guys are on holidays, that is.. lol.. I'm drafting my Aidilfitri memories, but I think it might be some time till I actually upload that picture loaded post.. hohoho.. but here is a short awesome update.. for those who have not previously met my niece, I would like to introduce to you, QURATUL AIN, the face of innocence for raya this year!

ain't she the cutest?.. I bet you all went 'aaawwwwwwww!!..' when you saw this picture.. well guess what?.. you're gonna keep saying the word, coz this post if going to be full of her.. hehehe.. meet her mother, Mazita, my cousin.. she's a single mother raising QA (short for her full name).. QA is just a bundle of joy for everyone!..

QA is really brilliant.. she'll be turning 2 years old this December but she's super smart!.. she can talk now, well, along some of the gibberish she once in a while utter that nobody actually understands, except for maybe her mother.. oh well, they're related by actual blood so, yeah.. my sister Wahida taught her some cool tricks (cehh, she's not a dog) like 'high 5', shaking hands, and doing some super cute stuff too.. omg, you guys really should meet her and be dazzled by her personality.. she's super fun, like me!.. erkk, ok ok, stop throwing up.. (-__-;;

she's also super active, and you need to keep up with her pace.. she likes to play with everyone, the kind that gets along with new people.. she rarely cries and really love to smile.. you can straight away become her friend.. really, I'm not kidding!.. I've meet a lot of little kids, and most of them don't like to talk and socialize with new people.. but she's not one of them.. that's what makes her so freaking adorable!.. well, beside the fact that she has a really cute aunt *coughmecough* LOL!~
sadly she's not feeling well, down with the fever on the second day of raya until now.. she's been crying and is inseparable with her mother.. she won't sleep anywhere except her mothers lap.. she'd cry whenever someone tries to play with her, making her anti-social too.. so sad to see her like that.. wish I could help make her better, but, hey, I'm not god.. all I can do is pray for her health and smile back.. and I would also want to ask for your help to pray for her speedy recovery.. I want the old QA back, the smiling QA.. so please be a dear, pray for her heath ya..
thanks a million guys.. (^^,)


GRuNGe said...

Hmmmm, profesional sungguh jurugambar. Cantik syot2 yang di ambil.

Just_najmiE said...


hehehe, dia mmg pro pun.. lagi2 guna Nikon D90.. mmg cantik2 gmbar yg dia ambek.. (^^,)


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